Movies Movie Inaccuracies Which Irritate Me


An Old Friend
Its getting to the point movie inaccuracies are really starting to push me out of the film.
Things so stupid or unlikely which are repeated as common to the point viewers who can't reason on their own think they are real.
Like the old movie commonality that if a car flips over it has to explode.

Well, here we get to list and discuss all those lil things we see in movies which make no sense but are repeated movie after movie after movie.

I gotta start with
Unconscious in Water:
It never fails if a person gets knocked unconscious and falls into water they can eventually be revived.
It happens quite a bit.
Problem is, when you are unconscious you are still breathing.
If you are breathing and under water or your face is submerged in water you will drown.

Wet Streets (especially in night scenes):
Why is it whenever there is a night scene on a street, the street is always wet but the buildings, cars and people are dry?
There's no puddles either.
While it is a filming device to make things show up better it sticks in my brain and I am pulled out of the movie over it.
Especially when night after night in the movie the streets are always wet but no rain is shown to have fallen.

Forgotten Brake Pedals:
I find it amazing how in many movies (too many) people don't use their brakes while driving.
It seems the larger the vehicle the less likely it will stop before killing someone in the street.
Its like nobody has insurance or been to a driver training to get their license.
Additionally, vehicles always seem to be driving to fast for the environment.
Buses doing about 60mph on a crowded city street or how about busy highways where every accident results in a huge pileup?
Maybe I'm unique but I tend to pay attention to my surroundings while driving so I don't crash.

Ever notice how the old cop can always chug down a whole bottle straight whiskey then still be able to function.
Every hero drinks liquor? Only women drink mixed drinks (unless its a comedy)?
Yeah, I'm a lightweight. Best I can do in my youth was to down about 6 shots and I was toasted.
Ever heard of alcohol poisoning?
Its really getting old as to how often I see characters drinking heavy amounts of straight liquor with no adverse effects.
Its not 'manly' its stupid.

Kid Value:
It never fails, if a kid is involved with a hero, the hero goes out of the way to help the kid no matter what.
Its a twisted moral which brainwashes the public into the belief everyone should help a kid, no matter if you are related or not.
Its not even close to realistic human behavior, yet its sold to us as common.

Sound in Space:
Even decades after 2001: A Space Odyssey movie makers still depict sound in space?
As a matter of fact, there is a whole list of 'peeves' I can name off about inaccuracies with space scenes.

Water Pressure:
The physics depicted in movies underwater is junk science. The movie Underwater drove this home for me.
You can't be at the bottom of the Marianna's Trench in a dive suit. You would implode under the pressure.
Even The Abyss film got the underwater physics wrong. You can't have a moon pool in a facility without equalizing air pressure or the water will force its way in.
The Human body is evolved to survive in atmospheric pressure (roughly 14.6 pounds per square inch).
Most of the deep ocean is under pressures of 3000 to 9000 pounds per square inch.
If you want to equalize the pressure in your facility to have a moon pool, you need to exist in an atmospheric pressure of 3000 to 9000 pounds per square inch. Your body would implode.
Without that equalizing pressure, the ocean would rush in.

Wind Shear:
Ever notice how skydivers can jump from planes at great heights and their clothing flaps in the wind as they fall?
In real life, those clothes would be shredded from wind shear.

Underwater Dialog:
Unless you are wearing a full face mask and earpiece you can't talk to each other while underwater.
Plus, you can't be at crush depth with a full face mask, it would either collapse under pressure or cut into your head.
The deeper you go, the more your body compresses. Your lungs are part of your body. You use your lungs to push air across your vocal cords. With diminished lung capacity talking would prove to be difficult the deeper you dive.

I can keep going but I'm interested in reading what y'all notice which makes no sense.