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An Old Friend
Anyone that sees what I post about knows I watch a whole lot of movies.
For the most part, I watch anything new if it is in the genres I like.
Consequently, I watch too many really bad movies.

Lately, I have found few movies worth watching to completion.
For me, a movie needs to look like it was professionally made.
This is why I do not prefer the found footage, shaky cam shot films.
Where some might find them artful and unique, I find them unwatchable.

Then there is the films that are shot professionally by the story is garbage.
I have trouble watching bad writing no matter how well the actors portray their characters.
Depending on my mood, I can watch a syfy original type movie or shut it off.
I do find that a badly written movie with higher production standards are worthy of a single watch.

Since I control which movies I see, I can determine when and if I rewatch a movie.
Sometimes, upon first impression, I won't care for a movie but will rewatch it to see if it grows on me.
There are a few that I have hated on first watch but have grown fond of them by rewatching them a few times in succession. Shin Godzilla Resurgence was one such movie.

Recently, I have not seen many first watch movies that I care for.
I have a folder where I keep movies that I really like and at these times, I rewatch them.
I remember when I watched cable/satellite tv.
My movie choices were very limited.
Then came Netflix (I was a Netflix subscriber before they went public).
After a time, I found that even Netflix and Video Rental Stores had a limited selection.

Now, I stream movies. I can watch nearly any movie I want to watch, when I want to watch it.
I've determined that there are some movies, I can rewatch anytime and still enjoy.

What movies can you always watch and enjoy?
Just recently I have rewatched:

Hacksaw Ridge - 3rd time
Deepwater Horizon - 2nd time
The Acountant (Found out they are making The Acountant 2) - 3rd time
The Babysitter - 2nd time
The Bounty Hunter - 3rd time

Shin Godzilla Resurgence (dubbed version) - 6th time
Dragonheart 4 - 3rd time
The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One - 3rd time
Gremlin - 3rd time
The Dark Tower - 2nd time
The Mummy (Dark Universe) - 2nd time (Just got a bluray version)

I have more movies on the rewatch list that I will watch over the next few days

Avatar (extended collectors edition bluray) - 8 times (This will be my 9th)
Legendary Godzilla - 14 times
Independence Day 2 - 5 times
Jurassic World - 15 times
Keeping Up With The Joneses - 3 times
Peter Jackson's King Kong - 11 times

Kong: Skull Island - 9 times
Over Her Dead Body - 4 times
Pacific Rim - 15 times
Passengers - 5 times
Star Trek Beyond - 9 times
Star Wars The Force Awakens - 6 times
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets - 3 times
Lol. I chose "There are a few movies...." and "I don't watch movies, only tv shows"
Conflict? Nah.
I only watch movies that show up on tv. I've watched a few on my phone, but my eyes are strained after.
So I may have seen Poltergeist 20xs, if it shows up while channel hopping, I may watch again!
I am seriously committed to about ten tv series.
I'm now more into tv than movies.