Movies about books?


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Lately I've been watching a lot of movies. This is due to the fact that I am working from home twice a week (one nice thing about being a code monkey is that it doesn't matter where we are physically to do our work) and as such I've been having the DirecTV DVR cranking away in the background.

In the past week I caught both The Number 23 with Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction. Two totally different toned movies but it struck me that they are both movies about books rather than a movie based on a book. When I started thinking about that subject... movies about books... another movie came to mind, Adaption with Nicolas Cage, that actually is a movie about a screen writer adapting a novel to be a movie.

Then I hit a mental road block thinking about other movies that would fall into the category. :(

What others can you think of? TV or movie or radio or play or anything that comes to mind?
Death Trap
Christopher Reeve & Michael Caine
To make Sidney's slump all the more painful, Clifford Anderson, a student of one of Sidney's writing seminars, has recently sent his mentor a copy of his first attempt at playwrighting for Sidney's review and advice. The play, "Deathtrap," is a five character, two act thriller so perfect in its construction that, as Sidney says, "A gifted director couldn't even hurt it." Using his penchant for plot, and out of his desperate desire to once again be the toast of Broadway, Sidney, along with Myra, cook up an almost unthinkable scheme: They'll lure the would-be playwright to the Bruhl home, kill him, and market the sure-fire script as Sidney's own. But shortly after Clifford arrives, it's clear that things are not what they seem! Indeed, even Helga Ten Dorp, a nosey psychic from next door, and Porter Milgram, Sidney's observant attorney, can only speculate where the line between truth and deception lies.

I saw this on late night satellite and I must say it was an interesting movie.
Christopher Reeve was subperb
Micael Caine as always, was very convincing.
If you see it you might even enjoy it as a rental.
Perfect for late night, quiet time. Very cerebral
The Colour of Magic (the recent Pratchet film) is a story surrounding a book of spells required at a special time to be read.

There was a nickelodeon's film I watched the other day (by accident) about a goth girl at high school getting bullied who finds a shop that is only open around Halloween where she obtains a book that must NOT be read aloud or a monster will come. Can't remember the title, something like "Haunted Halloween" or something like that.

Little Black Book - a girlfriend who really shouldn't have tried reading her boyfriends diary he left behind when he went away on business.
Tim your comment reminded me of another movie about a book


I like EVIL DEAD 2 best but there are 3 movies and they are all about a book of the dead.

There are many that were made in the 60-70 & 80s that were based upon evil books and ancient writings.
Necranominon ir something like that