Movies based on Isaac Asimov stories

Jun 1, 2013
Despite being one of the most prolific science fiction writers of the 20th century, there have so far only been nine feature-length movies based on Isaac Asimov's stories.

Often I see comments by people wishing there were movies based on Asimov's Foundation series (and comments in response, saying that the series is too big and should instead be made into a TV series).
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Jan 30, 2009
every now and then somebody talks about a Foundation movie but it's probably too wordy and not enough action. could be a thoughtful series (syfy network could do this if they could break away from their dinopiranha type movies).
Mar 20, 2014
along time ago, must have been in 1977-78 or so, I saw a TV movie (I think it was kind of 45 minute or so) about a man whose body was replaced by proesthetic/robotic parts. Even half his brain. Then, the company that hold sold all these sued him, demanding the parts back becaus he hadn't paid the bills. Much of the movie was a courtroom scene trying to sort out this mess. Was he going to be left with only half his brain at the end? As far as I remember, he was a car racer, that was the reason for him going through these accidents that destroyed most of his body. I think it was based on an Isac Asimov short. And, no, it is NOT Millenium Man I am thinking, and not Robocop. But would could it be? Anyone have any idea?


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Mar 20, 2004
I'm coming up blank actually. More recently there is Repo Men which deals with the same basic premise, of replacement organs being repossessed, but that was based on a novel from just a few years ago. If there was a an earlier similar story line I'm surprised that it did not come up in conversation when Repo Men came out.
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