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Do you Stream or Download Movies

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I'll be the first to admit that I am a hypocrite; I decry movie piracy, but find much less issue with grabbing an entire season of House off of BitTorrent. I don't approve of file swapping, and yet I'll think nothing of copying a friend's MP3 collection, or downloading songs off a blog.

Movies, in particular, seem especially wrong to me -- I don't know why.
I used to feel the same way till I found out what I was missing.

I have actually been more happy with my dvd purchases lately.
I used to feel the same way till I found out what I was missing.

I have actually been more happy with my dvd purchases lately.
I'm not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying that, because you're downloading movies for free, you appreciate the movies that you legally purchased even more?

As a writer, and as a software developer, I make my living by creating original content. If people can acquire this content for free, then my family goes hungry, and as a result I have to give up creating content and start flipping burgers or digging ditches. And I hate flipping burgers, and digging ditches probably wouldn't be a lot of fun, either.

Having said that... I'm not free from sin. I illegally download and copy lots of MP3s, and a few TV shows, so I understand the allure. But I don't feel good about what I do, and I don't try and justify it with lame arguments like, "Well, I'm only doing this because there's no economical system for music distribution" or "Downloading music makes people more likely to purchase music."
On the one hand, I don't stream or download movies via the Internets..........on the other hand, in regards to music, thank heavens for Limewire! :P ;) :smiley: :smiley:
All I'm saying is that I stopped buying crappy movies.
Because you knew that you could download them and watch them anyway? I barely have enough time in my life to watch the good movies...

But it hardly seems legitimate to justify piracy by saying that these lower-quality films somehow deserve to be pirated. Or is that what you mean?
Because of time restrictions I neither stream nor download videos.

These days my 'R&R' movie day consists of a DVD from NetFlix; some weeks I can get one or movies in, other weeks I'm lucky if I get two watch one movie in two weeks.
I'm preparing now for the upcoming offline time till I get my cash flow under control again.
I'm looking for 1960's and earlier SciFi
I always purchase on dvd or see in theaters..

However for the time inbetween I download it, streams mess up halfway too much for me.
i will be honest i download everything that is of interest to me. i refuse to pay prices at theaters for movies and i will download one if it semi-looks interesting to me. if it is good and i like it then i will buy it to keep in my library of movies. for example, i found only through bittorrents the 1951 when worlds collide and the 1950 destination moon. i have not found anywhere where i can buy those movies and something like that i see no harm in.
music i will download just because gotta have me music.

no one is ever going out of work or not ever going to NOT be able to feed their families because of torrents or any other form of file sharing. it is a crock of BS to think or get others to believe that is the case. you are more apt to be making money cause the majority of the people will try before they buy. it is a safety net. i wouldnt go and spend 60 dollars on a game right off the bat cause someone said it was good and the pics looks good but i will download it to try and if i like i will buy.

and HELLO, the economy is forcing alot of people to do this anyway because they cant afford to do otherwise.
I don't stream my movies but I am a NetFlix addict. We are on the 'one-at-a-time' plan but it works nicely for us. Between recording stuff on the DVR and DVDs in the mail, we can catch up on movies that we missed at the theater (have not been there for a few years now).
I used to buy DVDs but I ended up buying movies that I didn't care for.
I used to download but I ended up having movies I didn't rewatch and they took up so much harddrive space.
Now I just stream - It works out good as long as it is a good host site.
Once I have seen a movie I buy the ones I want for my collection.
I am much happier with my purchases and my collection.
Lately I have been rewatching the old TV series at Hulu
McHales Navy
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Time Tunnel

Check them out ( Here is a List )

Note: If you click on a title it doesn't start the video - It takes you to the show's about page. That shows you which episodes are available and a short description of the series/episode.