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Dec 23, 2003
Cute chapter. Of course the girls at the pool checked out Vaughn. They are young, not blind. Jealous, insecure Syd is funny.
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Mar 18, 2005
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** scene ahead...if you don't want to read it...I can post a non sexy part in the Romance Fiction section, just pm me if you want the PG-13 version instead....Enjoy :drool:

I awoke adjusting my eyes to the scene around me, my head throbbing from a blow to the head. I trted to focus on the room I was in, and couldn’t place it. The room was sickeningly white, the walls, the floor, the only thing not white was the silver steel table I lay strapped to. Lifting my head with great effort, I look down immediately thinking about my baby. I try to focus my blurry vision to the lower half of my body, and tears immediately flood my eyes, as I notice that I am no longer pregnant. How did i get here? What happened to my baby? VAUGHN??? Where is he, how could he let this happen. Oh god, is he alive. What do they want with me, I don’t work for the CIA anymore, I just want a normal life. The sobs are wracking my body, and then the door swings open and a masked figure aproaches me, he has no face, and I don’t recognize the voice.

“Miss Bristow.” he says in a cold voice.

“It’s Mrs. Vaughn you sick bastard.” I shouted.

“Oh yes, I forgot you are married now. Lovely ceremony it was by the way.” He says taunting me.

“What do you want? Where is my child? Where is Michael.” I said letting the tears stop, and my anger seep through.

“Mr. Vaughn is dead. We shot him once in the head, he went quickly, rest assured. As for your baby, you will never see it again. The next time you wake up, you won’t remember you were ever pregnant.” He said, filling a syringe with an unknown fluid, and injecting it into my arm.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” I screamed.

“Syd. SYDNEY!!” I hear his voice.

“Syd, wake up baby, it’s ok, your safe. I am here, it was just a nightmare. Please wake up.” I hear him pleading with me.

“Michael.” I say tentatively, almost unsure of my own voice.

“Yeah baby, I am here, you were screaming in your sleep. You said my name, and then you screamed NO!. Are you ok sweetie?” he asked.

“Oh god, Michael. It was awful, you, you....they killed you. They took my baby.” I said.

“Oh sweetie, come here. You are safe, you are still pregnant see? I am still was just a dream, shhhh.” he said trying to calm me knowing this raise in my blood pressure was not good for my 8 1/2 months pregnant status.

“I love you.” I said, not wanting to let go of him.

“I know Syd. I love you too, so much. I am never going to leave you, not ever. They couldn’t take me from you if they tried. You are safe.” He said reassuring me.

“I don’t think I could live without you, I felt like I was going to die to when he told me that you were dead.” I said.

“Who was it in your dream? That said I was dead?” he asked.

“I don’t know...he didn’t have a face. Just an icey voice, no emotion, they took my baby and killed you, and said that next time I woke up, I wouldn’t even remember being pregnant. Why didn’t they just kill me too? It felt so real.” I said sobbing.

“Baby, I don’t was just a dream. Our baby is still safe in your womb, and you are safe in my arms, so try to relax, ok?” he soothed.

“Michael? Can you sing to me?” I asked.

“Sure sweetie, let me just get my guitar. Lay down and relax.” He said.

He came back over to our bed, and sat down next to me, so that I could feel close to him. He started singing a song and I immediately felt my body start to relax as he sang.

“I guess you don't need it
I guess you don't want me to repeat it
But everything I have to give I'll give to you
It's not like we planned it
You tried to stay, but you could not stand it
To see me shut down slow
as though it was an easy thing to do
Listen when
All of this around us'll fall over
I tell you what we're gonna do
You will shelter me my love
And I will shelter you
I will shelter you
I left you heartbroken, but not until those very words were spoken
Has anybody ever made such a fool out of you
It's hard to believe it
Even as my eyes do see it
The very things that make you live are killing you
Listen when all of this around us'll fall over
I tell you what we're gonna do
You will shelter me my love
I will shelter you
Listen when
All of this around us'll fall over
I tell you what we're gonna do
Hey you will shelter me my love
I will shelter you
If you shelter me too
I will shelter you
I will shelter you “

He finished the song, his voice soothing my ears, and the words of the song not lost on me, he would never sing a song to me that didn’t hold some meaning to him about our relationship, afterall with that journal he gave me, we have been expressing our feelings for months through song, and healing was taking place with each entry, and our love has been growing day by day. Truth is, he always does shelter me, even when my life was a disaster, he was there for me, even when he was married to Lauren, the cow, he always tried to be there for me, and I knew it. Even though I tried to deny it, his heart was always where it needed to be, even when neither of us thought it was.

He is my husband now. He lays in bed with his arms around me every night. We had a perfect private ceremony on the beach when we got back from our vacation. Only Eric, my dad, Marshall, Carrie and Dixon and Michael’s mom were in attendance. It was perfect, and we both cried like babies when we finally became Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vaughn. The only woman to hold that title in his life and his heart. Now we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of joy. I have been having some braxton hicks contractions, but nothing has progressed beyond that as of yet. I am due in two weeks. Ironically, my due date is October 1st. Crazy I know. That can’t be a coincidence.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“I was just thinking about our wedding, and the baby, and how the baby is due the exact day that we met almost 5 years ago. It is amazing. Thanks for singing to me, I feel relaxed now. That dream just really rattled me.” I said.

He put his guitar away, and crawled in bed with me, brining my head to rest on his chest, while I snuggled into his side. I feel safe in this moment, hearing his heart beating gingerly beneath me.

I look into his eyes from my perch on his chest, and immediately feel the deep all consuming love pouring from them into mine.

“I love you Syd.” He whispers.

“I love you. Make love to me.” I say.

“Are you sure that is a good idea?” he asked.

“Yeah, gently of course. Otherwise we may have an unexpected arrival tonight.” I said massaging my now protruding belly.

“Always.” he said leaning in to kiss my lips.

He placed gentle kisses along my neck gently pushing the straps of my nightgown down my shoulders, leaving a tingling sensation everywhere his lips touched. He rid me of my clothes, and took in the sight of me for a bit before attacking my lips again.

“You are so beautiful Syd.” he whispered into my ear then swiftly darting his tongue in my ear, driving me insane with pleasure, and causing goose bumps to rise over every inch of my body.

He kissed his way down to my breasts, paying particular attention to each of them, loving the new fullness associated with pregnancy.

“God Syd, you don’t know what your body does to me.” he says in a husky voice.

“Oh, I beg to differ, I can clearly feel what it is doing to you on my leg.” I said, as I reached down to grabbed his straining member through his boxers illiciting a small groan from his lips.

He reached between my legs, and softly caressed my center with his hand, driving my arousal to knew limits, he gently parts my lips, and fingers the wetness of my core, before diving one finger into me with expertise. He gently moves his finger in and out before adding a second finger, while his thumb rubs my clit so intensly. I am quickly coming close to orgasim, and don’t want to have one without him in me. So I gently place my hand over his to stop his motion.

“I’m sorry, did that not feel good?” he asked usnure of himself.

“God Michael. It feel so good. But I want to feel you more, inside me, please.” I said.

“Turn over.” he said huskily after placing a soft kiss on my lips.

I turned onto my side, which was the easiest position for us to make love besides doggy style, but it was more personal, cause he can kiss me and talk to me from this angle. I feel his body press into mine, as he lifts my leg slightly holding his c*** at my wet entrance. I feel him teasing the opening slightly before he gently slides himself into me holding himself in place as I adjust to the feeling of his large c*** inside me. I let out a gutteral moan as he begins to move in and out increasing my wetness with every thrust.

I feel his arms wrap around me, pulling me tighter to him as his thrusting increases in force, but not too hard. I am so close to the edge as I feel his hot breath brushing gentle kisses down my neck and shoulders. He works his way back up my neck and whispers in my ear.

“God Syd, you feel so good. I love being inside you so much. You make me so happy, I love you.” he says in a whisper.

“Michael!” I say as my orgasim mounts and I come crashing over the edge in ecstacy. Which in turn causes him to tumble shortly after spilling spurt after spurt of his hot seed into my core. I love this man so much, and he always knows how to please me, and I have never felt a more perfect lover. He makes love to me in the sweetest and most gentle way, always touching me in the exact spots that drive me wild, touching me in places only a lover can. My nightmare long forgotten, we both drift into sleep, laying still connected and muttering “I love yous” as sleep overcomes us both.


A/N: Wow. I haven’t written a smutty scene for a I figured it was long overdue. I also wanted to note, that if none of you have heard of Ray Lamontange, please buy the is freakin awesome, and the song “Shelter” is the song I put in this chapter. I want to apologize in advance for any angst or excessive sappiness you see in my fics...some of you know about my miscarriage and that I saw that specialist recently, anyways, she put me on some fertility drugs, which in the past have made me really emotional and depressed. I hope this time around things are different, but if it gets bad, just know I will try to keep things fluffy. I hope all had a good weekend, if you live in the USA Happy 4th of July. Happy Birthday America!! I am trying to update all fics today, so bare with me....Oh yeah, and don’t forget to helps fuel my muse.

Crinx. ;)
Dec 28, 2004
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I finally read the last couple of chapters...They were all wonderful...I am so glad they had a good time on their vacation...They really deserved soem downtime...I loved jealous Syd...I hope the beginning of the last chapter was not a preview of what is to come...Thanks for the pm...Update again soon...

Good luck with trying to have your own miracle baby! :)
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