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Mar 18, 2005
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Ok, it's been 12 years since I wrote anything, but here is an update for what it is worth....don't kill me ok?

Recap: Echelon satellites intercept transmission discussing Sydney and Vaughn's pending bundle of they decide it is best to move Sydney somewhere they wouldn't think to look for this story it happens to be her good friend Justin Timberlake, who is also a celebrity with lots of homes to hide her at....Vaughn will be meeting up with her so not to raise suspition that they are leaving together....the baby is due anyday now, and Sydney is having recurring nightmares that Vaughn will be killed....ok..that's it..on with the story...

I never thought Sydney knowing a celebrity would come in handy, but to my surprise it did. Justin got Sydney safely to his house in Colorado. They had to drive considering she is 8 ½ months pregnant, but she made it safely, and I will be joining her soon for the arrival of our first child. I can’t believe that I am married to Sydney Bristow, and she is having my baby to boot. This is the most amazing thing that could have happened to my life, just over a year ago, I was married to Lauren, a traitor to our country who used my grief to her advantage. I can’t wait to see that Bitch pay for what she did to me, and better yet, what she did to Sydney. She being part of the Covenant makes her partially responsible for her disappearance and torture.

Currently I am at the ops center making sure everything is in order before I go to meet Sydney in Colorado. We can’t have any mis-steps or it could cost me my life, or worse the life of Sydney and our baby. They are clearly after her, and keeping her hidden was our only option at this point. She has been gone for 3 days, and I miss her like crazy.

Her being ready to give birth only makes it that much harder, these last few days of pregnancy are the hardest, and the thought of her having to go through that alone is almost too much to bear.

“Hey Man.” Eric said entering my temporary office.

“Hey. Just finishing up these reports, and then I am going to go meet up with Syd.” I said.

“She’s ok? I mean, you know..with the baby and all?” Eric asked.

“Yeah, she is ok, for now. But we only have a few days before her due date, so it is going to happen any time now, and I can’t miss that. She will never forgive me for that.” I said.

“Well, you better get going then.” Eric said.

“Yeah, thanks Eric for everything. We realize that you didn’t have to warn us, or make us privy to any information, but you did, and I can’t thank you enough.” I said.

“No problem man. You guys are like my family, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to name that kid of yours Eric or Erica.” Eric said with a smile.

“Yeah, um..don’t think so..but nice try.” I said laughing.

“Have a safe trip, and call me as soon as that baby is born.” He said.

“I will, and you know how to contact us with any information. The idea of hiding out isn’t exactly what we had in mind, but until Sark and Lauren are caught, it is the safest bet.” I said.

“We will find them. Just take care of each other. The stakes are much higher now that you have a child.” Eric said.

“I know. Much, much higher, and I will protect them with everything I have.” I said.

“Have a safe trip.” Eric said excusing himself from my office.

I packed my stuff earlier, so I can leave directly from the Ops center. I finished putting my papers in my briefcase and walked to my car to start the long drive to Denver.

As I was nearing the edge of California about to enter the bottom tip of Nevada, checking for tails all along the way, I noticed a Black Cadillac with dark tinted windows following me from a distance. I kept a close eye on it, trying to lose the car, but it quickly followed my every turn, and then began to gain speed on me.

“Oh felgercarb.” I said to myself.

Syd’s POV

I have been here three days, and I am going insane worrying about Vaughn. He should have arrived an hour ago, and still no sign of him. I have been experiencing semi painful contractions all day, but they are still pretty far apart, but I can tell I will be giving birth to this baby soon. I want my husband here and him being an hour late is not sitting well with me.

Finally after 3 hours and no sign of Vaughn, the emergency secure cell phone he gave me rings.

“Hello.” I say panicked.

“Sydney. It’s your father.” My Dad said.

“What happened, where is Vaughn.” I said panick rising in my voice.

“He was followed, his car went off the road, we haven’t found him. We think the Covenant got to him.” He said.

As I stood there stunned listening to my father tell me that my worst nightmare has now come true…I feel that I can’t breath. In a moments notice, I feel warm liquid pooling at my feet, and that can only mean that this baby is coming, and Vaughn isn’t here. I start to sob, and drop the phone as a painful contraction racks my body. I feel faint, scared, and crushed that he isn’t here, I don’t even know if he is alive, and now this baby is coming, and I have no choice but to push aside my pain, so that this baby has a chance.

Small Cliffy…nothing too painful….more to come before 2018 I promise…




Mar 11, 2005
please please pm me because this story like sooooo rocks!!

i missed this story!!

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