MTV Brings On Star Trek Writers For A Teen Wolf TV Series [Teen Wolf]


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MTV Brings On Star Trek Writers For A Teen Wolf TV Series [Teen Wolf]

MTV is cashing in on the growing werewolf phenomenon by pitching out a Teen Wolf TV series. But the good news is, writers from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Prison Break are already on board.

MTV is looking into adapting the 1980s camp classic Teen Wolf into a television series, instead of (or as well as) the much-mooted film. Normally, this would be met with a loud and resounding "please no," but the writers being name-checked to work on the series have piqued our interest.

Attached to Executive Produce is Rene Echevarria from Castle who has been a writer and producer for The 4400, a few Star Treks and Dark Angel. We're excited about this one, but not so much the other two. Marty Adelstein, who did credible work on Prison Break, should not be let off the hook for his work on Made of Honor. And the series writer, Jeff Davis, has only worked thus far on Criminal Minds. But Davis did pen the Volton movie, so there's hope for some nerd cred within this new crew.

Next up on MTV's original series to-do list is an animated series produced by Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker. The show is titled The Awesomes, and features a gang of moronic superheroes. Lorne Michaels will be produce it. I know Meyers is a huge comic book geek, but it's hard to get excited for bumbling superhero shows when The Tick aced that genre already. Plus didn't the ABC's attempt at this type of series, No Heroics, go down in flames? Still, MTV might actually be the right place for this type of show.


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