Comedy Muriel's Wedding

This 90s movie talks about an Austarlian woman named Muriel, who is a loser. She is umemployed, lives with her parents, single, and fat. Her dream is to get married, but soon discovers that her friends do not like her and no longer want her to be around them. Finding sanctuary in ABBA songs such as Dancing Queen, Waterloo, and Fernando, she gets by in life. She meets an old high school friend, who helps her become a whole new person--- Mariel. She then becomes engaged to a South African swimmer who wants to compete on the Australian swim team in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. Now that Mariel's dreams have come true, what more can she possibly ask for?

I thought this movie was great (gave new meaning to ABBA songs) because of the subtext. Although I must warn those who want to watch it: the ending is not what you expect (well, it's not what I expected).
littlebirdy: yeah, it's not that big here, but true Abba fans had to take a peek at it. tho i'd say that movie called something like Priscilla something or other had a bigger impact on people's views of Abba.

peanutbutter: the first time i watched it was when i was like 14 and i couldn't get past the first two minutes of it. but when i watched it a couple months ago, i sat thru it all and i can see why some would find it weird. it is a rather odd bit of cinema but again, Abba songs.

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