Sci-Fi Music in Sci-Fi films in the past 50 years?


Hi Everyone,

Very new here and really would appreciate some help on a research essay I am writing about the musical compositions in Sci-Fi films from 1968-2018. A huge section of it has been on how the compositions are made and the next part is on the audience's feelings/reactions to the music of certain scenes from Sci-Fi films.

I have put together a survey asking about your feelings/reactions to the music in Sci-Fi films. and I would be very thankful for anyone to fill it in with as much detail as possible, as well as getting other friends to fill it in too. Please write whatever feelings/reactions you have had (if any at the certain scenes) whilst watching a scene with music. The films don't have to obscure, they can be very well known films, for example some of the films I have written about so far are 2001, Star Wars (episode 1 and 4), Interstellar, Escape From New York and Blade Runner (original) and so on... So, if you have anything in response to some of those films that would be amazing, but any Sci-Fi films are great. Feel free to write any further notes in response to this thread.

Here is the link to the survey:

Again, I'll appreciate any help with this!

Thank you!!!