Music Suggestion for Everyone

Dec 7, 2003
Las Vegas
I spent last night spinning a set, its a combination of Progressive, Epic and Melodic Trance, with Sweet Angelic Female Vocals throughout, its very upbeat. I went through all my records and found ones I thought you would guys would like, The mixing is ok but the tracks are great, I dont have any webspace, so if anyone wants to give it a listen please icq me @ 47150711. Thanks for reading, remember to keep an open-mind.

The set is 79:09 minutes in mp3 (just perfect to fit on a cd)
And the file is roughly 90.5 mb


Nov 24, 2003
City of Angels
Hee hee... took me a few minutes to realize ICQ was a messenger ( :shamefullyembarrased: ). I have 'em all, but hadn't heard of that one! I'll admit it, I'm not proud! ;) Thnx.

I ICQ'd him and got the mix. It's actually really good. The vocals sound like a mix of Evanescence and Enya, with a cool dance music in the background. At the same time, it's not only fun, but it's got a hint of a tranquil feel to it. It's kinda hard to explain, but it's really good, and definitely worth a listen.

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