Janet Jackson

Directed by Some Playboy assiduous buyer;

Let me just say the song is quite pleasant and cheerful, it makes you shake shake your bones, or fat, for the whole three minutes.

So, the video doesn’t leave any Super Bowl viewer disapointed. I guess Janet takes the “less is more” old saying too serious, but what else is new anyway?? EVERYONE knows already she has the best abs of the business because she keeps showing them over and over, so couldn’t she just put a decent top for once? That wardrobe is just wrong girl! It should be confiscated and burned away for the good taste sake, and Justin Timberlake’s sanity. It can only, unfortunately, cover 30 per cent of Janet’s giants boobs, so it keeps giving Justin nightmares everytime he turns his MTV on.

If Britney is working to be the next Madonna, Janet is working to be next Britney -- oh! Good Lord don’t You have pity on us?? – ...hum, I guess her plastic surgeon is going to have a lot of work this year hah? Lots and lots of dead tissue.

So, classy “I´m easy, come and get me” outfits, tons of lipstick, and Miss Spears moves among other untasteful things, are enough to summary Miss Last-Jackson-Family-Member-Who-Still-Has-An-Entire-Nose newest music video.

Enjoy! :woot: