i know this is totally off topic but I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for good music?
I like different stuff
right now my favorite band is Supreme beings of Leisure, I like weezer greeday, nodoubt, I was just wondering if you had any suggestions!!!
sydeny bristow thats cool i love them , when i actually have some money im gonna get the CD, I am always like yeah my faveorite band is supreme beings of leisure, and all my friends are like supreme beings of what? so its nice to know im not the only one
and Txinzz im not a big pop fan but i used to be a backstreet boy fanatic a couple years ago
oh sydney bristow what other music or bands do you like??
I really like the group Rammstein, I have their cd and I love their songs. And the strange part is, I don't understand a word they're saying unless I look up the lyrics. That's because they're from Germany and every song is in German. Otherwise, they sound pretty good.