:hi: hey peeps i like alotta of the norm music but i like mid 90's too!!! and I LUV something corparate!!! i have there vary first CD that my bro. had to order off the internet and it is soo good!!! i luv the song i kissed a drunk gurl on the lips!!!! so do u guys like them?? PUHLEZZZZE give me some feed back!! oh ya and if anyone has heard of NERF HERDER or SIZE 14 please pm or something cuz i like them and i havn't heard of anyone who even knows of them!!! THANX!!

lauren vartan :surf:
I LUV SOMEHTING CORPORATE!!!! they are one of my fav bands . . my fav songs by them are (there are a lot hehe)
-Konstantine <my fav song in the whole wide world hehe ^_^
-If you See Jordan
-I kissed a Drunk Girl
-Punk Rock Princess
-I woke up in a car
-Canvanaigh Park
yeah, i like something corporate
i like punk rock princess
kissed a drunk girl
and i woke up in a car

and does anyone know what a straw dog is? its in one of their songs but i dont know what it is..."she said hey, now, the straw dog's out in the street"



Vaughn's Chin Fondler
Ive heard of these guys. They were performing on Grad Night in Orlando when I was there. I listened to them for a bit and went back to ride The Hulk and Dueling Dragons. ^_^
i forgot one song that i also lie *Bad Day* i always listen to it when i have a bad day and unfortunately i am having a bad day. . this whole week has just been a bad week
YAY other peeps like them too!! my favorite ever Drunk Gurl aka i kissed a drunk gurl on the lips!! lol keep postin guys!! lol

lauren vartan :surf:

oh ya nad they are like punk rock i think but not really its just good music!! lol i like them a lot
their mostly alternative rock .. um maybe some songs like Green Day im not sure i don't really listen to Green Day. . . im gunna go see when Something Corporate cums to my town i wanna see them in concert!!! :P
i go on ticket ALL the time to see if there coming to either san diego or LA or anything and theres NOTHING!! you'd think that they are pretty good sized cities and they would come but NOPE!!lol

lauren vartan
i know wut u mean . .i looked at ticket master too and they had something corporate cuming to my town but they were the guests and they would play only like 3-4 songs and i don't wanna spend 30 bucks on it cuz the otha two bands that are gunna be there i have no clue who they are!! so i looked to see if they were gunna play in a city in my state but they aren't i was mad!! i wanna see them in concert so bad