Mutant delusions


Kirk: {in overly corney over drama! <3 'ya W.S.) Damit.....Spock....weee......can not ..allow the! command.....Innnetiate self destruct sequence.

Bones: Damnit Jim, not again. This is the third time this starweek! That last time you thought we were being borded by a Ferangie Tribble herder!

Scotty: Wull I'm a with ya cap'n *swiggs from bottle of 250 yr old Irish Whisky*

Spock: I'm afraid I must agree with the doctor captain. Self destruction of the ship at this time would be illogical.

Bones: Well I'll be damned, the unemotional pointy eared freak agrees with me!

Spock: I am simply following the dictates of logic my good doctor. The captain has obviously been smoking crack again.

Kirk: So its a muttany is it .....I allways power hungry....Spock! *grapples with Spock*

Spock:*Delivers David caradine like karate kick to Jims ribs then follows with Vulcan nerve pinch*

Kirk: Damn you Spock.......*slumps to floor dramaticaly*

Bones: Get him to sick bay, I have been working on an experamental new designer drug I think he will enjoy.

Spock: Very good doctor....Mr Scott if you would be so kind....please get us out of here.

Scotty:*holding whisky bottle upside down looking into the mouth* I'm sorry Mr.Spock but we have an immenant core breach...I think I spilled some whisky on the control pannell shes gonna blow....

Kirk{from sick bay, speaking in between hystiricle laighter}: Dmnit Mr. you've got 2 minutes to fix it or we're all dead man! PPpzppppzpzz we're all dead wahhhahahahahah

Bones:*LMGDFnAO* Little for you little for me...

Jim, Bones: *continue to laugh hystericaly*

Spock: Mr. Scott, I'm on my way, Mr. solu you have the com. *doors: swish*

Yes at last the power is mine. I am the captain MUHahahahahahahah!

O'hora: Dont make me break a heel off in yo little yellow ***, BIATCH!!

**Engine room**


Scotty: *lies uncontious on floor*

Spock: *dons radiation suit and enters engine core*

Kirk:*doors:swoosh* *still laughing hystericaly* No Spock...LOL....dont....

Spock: Its logical Jim, the one for the sake of the many.... no...I mean you dont have to do it....LoL..Scotty was halucinateing....the core is fine....

Well JESUS CHRIST GET ME THE **** OUTTA HERE you son of a *****!!!!

Jim, Bones: *Laugh hystericaly*

*Control Tower of dry dock*

*looking down on Enterprise*

Fleet Admiral:{Speaking to a smug looking Councel Member}Alright, alright....perhaps a mandatory retirement clause MIGHT be in order......