Comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

I have seen Greek Wedding twice. Once with my sister and once in a room with 6 girls and about 10 guys. It was hillarious with the mixed group. It was fun to see the different opinions. We also laughed at very different parts.
That movie was sooooooooo funny!! I've seen it a whole bunch of times!! :sideroll: However, the show is just weird. They over-act or something, and it's not as good. I only saw the first ep. but decided it was a waste of time. There was one really funny line, though... when "Nia" and (is it) "Thomas" get off the plane, the family hugs them and all that, and the dad looks at Nia's husband (who's not played by the same guy) and says, "You look different." Oh gosh that was funny... Other than that, it was pretty lame. But the movie... funny funny funny......... :lol:
It was a funny movie. I like the guy who plays Nia's husband in My Big Fat Greek Life then the one in the movie.
Also, I have a name for the sequel.

Get it, she's pregneant.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Very Clever! I think that the show is really cute, it is kind of different from what is on now, then again, it could be considered to be like everything else out.
I LOVED this movie!! I could go on and on about! The show is funny but the movie is SOOOO much funnier. The whole Windex thin is funny and how Nick and his cousin tells Eian the wrong things in Greek! LMAO! :rotflmao: This is the best comedy I have every seen!!

Yeah, Tula is Nia on the show and Eian is Thomas. Nia Vardalos wrote the movie but I think they have regular writers for the show.
This movie was very funny. I thought the windex part was great and also the grandma (with the whole knife&running away thing) That was great! And the old lady with the purse on the sidewalk! I about died.
My family and I about died from laughter! I can't believe that Tula's mother still think that Turkish war thing is still going on!! And their house!! OMG! Their house! Greek Gods and everything! LMAO!!!
Seriously? Your Greek family is EXACTLY like that? Whoa! Okay! I never knew that anyone's family could be like that? My family is bif and fun like, too much into your life and you have to marry only ppl with a certain ethinicity.
ah!!! i loved this movie!! i loved the aunt...i can't remember her name though...but i love the part when she says "what you don't eat no MEAT? thatz okay i cook you lamb" lol it cracks me up...oh and i laughed so hard i almost wet myself when she was talking bout her twin. lmao!!!

i wonder how many people have used windex on themselves as a result of watching this movie lol