My Boy's passion


An Old Friend
My youngest boy "Blueberry" Loves RC Cars. They're so expensive we have been very limited in what we have so far. He wants to get into the gas powered stuff. I got him an email address and joined him into Misbehavin'RC. We have some videos and I thought some of ya might like the videos. The link takes ya to the video page.




Creative Writer
i persuaded my dad to buy a RC Glider with a 3ft wingspan to play with the kids, i think he was looking forward to it arriving too!

since my head injury means i cant actually participate in sports much, i think RC aricraft might be something fun i could do myself! i've been looking into not only prices but the nearest wide open ares to use it since i'm seeing 150m high and 300 distance for control on some of them (going to need flipdown binoculars to avoid losing the plane at long distance!!!!!