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I created this page so I could share my bookmarks with you. You will notice there are a lot that I have already shared. These are Non-Family related and most are science, space and SciFi with my arts folders as well. SciFi are near the bottom. Printed this page is 17pgs. It only comprised about 1/2 of my firefox bookmarks then I have around 1000 more in MSN explorer that I have to convert yet. I ran AM Deadlink before I made the page you should have active pages on each link.
I hope you enjoy these....I Do:jiggy:


An Old Friend
Lets see if I can attach the firefox bookmark. If it works you will be able to download it and import it to your firefox bookmarks then edit however you wish and export those to IE if you wish.

Didnt work file still too large


An Old Friend
Here's a peek to peak your interest...
# b Directory: SciFi Mag&Rags

* Absolute Magnitude_ Science Fiction
* AlienPress - Area 51, Roswell, alien photographs, UFOs, abduction phenomenon, Cydonia, Mars, SE
* Analog Science Fiction & Fact
* Analog SF
* Artemis Magazine
* Astounding Science Fiction
* Chronicles Network Science Fiction and Fantasy Network
* continuum science fiction features great short stories
* Creature Corner - Your Source for Horror
* CREEPY, EERIE & VAMPIRELLA Magazine - A tribute to the Warren Publishing Company
* DNA Publications_ Science Fiction Chronicle
* EERIE Magazine - B_W Horror comics by Warren Publishing Company
* Epic Science Fiction and Fantasy -
* Fantasy and Science Fiction
* Kensforce Science Fiction News & Updates
* Killer B's_ An exploration into Martian 'B' Scifi
* LAL! Science Fiction Jokes Archive!
* madmarty in the scifi zone
* - week of May 27, 2002
* Other Science Fiction Sites
* PopCult Magazine_ It's Cool!
* Quantum Barbarian Magazine
* Sci Fi Guys Home Page
* Science Fiction Crowsnest. Truly fab Fantasy and SciFi since 1994.
* Science-Fiction-Fantasy
* Sci-Fi Online_ Free Science Fiction Magazine
* Sci-Fi Overdrive @ Interstellar
* Sci-Fi Universe
* scifisuzi's
* SFcrowsnest science fiction
* Shadowdark.org_ Speculative Fiction
* Slacker's Sci-Fi Source - A Universe of Science Fiction
* Solar Flare
* Spicy Green Iguana - The Speculative Fiction Magazine Resource Site
* Spicy Green Iguana _ Electronic Magazine Listings _ ProWebzine Listings
* Starland, Starfest, Movie Screenings, Convention, Suspended Animation, Denver, Colorado
* - Investigating Strange Phenomena
* The House Of Pain - The Inmate Runs The Asylum Here
* the Scifi - The Best Sci-Fi Sites!
* The SF Site_ Site Map
* Trivia _ The Babylon 5 Emporium Plush Bear - WR
* Warpcore SF - Science fiction and fantasy stories, reviews, news and quizzes
* Zeus Toys and Comics_ Dallas, Texas_ Sci-Fi Expo

# Sub Directory: SciFiAudioClips

* Battered Suitcase Theatre Company Doctor Who Stageplay Crash Morgan Murder Dinners
* Cosmic Landscapes
* EZKoan - easily add Koan Audio Vectors to your webpage
* The Daily .WAV - Ba-Bm Archives
* Wav Central_ Effects Wav Files and Sound Files Database

# Sub Directory: SciFiGaming

* (SFGC) Space Federation - Galactic Conquest Free Online Games (Massive Multiplayer Online Games
* __===<>=__ Home of PROPHECY -----
* Haegemonia Galaxy
* Planet Doom Portal_ Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Search Engine _ Directory
* PlanetAvP - Three Species. One Planet. - GameSpy Network
* Raging Universe - A Free Online Space Strategy Game
* SciFi-RPGs
* Shields-Up - News
* ST Frontier Fleet PBeM
* Star Trek _ After Earth
* The Mars Project v4.2 - The Mars Project is a free browser based massively multiplayer online g
* The Threshold Network Presents Mortal Kombat
* Top Web Games __ Your ultimate source for online games!

# Sub Directory: SciFiLinks

* - science fiction resources and information.
* - scifi resources and information.
* Quadrant
* Science Fiction and Fantasy-Related Sites
* Sci-Fi Lists - Recommended Links
* SCIFI.COM_ Web Guide > Science Fact
* Scifimatter_ Science Fiction _ Fantasy _ _ Home
* The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
* Top Sites SciFi 100
* Top Sites
* WebRing_

# Sub Directory: MovieTrailers

* Above The Blue Horizon Science Fiction Multimedia
* An introduction to Projections_ A Futurist at the Movies.
* ClassicSciFi.Com Home
* Movies for Guys_ SciFi
* Scifi Movies Previous Question List
* - Science Fiction TV Fans - Home
* Sky One
* Stargate Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy
* Stick Figure Death Theatre
* The 2001 Internet Resource Archive_Links
* Sub Directory: MovieTrailers
o Aliens of the Deep_ The Official Movie Website
o Movie-List - Now Playing
o The Amityville Horror
o War Of The Worlds

# Sub Directory: SciFiReference

* Andrew's Scifi Zone ~ Links page
* BRmovie.com_ Encyclopedia Blade Runner
* Definitions of Science Fiction
* Encyclopedia Of Science Fiction
* General SciFi Pages and Link Centers_
* Genres_ Science Fiction
* Hamilton Library -- Scifi and Fantasy
* http___www.library.drexel.edu_resources_guides_lit240_scifi.html
* http___www.sfoha.org_catalog_
* Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase
* Jargon In British Science Fiction Fandom
* Jerome Library -- Bowling Green State University
* Main Page - SFwiki
* Northwest Science Fiction Resources
* Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus. Free access.
* Sci Fi Log
* Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database
* Science Fiction and Fantasy
* Science Fiction index page
* Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame -- Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
* Science Fiction on Radio
* Science Fiction Research Bibliography
* Science Fiction Resource Guide
* Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Book Database
* SF Encyclopedia Updates, A to B
* The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television
* The Kencyclopedia - Welcome to the Kencyclopedia!
* The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
* UFO MAN Contemplates ALL the Planets

# Sub Directory: SciFiRomance

* Science Fiction Romance Newsletter
* SFFP Romance

# Sub Directory: SciFiSocieties

* Alien Baby_ The Encounter
* ASFA __ Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists
* Baltimore Science Fiction Society [Version HH-188]
* British Science Fiction Association
* BSFS, Inc. Other Info [Version HH-163]
* Chattacon XXX - 30 Years of SciFi Fandom in Chattanooga!
* CMU Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
* Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club
* Exeter Sci Fi Society
* FANDATA's Fandom Directory® - On-Line Edition
* Irish SciFi News_ Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror News from Ireland -- Links Section
* Jewish Science Fiction
* Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
* LostCarPark
* Science Fiction Foundation Collection Home Page
* SciFi Conventions - World-wide Scifi Convention Directory - plus services for running sci-fi co
* SciFi-Fantasy Web Links
* SFF_ About
* South Florida Science Fiction Society Home Page
* Star Trek Conventions
* The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc. (NESFA)
* The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society (PSFS)
* The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Presents Our First UK-Based Cruise & Video Workshop At Sea
* The University Of Massachusetts Science Fiction Society
* The Washington Science Fiction Association Online
* World Science Fiction Society _ Worldcon [Official]

# Sub Directory: ShoppingSciFi

* Bowen Designs - Sabretooth Statue
* David Kenyatta's Sci-Fi World
* Draddog's SciFi and Fantasy Universe featuring Books, Toys, Models, and Computer Games
* Farscape DVD's Complete Farscape Seasons Box Sets
* GI Presents -- The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
* Give Me Toys Give Me Toys_ Movie and TV Collectibles. Hard to find collectibles from the silver
* Nostalgia Zone Buy Old Comics, Back Issue Comic Books For Sale
* PeaceMaker_ A Thriller by Dan Ronco
* POSTERWORLD . Over 250,000 Movie Posters in stock from 1909 to Present. NOT A FAKE SELLER
* Science Fiction - Find, Compare, and Buy Science Fiction at
* Sideshow Collectibles, Inc. - Hellboy Collectible Polystone Busts Sammael Bust
* The Babylon 5 Shop_ Your Last Best Source for Babylon 5 Merchandise this side of The Rim
* The Modeler's Library - Scifi Modeling Titles
* The Science Fiction Source Book
* Toy Robots,Model Kits,Animation Cells,Sci Fi Movie
* TradeFleet - Buy, Sell, and Trade Science Fiction Toys and Collectibles

# Sub Directory: StarShips and Transports

* 3DGLADIATORS Image Gallery - Star Trek - Powered by PhotoPost
* Craft Comparisons - Page 1
* CultTVman's SF Modeling -- Contents
* DeskTop StarShips-DTSS Portal
* http___shipyard.scifi-art.com_
* Lunarmodelsonline.com_ MOVIE RETRO TECH SERIES
* MCN's Starship Models Page
* PKH Schwebegeist
* Science Fiction 1.
* SCN - Gallery
* SFM Gallery
* Skyhook Models
* Starship Design Project
* Starship Lightwave Mesh
* Starship Modeler - Reader Gallery
* Starship Modeler_ Site Map
* Starship Registry Database
* Starship Schematic Database
* Starships NC-01 to NC-10
* Presents Spaceships, Rockets and UFO's in Art Science and Literature
* Studio-Scale MODELER
* T.M. Lindsey's Starship Kits
* The E.D.F. Drawing Board
* Tom's Spaceship Miniature_Game Lists
* Transportation Futuristics _ A Presentation of the Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library
* Untitled

# Sub Directory: StarTrek

* A Call To Duty - Advanced Starship Design Team Articles
* Borg Institute of Technology - 2001
* Daystrom Institute Technical Library
* Elizabeth Braswell - Memory Alpha
* EnterpriseMain
* Federation Models
* Fuzznoggin'Creations
* Kristin's Space Central
* LCARSCom.Net The LCARS Computer Network A Star Trek Fan Site
* Links
* Main Page - Memory Alpha
* Miranda _ Avenger Class Starship General Plans
* NCC-1701D Enterprise Home Page
* Night aliens _ Lifeforms N __ LIFEFORMS __ Janet's Star Trek Voyager Site - thousands of screen
* Outpost 10F_ Star Trek, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Online Community
* Quadrant_ startrek
* Sience Fiction Model Kits
* ST Frontier Fleet PBeM
* Star Trek Conventions
* Star Trek DB
* Starfleet Library
* STARTREK.COM Technology
* Inventions from Science Fiction Books and Movies
* The _VGER_ Clan Website
* The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae
* The Great Link - UK Star Trek _ Cult TV Web Site and Home of the Founders
* The Particles of Star Trek
* The Trek Nation
* TREKFRONTIER.COM_Trekfrontier Star Trek Web Site Index Page
* TrekWeb - Star Trek Enterprise, Star Trek Voyager, William Shatner, Stargate SG1
* Vulcan
* Warp Drive When_

# Sub Directory: StarWars

* - Encyclopedia
* STAR WARS Technical Commentaries
* StarDestroyer.Net_ Dedicated to the mighty Imperial Star Destroyer, and all things Star Wars!

# Sub Directory: Timelines

* captain-future-timeline-web
* Chronos_ The Future of Time Travel
* Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were
* Enigma - Future History
* Future History (David Cary)
* Future History of the World
* James Dixon's Chronology TOC
* SciScoop SciScoop - Exploring Tomorrow
* SignPosts- Timeline
* The Dark Ages_ A History of Horror
* The Gene Generation_ The Future of Science and Crime

# Sub Directory: Transhumans

* Related to Transhumanism
* Whole Systems

# Sub Directory: Written SciFi Wrters

* !--ADULTSONLY--Free SciFi eBook "When Groinkians Attack!" is a tale of a pig-faced al
* "Ring of Fire, part I"
* A 10 best science fiction fantasy review site - The Otherhood
* A Talespinner's Web_ Introduction
* Alchemist's Workshop
* Alternate Realities
* Applelinks.com_ Macintosh News
* Book summaries and reviews dealing with science fiction
* _ Science Fiction books
* DNA Publications - Fantastic Stories of the Imagination
* DracoSpace-Index Page
* Fantasy_SF_Horror A-List August 2004 --
* Feminist SFF & Utopian Literature_ A Checklist, A-K
* Fiction intro
* - Sci-fi & Fantasy Book Reviews
* Gene Expression - Science Fiction
* Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works_ Apologia (1)
* Migration-Prologue
* Ongoing Tales Science Fiction E-Magazine
* Realm of Literature
* Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke
* Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
* Series List
* Staggering Stories Home Page
* Super!!Stories!!
* The Arrow interviews...Paul Anderson! (Part 1)
* the cinemarket - scripts - scifi_fantasy
* The Enterprise Zone, a novel by Michael P. Sakowski
* The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches
* The Internet Review of Science Fiction
* The Linköping Science Fiction Archive_ External References
* The Novels of Wendy A. Simpson
* The Obsidian Labyrinth
* The Official Home Page of Michael Brotherton
* Vitrifax_ On Stanislaw Lem - Reviews of Lem's books
* von Horst's Pellucidar
* Weird Tales -- The Authors
* Weird Tales


An Old Friend
Next time I make a page I will try to edit a little better as the folder titles didn't show up like the should have.


Creative Writer
whats the max file size of html files? you could use dreamweaver to create a html file then just stick the URL's in and thyey are clickable straight out of the files

and i'd be grateful if you could attach them so we can grab them, it's so hard trying to find sci-fi communities and by the time you've gathered so many, something always goes wrong with your pc or you are so absentminded you forget to back them up when you have to reinstall windows!


An Old Friend
As of right now I have added 25 more to my bookmarks
I guess I'll have ta do an update page...we'll see