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I’m starting up this thread to post when I have new fantasy novels out, as opposed to the series that I’ve released or will be releasing. I’m also going to post about what fantasy works I already have out. First up is one I’ve had out a while, The Fateful Lightning:

Owen Brown has followed his father, John Brown, to Kansas Territory to fight the wicked institution of slavery. He’s met one of the native medicine men of the Territory, who teaches him something the white men call “magic.” Over the next decade, Owen will use magic in the service of the cause, taking him across the Territory and the nation.

This was inspired by the research I did into the two biographies I wrote about important Bleeding Kansas & Civil War leaders.
Next up is a novel I put out a few months ago, Boodle Land:

Harrison County lies in the High Plains of Kansas. Settlers are coming west, and even this small and isolated county is growing. But all is not peaceful on the prairie.

Two towns, Verona and Promontory, want to be the county seat. The town that gets the seat will get the county government, the chance for a railroad, and hope for the future. The town that doesn’t get the seat might not exist in six months or a year. This desire will spark a rivalry between the towns that will last for years.

Magickers won’t decide the outcome. Neither will gunfighters or the Army. No, the battle will be waged at the ballot box, in civil court, and in the columns of the towns’ newspapers. Which town will prove itself, and which will be nothing but a “boodle town?”

This one was inspired by all the research I’ve done over the years regarding county seat fights. And yes, in the book I tell you what “boodle” means. 😀
My latest release is The Journey of Princess Anna:

Princess Anna takes an interest in fighting at an early age. She grows up to become a skilled and renowned warrior. But there’s little place in her kingdom for her, seeing as she’s also the youngest of three children.

She chooses to leave her kingdom and explore the surrounding region. She hopes to learn more to benefit her father the King and her brother, the Prince and heir to the throne.

Anna quickly finds war, injustice, and slavery. She refuses to let good folk suffer at the hands of bad rulers. She vows to fight for what is right, even if she must side with outlaws and common villagers. She also finds her affections challenged in a most unexpected way.

Princess Anna journeys not only away from home but away from the life she was certain she’d lead…

I really enjoyed writing this one. It’s also the first novel I wrote that came in at over 100K words. For a writer who completes lots of much shorter books, that was an accomplishment.

I hope you read it and enjoy it.
I have a new trilogy out. Here’s the first book, Hub: Tales -

The races and domains have created the town of Hub as a place for them to negotiate with each other. Hub sits on the border of the Elven Holding and the human Kingdom of Flint Plains.

Duncan, a scribe from the human Kingdom of Salt Bay, comes to Hub to get permission to visit the Holding. His purpose is to learn more about the lands across the sea west of Salt Bay. This simple mission will have consequences for the wider world. It marks the dawn of efforts by most domains to help each other.

But building peace is not on everyone’s mind. The Goblin Empire seeks to use the calm to undermine the other domains. Yet connections are being made and found between humans, elves, and dwarves. History is still being written. Who knows where the tale will go?

The novel is out now.
The second book is Hub: Deeds -
A struggle over succession is underway in the Goblin Empire. Two Princes aim to follow the aging Emperor. To gain favor they plot against other lands.

The unity being built by Duncan of Salt Bay and his friends and allies will stand against these schemes. The other races and domains must come to each other’s aid. Magic and intelligence can combine to stop this threat to peace and prosperity.

Far away, a Ship’s Master from Salt Bay has to prove to the humans of one land that others no longer seek to conquer them. Will world events convince them of everyone’s honest intentions?

And the third book is Hub: Words -
The struggle to rule the Goblin Empire ends in murder. Princess Ischo is forced to flee to the Elven Holding. She hopes the elves will help her regain power, but that is as much in the hands of her and her people as the elves.

Meanwhile, the elf scholar Avahyl is tasked with examining ancient and mysterious scrolls at the edge of the Holding. Her journey will be fraught with madness, but might lead to acclaim and friendship.

In these disparate experiences of two women, the influence of Hub will continue to be felt, as it is around the world.

As always you can find all my stand-alone novels at my blog: SF & F Novels

Thanks for keeping up with these posts! More to come...
Here’s the description of my latest fantasy book, The Codex of the Hidden:

Denys has come to the mighty city of Bladeport to become a proper wizard. He also wishes to learn more about a book his Duke gave him, “The Codex of the Hidden.” The riddle of this mysterious and magical book will make Denys a wanted man and expose him and his friends to Bladeport’s bloody past.

I hope you’ll check it out!
Here’s a little about my latest release, Ballad Girl:

Jeremy is the son of the leader of the village of Bald Rock. One day his father asks Jeremy to find a place for Mildred, a young woman who’s turned up and taken over an abandoned house.

Mildred tells Jeremy she wants to turn the house in a place where ballads are kept, a “Ballad House.” He’s talked into helping her, along with three other young people in the village. The five form The Order of The Ballad House, and set about remembering and writing the tales they’ve heard.

What starts as a diversion from village life becomes more than Jeremy ever dreamed possible. He’ll encounter magic and monsters, and feel fear and love. His world will be turned upside-down because of Mildred, the Ballad Girl.

I hope you’ll pick it up!
I have a new collection out, The Wit’s Falls Fairytales:

Wit’s Falls is a place where fairytales are celebrated. But not just any tales are told there. The tales must be witty, and the heroes and heroines of the tales must have and use their wits. This collection features a handful of those tales, from the adventures of a clever village lad to the struggle of a merchant’s daughter in love with someone from a rival land.

I hope you’ll give it a look!
My latest release is Tales of Love and Magic:

Here are four stories of young ladies dealing with the power of love and magic. The heroines employ disguises, tricks, and jests, all to help them find their partners and their places.

I also have a book trailer that explains a little more-