My favorite Sci-Fi characters are Telepaths

Greetings fellow Travellers,
I have been dabbling in sci-fi writing for about a decade now and I'm fairly certain my first complete work will be "The Mundane Comedy", featuring a new, emerged human superclass of telepaths.
In contemplating the characters and motivations, I find a couple of decidedly odd results of thinking through the effect of absolute honesty and absolute awareness of every conscious and sub-conscious thought of those in proximity (for purposes of the story, casual detection radius is circa 200 meters, and focused detection, absent countermeasures, more on that in another post, about 2,000 km.).
For instance, I don't think such a people could love, in the romantic sense. Love as I have experienced it involves a certain amount of willful blindness to the weaknesses, foibles, selfishness and cowardliness of the beloved. Telepaths could not experience this, even if they wished to.
For another, telepaths being empathetic, would be forced into vegetarianism or at least WIDELY separated from the process of dying, a thing the telepath would be forced to experience.
And finally, I think telepaths would usually be involved in personally destructive relationships of domination and submission without the usual filters, because such people would HAVE no filters. They simply could not conceive of lying.
Any further thoughts?