my friend is a superman fanboy


my friend basicly thinks that no one can beat superman.
When I gave him the example that galactus could beat him with ease he laughed at the idea.

He said he saw the avengers he thinks the justic league movie will surpass it.

What do you guys think?


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Your friends logic is flawed in that Superman's powers are the result of his exposure to the yellow sun in our galaxy. As has also been shown something as simple as Kryptonite is able to render him harmless. It is only with the assistance of others, or through mental ingenuity and not physical strength, that he has been able to get out of those situations.

It would not be unusual for Superman to called out with a "I will bring you down to Bacontown!" challenge and lose. Heck, in the Death of Superman comic book series he was actually killed!


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Superman is cool, no doubt. Plus, he has the distinction of being the world's first super hero, but my money is on The Hulk. I think he could take Supes in a street fight throw down.


strength not every thing
if that so why batman make great movies and videogames and his comic sell far better

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