My Intro......

Hello, fellow TWD fans! I joined this forum because obviously I am a fan of the show, comics, and games. I am from Houston,TX. I am 18 years old. I go to college and I work full-time. All my free time goes to video games, movies, and TV. That's enough about me how is everyone else?


Welcome to the site.

My free time is spent here, here, here, and with my son when it is my turn to have him. Have a look around, be sure to enter our Multiple Giveaways going on. If you have any questions about how anything here work, check out the FAQ's, pretty good info posted there. If those don't answer your questions, contact any of us, we are a decently friendly group. Well, except Shelley when she wakes up, or Maggot when her dogs are going nuts... hahaha.

Any other questions, give us a shout. Hope to see you around.

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