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Season 2 My Main Theory and little side one

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Blindeye, May 5, 2003.

  1. Blindeye

    Blindeye Cadet

    May 5, 2003
    I would make some sense wouldnt? Irina is obsested with Rambadi but she is not the type that would help bring about the end of the world. I also believe she does love Syd and i also do believe Syd is the chosen one in the Profecy. it would make sense that she has kept Syd asleep away from sloane, because well i think Syd could bring about the end of the world with "the Telling" thing or whatever but its her choice and one she mite be made againest her will. So maybe, just maybe she has been out and for some reason Irina decided its time or maybe Syd escaped, i don't know. But i must raise a question, in the last ep, sloane siad it was ready, the telling that is, so one must assume he has used it, u know after 2 years

    And my side Theory, Time Travel, i don't know how are why but it has to do will the telling. it just seems to me its alittle for far fetched for Syd to be missing for 2 years and to skip 2 years in storyline. the whole face of the mission of the joint task force, even the world must be changed. i dont know

    All i can say is a quote from a recent Episode, "Truth Takes Time"

    One more thing, evil fracie crying over killing Will, hmmmm, and vaughn saying both fracie and will are alive 2 years later, WELL THEY BOTH LOOKED PRETTY DEAD, will in the bathtub and fracie with a gory shot to the head in 'Phase one". think about.
  2. aliasfreak77

    aliasfreak77 Scout

    May 4, 2003
    vaughn only said will was ok, at least thats the way i heard it...i think francie is pretty much dead...there's not much we can do about THAT, but it was a possibility that will could have survived...
  3. Agent Mshheaddoc

    Agent Mshheaddoc Captain

    Jan 12, 2003
    as i said before, i think its a dream sequence bc obviously sloane would have used the rambaldi in teh 2 years that syud is missing. I think that she dreams about all the things that could go wrong in her life and they make the viewer think its real, next thing you know, she is hurt and in the hospital from a mission, when she wakes up, she is back in the past after the frannie incident and realizes its all a dream. I think during that time period in coma she realizes an important part of the prophecy in which she will implement when she wakes up from her coma.
  4. Katelyn

    Katelyn Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    I highly doubt Francies alive, anyone know the details of Merrian Dungeys (sp?) contract??
  5. nancee

    nancee Rocket Ranger

    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    maybe the machine is to travel in time and sloane used it...wait...ah nvm
  6. kate_jones

    kate_jones Rocket Ranger

    Apr 10, 2003
    I definitely think that Sloane and Rambaldi had something to do with it. Since Will and Francie were both pretty dead, it makes sense that either the huge fight scene didn't happen or that what happened was somehow manipulated by "the telling." If it's some sort of time travel or whatever device, that would fit in. And time travel could be a factor in immortal life, which is what Rambaldi was after, right?
  7. lei

    lei Cadet

    May 5, 2003
    Part of me wishes it were a dream sequence, because I think jumping two years ahead, and having Vaughn married will really hurt the show. I don't think this because Vaughn and Syd are not together anymore, because as much as I like them together, I don't think that is a necessity to the show. The reason I think the jumping two years in the future is bad is because I think it is a cheap trick and really lessons my respect for the show. We need all the viewers we can get, we don't need people to stop watching because they are mad. Also if they do have Vaughn married then I will lose a lot of respect for that character. As much as I wish it were a dream, I think that making it a dream would really be the oldest trick in the book, so I don't think they will do that. I do hope JJ has something good planned, but right now I am not happy with the way I see things. I think the show has gotten too sci-fi, and really hope that they lesson that next season. I loved the episode without the last two minutes, and I definitely think that the action was back and that was great. I guess we will just have to wait and see, but in the mean time I sure hope we get some spoilers!!
  8. aliasbabe48

    aliasbabe48 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 29, 2002
    i agree with lei!!! if vuaghn is married i will lose some respect for him too,
  9. Milo47

    Milo47 Rocket Ranger

    Apr 3, 2003
    remember....it's tv...

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