My math teacher looks like Sark


Mar 5, 2009
Paris, France
Well this is just something really odd that happened to me. I had this really bad math teacher because they were waiting for the replacement to come. Anyway one day the replacement teacher did show up and i nearly fell out of my chair with shock because this guy is like David Ander' twin or something!!!

My math teacher is named Mr Davies and first of all he just really, really looked like Sark, but then he went and got his hair cut, short, like Sark's in season three and OHMYGOD!!!! Its very very freaky. He even sounds like Sark when he speaks

And there are quite a few similarities between Sark and my math teacher, not just in looks and in voice, but also in mannerisms. Its very scary. And the look like the same age and everything. So i think ive found Sark's doppelganger.

You're so lucky!
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