My Mobiler – Control your Pocket PC with your desktop

My Mobiler is a Free tool that allows you to use your desktop keyboard, mouse and monitor to navigate and control your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. With it you can view your Windows Mobile screen on your desktop PC. This makes it easy to “control your Windows mobile device with a desktop keyboard and mouse”. Moreover, you can drag and drop files from your desktop to your windows mobile device, Cut and paste text from your desktop PC to your Windows mobile device and capture your windows mobile screen or even stream capture from your desktop PC.


License: Freeware for Pocket PC (PPC)

How to install My Mobiler:

1. Download and run the installer
2. Connect your Windows Mobile Pocket PC via activesync
3. You may need to restart your PC after installation is complete. I did
4. Right click the My Mobile icon in the taskbar and select Open Mobiler to run the program
5. That’s it, you can now control your Windows Mobile device from your desktop.