Movies My Movie Collection - Always Growing

6 Underground (2019)
2050 (2018)
A World Away (2019)
A.I. Tales aka Galaxies (2019)
Abigail (2019) ~ bluray
Ad Astra (2019)
After She Wakes (2019)
Agent Jade Black (2019)
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) ~ bluray
Angels Fallen (2020)
Apparition (2019)
Automation (2019)
Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (2019)
Beyond the Law (2019)
Bigfoot Girl (2019)
Black and Blue (2019)
Blood Widow (2019)
Bloodhound (2020)
Code 8 (2019)
Crypsis (2019)
Dark Light (2019)
Doctor Sleep (2019)
Escape and Evasion (2019)
Feedback (2019) ~ bluray
Gantz (2010)
Grand Isle (2019)
Hancock (2008)
Hard Night Falling (2019)
Inner Ghosts (2018)
Invasion: Planet Earth (2019)
Kill Mode (2019)
Killer Camera Monsters (2020)
Lake Artifact (2019)
Line of Duty (2019) ~ bluray
Lucy in the Sky (2019)
Maleficent 2: Mistress of Evil (2019)
Midway (2019)
Monster! (1999)

Nations Fire (2019)
Outpost Earth (2019)
Paradise Hills (2019) ~ bluray
Scarecrow's Revenge (2019)
Segfault (2018)
Serial Killer's Guide to Life (2019)
Snatchers (2019)
Stalked (2019)
Terminator 6: Dark Fate (2019)
Texas Death Trippin (2019)
The Assent (2019)
The Atoning (2017) ~ bluray
The Final Level: Escaping Rancala (2019)
The Great War (2019)
The Informer (2019)

The League of Legend: Keeper's Shadows (2019)
The Marshes (2018)
The Shasta Triangle (2019)
The Tombs (2019)
Trauma Center (2019)
Uncut Gems (2019)
U.S. Seals 3: Dead or Alive aka Frogmen: Operation Stormbringer (2002)
Zombieland 2: Double Tap (2019)
2 Graves in the Desert (2020) ~ bluray m madsen w baldwin
8: A South African Horror Story (2019) i beckmann
21 Bridges (2019) c boseman

Abducted aka Diverted Eden (2020) st compton
Adventure Force 5 (2019) d arnold
After Midnight (2019) j gardner
After We Leave (2019) b silverman
Alien Outbreak (2020) k drake
American Made (2017) ~ bluray t cruise
American Sniper (2014) ~ bluray b cooper

Assassins Target aka The Vibe (2019) n stojanovic
Atomic Apocalypse aka Black Flowers (2018) k demille
Becoming (2020) t kebbell
Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020) m robbie
Break (2019) i antonenko
Broken Swords: The Last in Line (2018) c sarullo
Burning Kentucky (2019) jp ferguson
Caller ID: Entity (2010) t king
Camp Cold Brook (2018) cm murray
Cant Kill This (2019) b hutchens
Charlies Angels (2019) k stewart
Color Out of Space (2019) n cage
Countdown (2019) e lail
Cupid (2020) g jane
Dark Encounter (2019) ~ bluray l fraser
Detective Story (1951) k douglas
Disturbing the Peace (2020) g pearce
Dolittle (2020) r downyjr a banderas
Dragonheart 5: Vengeance (2020) ~ bluray j millson

El Coyote (2019) r costanzo
Final Kill (2020) b zane d trejo
Ford v Ferrari (2019) m damon
Foxtrot Six (2019) o antara
Get Gone (2019) l shea
Greenlight (2019) d bisutti
Grim Woods (2019) k armstrong
I Am Fear (2020) ~ bluray e macken
IP Man 4: The Finale (2019) d yen s adkins
Jojo Rabbit (2019) s johansson
Jumanji 3: The Next Level (2019) d johnson

Jurassic Thunder (2019) hc heine
Just Mercy (2019) b larson
Kindred Spirits (2019) b bennett
Krays 7: Mad Axeman (2019) d murtagh
Lonely Are the Brave (1962) ~ bluray k douglas
Lore (2017) l lantz e roberts
Monkey King 4: Reincarnation (2018) h he
National Lampoons Animal House (1978) ~ bluray j belushi
Nesting Dolls (2019) j krasowski
Paths of Glory (1957) k douglas
Pearl Harbor (2001) ~ bluray b affleck k beckinsale
Pigster (2019) ~ bluray r davi
Playing with Fire (2019) j cena
Rag Doll (2019) s murray
Return to Snowy River aka The Man from Snowy River II (1988) b denehey
Rocket Hunter (2020) s adams
Silent Place aka Dont Speak (2020.) s lodge
Skullz (2019) h douthwaite
Spartacus (1960) k douglas
Spenser Confidential (2020) m wahlberg

Spy Intervention (2020) p delevingne
Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Skywalker (2019)
Swallow (2019) h bennett
The Alpha Test (2020) r hunt
The Coldest Game (2019) b pullman
The Dark Red (2018) a billingsley
The Dustwalker (2019) j anderson
The Grudge (2020) t westwood [remake]
The Haunting Of Alcatraz (2020) h crevel
The Irishman (2019) r deniro a pacino j pesci
The Last Full Measure (2019) s jackson

The Lurker (2019) st compton
The Man From Snowy River (1982) k douglas
The Postcard Killings (2020) jd morgan f janssen
The Trigonal: Fight For Justice (2020) i ignacio
The Wave (2019) j long
Tone-Deaf (2019) ~ bluray r patrick
Transference: Escape the Dark (2020) ~ bluray t nash
Verotika (2019) a wisdom
VFW (2019) s lang w sadler
Viy 2 (2019)
Hey, Tom! Haven't see 'ya for a bit. What's your movie watching setup like these days? Watching on the PC or streaming to a TV or are you burning these to DVD to watch on the TV?
My Tv is on my stereo surround and my computer uses my Tv as a monitor.
My primary player is GOM (but I have a couple others just in case).
Most movies are .mp4 but if they are huge (over 600mb) I convert them to smaller .flv files.
I have 12 TB external storage + 1.5 TB internal.
Sometimes I just stream because its faster than hooking up the drive & unzipping the movie (or show).
Been awhile since I put away my latest...
Zipped and ready to archive:

5G Zombies (2020) c beaver
8 Graves (2020) j slaughter
A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (2019) i costello
A Perfect Plan (2020) w forsythe

Abigail Haunting (2020) c jurkiewicz
Abonimable (2020) r berlin
Another Plan From Outer Space (2018) j morris
Aquaslash (2019) b drisdelle
Arkansas (2020) l hemsworth v vaughn
Assassin 33 A.D. (2020) d boaz
Awoken (2019) s west
Axcellerator (2020) r ween
Bad Boys 3: Bad Boys For Life (2020) w smith m lawrence
Behind You (2020) a miller

Being (2019) l henriksen
Bit (2019) l stamile
Blood & Money aka Allagash (2020) t berenger
Blood Quantum (2019) m greyeyes
Bloodfist 8: Hard Way Out aka Trained to Kill (1996) d wilson
Bloodshot (2020) v diesel
Brahms: The Boy 2 (2020) k holmes
Capone (2020) t hardy m dillon

Carrion (2020) j chaplin
Collision Earth (2020) e roberts
Conscious (2018) n mehta
Corona Zombies (2020) cr cameron
Cry For the Bad Man (2019) c keaton
Cry Havoc (2020) jd angstadt
Dark Skies aka Black Rain (2009) s roberts
Dead By Dawn (2020) dl mitchell
Detroit Driller Killer (2020) w childress
Doll House (2020) m wingette
Don't Let Them In (2020) s britton
Dragon Soldiers (2020) t dospil
Dreamkatcher (2020) l shaye

Easter Holocaust (2020) t acton
Edge of Extinction aka The Brink (2020) l hobson
Evil Little Things (2019) c anderson
Exorcism at 60,000 Feet (2019) l henriksen
Extraction (2020) c hemsworth
Fantasy Island (2020) m pena l hale

Fast & Fierce: Death Race aka In The Drift (2020) m devorzon
Getaway (2020) st compton
Gretel & Hansel (2020) s lillis
Hanukkah (2019) s haig
Her Name Was Christa (2020) s daye
Human Zoo (2020) r carradine
Hunter's Moon aka The Orchard (2020) t jane
Impact Event (2018) m berryman
In The Trap (2019) d bailie
Interpreters (2019) r kylian
Intrigo Samaria (2019) j fahey
James vs. His Future Self (2019) d stern
Killbird (2019) e rotaru
Killer Mosquitoes (2018) s chidaroli
Lady Driver (2020) sp flanery gv dien
Last Moment of Clarity (2020) s weaving b cox
Little Necro Red (2020) v hopkins
Mad House (2019) m hastings
Measure for Measure (2019) h weaving
My Spy (2020) d bautista

Nathan's Kingdom (2018) m ford
Ouija Shark (2020) l cserepy
Papillion (1973) ~ bluray d hoffman s mcqueen (eng version)
Party Hard - Die Young (2018) m boess
Penance Lane (2020) j schneider
Pinocchio (2019) ~ subs f ielapi (live action)
Porno (2019) d arrow
Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark (2018) s qualiana
Proximity (2020) r masson
Quiet Murders (2020) r paine
Radioactive (2020) r pike
Reawakened (2020) s brass
Rev (2020) s asante
Run (2019) m stanley
Samhain: A Halloween Horror Movie (2019) m morocco
Savage Creatures (2020) c okada
Sea Fever (2020) c nielsen
Seeds (2018) t long
Sex and the Future (2020) j lopez
Skinned aka Killer Tattooist (2020) l kirk
Slaughterhouse Slumber Party (2019) j crowe
Space (2020) l kabasinski
Survive the Night (2020) b willis
The Ascent aka Stairs (2019) r warren
The Call of the Wild (2020) h ford
The Captive Nanny (2020) a highsmith
The Control (2018) k archibald
The Gambler 4: The Luck of the Draw (1991) k rogers
The Hunt (2020) b gilpin h swank
The Insurrection (2020) m pare
The Invisible Man (2020) e moss
The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2019) ~ bluray a silverstone c farrell

The Legion (2020) m aaron
The Lodge (2019) r keough
The Other Lamb (2019) r cassidy
The Perished (2019) l tyrrell
The Platform (2020) i massague
The Source of Shadows (2020) a allard
The Unborn (2020) g oldman
The Voices (2020) a markowitz l shaye
The Wind Walker (2020) e roberts
The Wretched (2020) jp howard
Tooth Fairy 2: Return of the Tooth Fairy aka Toof 2 (2020) k mckenna
Torn: Dark Bullets (2020) s vincent
Underwater (2020) k stewart
Urban Myths (2020) l ferrignojr c gains
Vivarium (2020) i poots j eisenberg
Walkaway Joe (2020) jd morgan

Wendy (2020) y mack
Z (2019) kc tracy
Last edited:
7 Deadly Sins aka Charlie, Charlie (2019) t sizemore e roberts
50K (2020) l hearst
A Killer Next Door (2020) d nelson
Alive (2019) ~ bluray t cocquerel
Alpha Code (2020) r couture d richards
American Fighter (2019) ~ bluray sp flannery
Amulet (2020) c juri
Ancestral World (2020) j mischiati
Anna 2: Epicenter To Hell (2020) ~ bluray j duncan
Annabellum: The Curse of Salem (2019) l clarke
Archive (2020) ~ bluray r mitra
Artemis Fowl (2020) f shaw c farrell
Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot (2020) r brake
Arthur: The King aka Merlin and the Sword (1985) m mcdowell
Baby Frankenstein (2018) a gower
Battlefield 2025 (2020) j rosete
Becky (2020) l wilson
Blood Vessel (2019) n phillips
Camelot (1967) ~ bluray r harris
Conspiracy World (2020) a hueck
Coven (2020) l gordon
Dark Harbor (2019) s hurst
Deep Blue Sea 3: Little Happy (2020) t raymonde
Easy Does It (2019) l hamilton
Escape From Pretoria (2020) ~ bluray d radcliffe
First Knight (1995) ~ bluray s connery r gere
Force of Nature (2020) m gibson
Ghosts of War (2020) b thwaites b zane
Glamour (2020) a bouchet
Greyhound (2020) t hanks e shue
Guest Artist (2019) j daniels
Guns Akimbo (2019) ~ bluray d radcliffe
Hide in the Light (2018) e roberts
I am Vengeance 2: Retaliation (2020) s bennett v jones
Into the Void (2019) is tirlui
Invincible (2020) m pare j strong
Jarhead 4: Law of Return (2019) a nolasco r patrick
Kill Thy Neighbor (2018) a bogart
Killer Racoons 2: Dark Christmas in the Dark (2020) r lynch
King Arthur (2004) ~ ext bluray c owen
Legacy (2020) l goss l mandylor
Legacy of Lies (2020) s adkins
Mermaid Isle (2020) s buchanon
Mortal (2020) ~ bluray n wolff
Open 24 Hours (2018) ~ bluray b fletcher
Ouija: Blood Ritual (2020) d mills
Ouija Room aka Haunting Inside (2019) e blackstock
Outback (2019) k cramp
Reborn (2018) m pare
Relic (2020) ~ bluray e mortimer
Restricted Area (2019) pl betts
Sanctuary: Population One (2018) d auger
Scare Package (2019) j king
Sniper 8: Assassin's End (2020) t berenger cm collins s akimoto
Spirits in the Dark (2020) p cosgrove
Strange Events 3 (2020) c gardner
The Barge People aka Mutant river (2018) kd speak
The Beach House (2019) ~ bluray l liberato
The Big Ugly (2020) m mcdowell r pearlman v jones
The Deeper You Dig (2019) j adams
The End of All Things (2019) a howes
The Goocher (2020) tw abron
The Mermaid's Curse aka Witches of the Water (2019) ~ bluray r finch
The Old Guard (2020) ~ bluray c theron
The Outpost (2020) o bloom s eastwood
The Rental (2020) d stevens
The Rising Hawk (2019) r patrick
The Runners (2020) t sizemore
The Scientist (2020) db davis
The Silencing (2020) a wallis
The Sword In The Stone (1963) ~ bluray r sorenson
Top Gunner (2020) e roberts
Train to Busan 2: Peninsula (2020) dw gang
Useless Humans (2020) j zuckerman
Variant (2020) a yennie
Vibration (2020) a dawson
Volition (2019) ag mcmorran
Walk Away (2020) a talbot
Wyatt Earp Shoots First (2019) w adams
You should Have Left (2020) k bacon
A Dark Path (2020) m guyler e anderson
A Score to Settle (2019) ~ bluray n cage b bratt
Alien Outbreak (2020) k drake
Aliens Stole My Body (2020) t consiglio
Amityville Island (2020) d donahue
Anna 1: From Hell (2017) j duncan
Anti Corona Virus (2020) k lopez
Assassins Game aka Maximillian (2019) v adams d ballou
Attack of the Unknown (2020) t reid r lasardo r grieco
Ava (2020) j malkovich j chastain common
Beast No More (2019) j tovey
Before the Fire aka The Great Silence (2020) jl adams
Being (2019) l henriksen b browder
Bill and Ted: Face the Music (2020) k reeves w sadler
Black Water 2: Abyss (2020) j mcnamee
Call of the Wild (1972) c heston m mercier r harmstorf
Call of the Wild (2009) c lloyd a gade w studi
Centigrade (2020) v piazz
Darkest Edge (2020) gp agnew
Day 13 (2020) m kove
Dead Di*cks (2019) h horwin
Deathstroke: Knights And Dragons The Movie (2020) ~ animated m chiklis
Demons Inside Me aka Jade's Asylum (2019) m kohan
Drunk Parents (2019) ~ bluray s hayek a baldwin
Escape: Puzzle of Fear (2020) t nash
Fly Away Home (1996) ~ bluray j daniels
Fragmentary (2019) j pickard
Guardian of the Palace (2020) ~ subs y chen
Hard Kill (2020) b willis
Heartbeat (2020) n dangelo
Hell On The Border (2019) r perlman f grillo
Hitman: Agent Jun (2020) ~ bluray subs wsh hwang
Holmes & Watson (2018) ~ bluray w farrell jc reilly
Host (2020) h bishop
Jesse Stone 3: Death in Paradise (2006) t selleck
Jesse Stone 7: Innocents Lost (2011) t selleck
Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair (2011) u thurman d carradine m bowen
King Solomon's Mines (1937) p robeson c hardwicke
King Solomon's Mines (1950) d kerr s granger
Line Of Descent (2019) b fraser p chopra
Max Reload and the Nether Blasters (2020) ~ bluray w wheaton k smith
Max Winslow and the House of Secrets (2020) m sirtis cm murray
Money Plane (2020) t jane k grammer
Monster Hunters (2020) t sizemore
Monstrous (2020) ~ bluray a shields
Mulan (2020) d yen y liu l gong
My Bloody Valentine (1981) ~ bluray p kelman l hallier
My Bloody Valentine (2009) j ackles j king t atkins
Night Into Day (2020) j gaston
Nothing But the Blood (2020) r hudson
One Night in Bangkok (2020) ~ bluray m dacascos
Ordinary Love (2019) l neeson
Ouija: Blood Ritual (2020) k elizabeth d mills r grant
Ouija: Death Trap aka Spirits (2014) wc epperson j hopkins d lassen
Ouijageist (2018) l wilkinson l scoble
Parallel Minds (2020) g bryk
Patriot: A Nation at War aka Eye For an Eye (2019) a sturman c haymes
Paydirt (2020) l goss v kilmer
Primal 1: Tales of Savagery (2019) ~ animated a laplante
Project Power (2020) j foxx cb vance
Psychosynthesis (2020) ~ bluray j day s pearson
Ravage aka Swing Low (2019) b dern
Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion (2015) v alessandro e allara
Rise Of The Footsoldier 3: The Pat Tate Story (2017) ~ bluray c fairbass t stone
Robin Hood (2010) ~ bluray r crowe c blanchett w hurt mv sydow m strong
Robot Riot (2020) s bartholomew
Rogue (2020) ~ bluray m fox
S.W.A.T. 1: Breakout (2003) ~ bluray s jackson c farrell m rodriguez j renner
S.W.A.T. 2: Firefight (2011) ~ bluray r patrick c pope g macht
Search and Destroy (2020) d bruce
She Dies Tomorrow (2020) kl sheil
Shifter (2020) ~ bluray n fancher
Solar Impact (2019) g dixon
Solitary (2020) j sachon
Sputnik (2020) ~ subs o akinshina
Star Light (2020) st compton
Stuber (2019) d bautista m sorvino
Sutton's Case (2020) r prowse
Tesla (2020) e hawke k maclachlan
The 2nd (2020) cj alex s armstrong
The Bay of Silence (2020) o kurylenko c bang
The Bone Box (2020) m krusiec
The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon (1997) r hauer r dreyfuss
The Complex: Lockdown (2020) ~ bluray m mylett
The Faceless Man (2019) s thurling
The Haunting of Margam Castle (2020) c munro j marrow
The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang (2019) ~ bluray subs j chan e zhong e juan
The Last Heroes (2019) ~ subs r dantona
The Last Thing He Wanted (2020) ~ bluray a hathaway b affleck r perez
The Lion King (2019) d glover beyonce s rogen
The Monkey King aka The Lost Empire (2001) ~ miniseries t gibson
The Owners (2020) m williams s mccoy
The Pale Door (2020) m walters
The Stalker (2020) ja lewis
The Tax Collector (2020) b soto s labeouf
The Unfamiliar (2020) ~ bluray j west
The Vanished aka Hour of Lead (2020) ~ bluray t jane
The Way Back (2020) b affleck a madrigal
Those Who Deserve to Die (2019) r frawley
Time Loop (2020) s gittins
Tribal: Get Out Alive (2020) z phythian
Unbound (2020) ~ bluray d oshea
Uncle Peckerhead (2020) ~ bluray d bluvband
Unknown Origins (2020) ~ bluray subs j rey
War With Grandpa (2020) r deniro u thurman c walken c marin
What We Found (2020) e mitchell
Widow's Point (2019) c sheffer ke newberry
Youre Not Alone (2020) ~ bluray a alton
12 Hour Shift (2020) a bettis d arquette
2067 (2020) ks mcphee
A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting (2020) t smart o laurence
A Killer Rising (2020) ~ bluray s beckly d crowe
A Stranger Among the Living (2019) m moher
A Werewolf in England (2020) r connolly
American Pie: Girls Rules (2020) m pettis l broadway
Android Uprising (2020) k britton
Archons (2018) j collins
Are We Dead Yet (2019) ~ bluray jj stafford
Asteroid-A-Geddon (2020) e roberts
Bad Hair (2020) z kelley c massiah
Bad Nun 2: Deadly Vows aka The Watcher 2 (2020) b hirani
Beckman (2020) w baldwin dar white
Big Freaking Rat (2020) c abbott
Bigfoot: Path of the Beast (2020) j snyder
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) k reeves a winter w sadler
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) k reeves a winter g carlin
Books of Blood (2020) b robertson ff shen
Chop Chop (2020) a arce j taylor
ClownDoll (2019) st cohen
Clownery (2020) k korchynaka
Conjuring the Devil aka Demon Nun (2020) a love
Dark October (2020) j barnett
Dead (2020) e campbell m hurst
Death By 1000 Cuts (2020) jm applewhite
Delirious (1991) j candy
Don't Look Back aka Good Samaritan (2020) ~ bluray k bell
Dragon (2006) aj gray m wolf
Dragonfyre (2013) r joiner
Enola Holmes (2020) h cavill mb brown s claflin
Escape To Grizzly Mountain (1999) d haggerty jm vincent
Expulsion (2020) lp lincoln
Fear Pharm (2020) j littlefield a stolte
Frogs (1972) r milland s elliott
Frogs (1991) p williams s duvall
Guilt (2020) j shay h flowers s stockley
Halloweentown 1: Marnie's Training (1998) d reynolds kj brown j haog
Halloweentown 2: Kalabar's Revenge (2001) kj brown j hoag
Halloweentown High (2004) kj brown j hoag d reynolds
Haunting of the Mary Celeste (2020) e swallow r roundtree
Hosts (2020) ~ bluray n ward n lamin
House of Shadows (2020) h madelay
Hubie Halloween (2020) ~ bluray a sandler k james j bowen
I Am Lisa (2020) k vaganos
Ill: Final Contagium (2020) xd solar c pavoni
Intersect (2020) j morrison r dawkins
Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot (2019) t green l stroud
Jesse Stone 1: Stone Cold (2005) t selleck
Jesse Stone 2: Night Passage (2006) t selleck
Jesse Stone 9: Lost in Paradise (2015) t selleck
Ju-on: The Beginning of the End (2014) ~subs s aoyagi
Ju-on: The Curse (2000 Video) ~subs y yanagi
Ju-on: The Final Curse (2015) ~subs a taira
Ju-on: White Ghost (2009) ~ subs h suzuki
Killer Therapy (2019) nm appleby s caleb l davison
King Solomon's Mines (1986) ~ animated t burlinson j meillon
King Solomon's Treasure (1979) d mccallum j colicos
Legendary (2013) s adkins d lundgren
Love and Monsters aka Monster Problems (2020) d obrien j henwick m rooker
Magic Island (1995) zt bryan a divoff
MC3: Macon County War aka One Man War (1990) d haggerty b jennings
Monster Force Zero (2019) g wang a cruz
National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002) r reynolds
Nocturne (2020) s sweeney m iseman
On Halloween (2020) gvd wiel t rodwell
Ouija Board aka Witch Board aka Bunshinsaba (2004) ~subs g kim
Ouija Craft (2020) a shrum i rhodes l hartselle
Range Runners (2019) cm cooper sp leonard
Redwood Massacre: Annihilation (2020) d harris
Retina (2017) l goranson
Return to Halloweentown (2006) j hoag s paxton d reynolds
Ringu 0: Birthday (2000) ~ subs y nakama
Save Yourselves! (2020) ~ bluray s mani j reynolds b sinclair
Scary Bride (2020) d belova a craig
Secret Society of Second Born Royals (2020) pe lee n fitc ib thomas
Seized (2020) s adkins mv peebles k perez
Shark Season (2020) m madsen
Sightless (2020) m petsch a koch
Sodom and Gomorrah (1962) s granger
Star Trek: First Frontier (2020) r pralgo t ochs m ashworth
Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (2019) [Fan Movie] c monaghan animated
Still Here (2020) j whitworth z beetz a williamson
Sudden Death 2: Welcome to Sudden Death (2020) mj white
Survival Guide (2020) e edwards
Taking Earth (2017) r quarmby
Tales From the Hood 1 (1995) c bersen a williams3 j torry
Tales From the Hood 2 (2018) k david
Tales From the Hood 3 (2020) ~ bluray p aballard f allen
Tar (2020) t bottoms a wolf
The Amityville Harvest (2020) y birch
The Ash Lad In the Hall of the Mountain King (2017) v enger
The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen (2020) j lewis s weaving j ortega
The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw (2020) he anderson c walker
The Disrupted (2020) s colt
The Doorman (2020) ~ bluray r rose j reno
The Fury Of The Wolfman (1972) p naschy
The House Invictus (2020) j sowells k akinyemi
The Infinity Saga: Road to Endgame - MCU Retrospective (2008 - 2019)
The Klatos Paradox (2020) m fargo
The Last Exorcist (2020) d trejo rb smith t ivens
The Legend of the Five (2020) l esposito
The Mothman Legacy (2020) s breedlove
The Rebels (2019) t leach
The Secrets We Keep (2020) n rapace j kinnaman
The Special (2020) d raphaely s french
The Toolbox Murders (1978) c mitchell p ferdin w eure
The Unborn aka Horror Baby (1991) b adams j hayenga j karen
The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020) j cummings r lindhome r forester
They Live Inside Us (2020) j morris s dust
Tremors 7: Shrieker Island (2020) ~ bluray m gross j cruz j heder
Under ConTroll aka Troll's World (2020) e habermann h krauss
Underworld (1985) d elliott s berkoff l lamb
Unhinged (2020) r crowe c pistorius g bateman
Unhuman Nature (2020) jw barney
Vampire Virus (2020) n martins
Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020) j michael g jones3
Walking Tall 3.5: A Real American Hero (1978) b dennehy f tucker
When the Fever Breaks (2019) c armstrong
Witches of Amityville Academy (2020) kr lorsch
World War Four (2019) ~ bluray m bradley
Due to a catastrophic hardware failure of my Win 7 system I was forced to buy a new Win10 system.
I also bought an additional 6 TB external drive. My two 4 TB external drives are nearly filled.
With this new drive, I've resorted my movie files for archiving.
With this change, I've created a new folder system for my archives.
While I am going to continue my current notepad listing of new aquisitions as usual, the archiving is going to be a bit more directed and specific to my own genre system.
As time permits, I will be resorting my collection into the following folders.
Eventually all my drives will be similar. Over time, some minor changing and labeling may occur.

With help from the members here at Alien Soup and members at a few other forums, this is how the changes unfold...

*Character Legends
*Special Forces/Urban Combat
*Spies/Special Agents

Actors (Subject to Change) (Set Subjective)
Adam Sandler
Anthony Hopkins
Antonio Banderas
Arnold Swartzenegger
Arnold Vosloo
Ben Affleck
Bill Murry
Billy Zane
Brad Pitt
Brian Bosworth
Bruce Willis
Burt Lancaster
Burt Reynolds
C Thomas Howell
Charles Bronson
Charlie Sheen
Charlton Heston
Chow Yun Fat
Chris Farley
Chuck Norris
Clint Eastwood
Clive Owen
Corey Feldman
Corey Haim
Cuba Gooding Jr
Dan Aykroyd
Danny Dyer
Denzel Washington
Dick Van Dyke
Dolf Lundgren
Dominic Purcell
Donnie Yen
Dustin Hoffman
Dwayne Johnson
Eddie Murphy
Elvis Presley
Gary Daniels
Gene Hackman
Gene Wilder
George Clooney
Gerard Butler
Goldie Hawn
Harrison Ford
Jack Lemmon
Jack Nicholson
Jackie Chan
James Belushi
James Bond 007
Jason Stathum
Jean Claude VanDamme
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jermy Renner
Jerry Lewis
Jet Li
Jim Carrey
John Belushi
John Candy
John Travolta
John Wayne
Johnny Depp
Judge Reinhold
Karl Urban
Keannu Reeves
Kirk Douglas
Kurt Russell
Leslie Neilsen
Liam Neeson
Malcolm McDowell
Mark Dacascos
Mark Wahlberg
Martin Sheen
Martin Short
Matt Damon
Mel Gibson
Michael Douglas
Michael Jai White
Michael Madsen
Milla Jovovich
Morgan Freeman
Nic Cage
Nick Nolte
Oliver Gruner
Patrick Swayze
Paul Newman
Richard Pryor
Robert DeNiro
Robert Mitchum
Robert Redford
Robin Williams
Russell Crowe
Rutger Hauer
Ryan Reynolds
Samuel Jackson
Sandra Bullock
Scott Adkins
Sean Connery
Shirley Temple
Stephen King (King inspired movies)
Steve McQueen
Steven Segal
Sylvester Stallone
Telly Savalas
Thomas Jane
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Tom Hardy
Treat Williams
Val Kilmer
Vin Diesel
Walter Matthau
Wesley Snipes
Whoopie Goldberg
Will Smith

For the dead actors in which I have their entire movie listings, I no longer track because those folders/files are now complete. For instance, I have all the Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee films so they no longer need to be on this folder system. The dead actors on this list are for the ones with films I do not have. When an actor is complete, the contents will be moved to its appropriate location and this folder will be deleted.

*Crocodile & Alligator
*Cuddly Assorted
*Deadly Assorted

*Science Fiction

Cartoon - Animated


*Mel Brooks
*National Lampoon
*Stupid Funny/Corny

*Disaster LoBudg
*ELE (Extinction Level Event)

*Making Of

*Crime Drama
*Lifetime/After School
*Special Look

*Candy Fantasy
*Dragons/Mythical Creatures
*Epic Adventures/Legends
*Family & Kids
*Religious Fantasies
*Treasure Hunts

Horror (Right now, my horror & science fiction movie collections take up most of my drive space)
*Abduction/Organ Harvesting
**Human Trafficking




**Haunted People
**Haunted Places/Things



*Hansel & Gretel Movies

**Heaven & Hell
**Heavy Church/High Religion
**Ouija/Spirit Boards

*Slashers/Serial Killers
*Survival/Test Subjects

**Dead Cannibal
**Fast Zombies
**Live Infected
**Slow Zombies

Low Budget Junkfest (kept for parties and riffing)

Monsters (I love monsters!)
*Giant Animals
*Giant Monsters/Kaiju

*Artist Biographies

Science Fiction


*Extreme Science

*Genetic Experiment
**Mind Control


*Life Extension/Cryogenics
**Mind Uploading

*Lost World


*Post Apocaylpse
**Scifi ELE

*Runaway Technology

**Space Exploration
**Space Survival
**Space War


*Time Related
**Far Future
**Time Loop
**Time Travel

*Science Fiction

*Based on Cartoon
*Based on Game
*Based on Comic
*Mutation/Special Powers

Now for the most recent additions:

A Bad Moms Christmas (2017) ~ bluray m kunis k bell k hahn com
A Deadly Place (2020) ~ bluray d chapman c ebner thriller
A Flintstone Christmas (1977) m blanc l bliss h corden cartoon
A Smoky Mountain Christmas (1986) d parton l majors b hopkins family
A Very Murray Christmas (2015) ~ bluray b murray p shaffer m cera com
Active Shooter aka 8th Floor Massacre (2020) c dyer, j mikel a milligan action
After the Flames: An Apocalypse Anthology (2020) e dawson a price scifi
Beast Mode (2020) ct howell
Beyond Hell (2019) c kapeleris demon
Bird's Eye (2019) h bonney survival lobudg
Black Beauty (2020) k winslet m foy i glen drama
Black Christmas (2006) ~ bluray m trachtenberg me winstead hor
Black Christmas (2019) ~ bluray i poots hor
Block Z (2020) ~ subs j barretto j garcia i veneracion infected
Blue Demon (2014) ~ bluray subs a iriyama k suga demon
Boss Level (2020) m gibson m yeoh f grillo timeloop
Break Even (2020) t teles s guttenberg action
Carnival of Sorrows (2018) d curtis demon
Castle Freak (2020) c catherine j horowitz monster
Come Play (2020) a robertson g jacobs monster
Concrete Plans (2020) g bogdan psychotic
Cosmoball (2020) v agalakova aliens
Ctrl+Alt+TrickTreat (2020) ek barry ouija
Darkness In Tenement 45 (2020) n tompkins d labiosa psycholog
Deathcember (2019) ck allen l allison anthology
Deathwell (2020) m tobias apocalyptic scifi
Desire Path (2020) a deanna vampire
Devil's Prey (2020) l anderson e battles demon serial killer
Disrupted (2020) ~ bluray g lower d roebuck m wilson action mystery
Dune Drifter (2020) p sparrow space survival
Fatman (2020) m gibson w goggins christmas action
Final Voyage (2019) ~ dub t follmer m pesi space
Girl (2020) b thorne m rourke murder mystery
Goblin (2020) a rene j cummings monster
Greenland (2020) g butler m baccarin rd floyd disaster
Hollow Scream (2018) e maxwell srlkillr
Hopewell (2020) t ferguson t morton r williams haunhouse
Intersection (2020) m doran l fry action abduction
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) ~ colorized bluray j stewart d reed l barrymore familychristmas
Jaeger (2020) r miller t neff act
Jebadiah's Axe (2013) d funes k little slasher
Jiu Jitsu (2020) n cage action scifi aliens
Just Friends (2005) ~ bluray r reynolds a smart a faris romcom
Keeper of the Realm (2014) ~ subs i larios i arana m uriza fantasy adv
Killer Competition (2020) c prosperi j scislowski k watson slasher
Kindred (2020) ~ bluray c pirrie f shaw witches
Latin Hitman (2020) d chapa hitman action
Let Him Go (2020) k costner d lane l manville crime drama
Master Pieces (2020) c twista t nicoli slasher
Minor Premise (2020) s sridharan a ashbrook mindtrip scifi
Naked Cannibal Campers (2020) s jade cannibals
No Escape aka Follow Me (2020) ~ bluray k allen h roden d whitaker escaperoom
No Such Thing As Monsters (2019) a giuffria psychopath
Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020) ~ subs m lupa srlkillr
Onus (2020) d faircloth demon
Past Death (2020) s frech j theney revenge
Playhouse (2020) ~ bluray r calienda g courtney cursed
Possessor Uncut (2020) ~ bluray a riseborough a abbott jj leigh scifi
Resilience and the Lost Gems (2019) k finn b finn d shanks fantasyadv
Safeguard (2020) ~ subs p gallagher s boehm action
Scarecrow County (2019) t atomic scarecrow
Schism (2020) ~ bluray h mason demon
Sleepaway Slasher (2020) ~ bluray s silva st diefenbach
Spell (2020) o hardwick l devine l burroughs witches
Squatter (2020) g carter slasher
The Cascadia Treasure (2020) mj elston r ford act treasurehunt
The Conspiracy of Dark Falls (2020) e chapples j hart scifi
The Crumbs (2020) j hatch m olsen cannibals
The Dark and the Wicked (2020) ~ bluray m ireland m abbottjr jo touchstone hor
The Family Stone (2005) d mulroney sj parker c danes christmas romcom
The Last Thanksgiving (2020) ~ bluray a arrants cannibals
The New Mutants (2020) m williams a taylorjoy c heaton
The Nights Before Christmas (2019) s phillips slasher
The Retreat (2020) g schumacher d grunn monster
The Runaways (2019) m windsor r connah fantasy adventure
The Whittler (2020) a snow c cooley j wells ghost
To All a Goodnight (1980) ~ bluray j runyon f swanson christmashor
Toys of Terror (2020) k teresa g waters chrsmas hor
Triggered (2020) ~ bluray r swart sc michael l ahlers survival
Vanguard (2020) ~ subs j chan y yang fighting
Vengeance (2020) l grantham act
Voices (2020) a bell j ladd hor
Wander (2020) a eckhart tl jones k winnick actsuspense
What Lies Below (2020) e horvath t iwata d corbo horscifi alien
Who Was Phone (2020) n adamovic psychopath
Wreck (2020) bl holmes t manders gh dean survival hor
Last edited:
Agent Revelation (2021) d ting m dorn
Algorithm Bliss (2020) d faris s roemer
Apocalypse of Ice (2020) t sizemore
Archenemy (2020) lk duarte s brooks z griggs
Army of One (2020) e hoffman m passmore s dunlevy
Average Joe (2021) j sedillo
Battle of the Bulge (1965) ~ bluray h fonda r shaw r ryan
Battle of the Bulge: Winter War (2020) t berenger b zane s like
Battle of the Bulge: Wunderland (2018) s luke t berenger m burgin
Big Bad Bugs (2012) j plotnick
Bigfoot vs the Illuminati (2020) e camacho m guzman
Bird (2020) am cato l jackson k peake
Black Pumpkin (2018) k aines m rife
Bliss (2021) o wilson s hayek n cooper
Breach aka Anti-Life (2020) b willis c kearsley r nichols
Cold Sweat (1970) c bronson
Coma (2019) ~ bluray subs r mukhametov l aksyonova
COVID-21: Lethal Virus (2021) l hope
Don't Get Out (2019) m vogelsang
Enhanced (2019) g tchortov a bale
Entombed (2020) m johansen h larsen g mikaelsen
Finding Ohana (2021) k hu kh quan l watson
Fist of Fury 1 (1972) ~ subs b lee
Fist of Fury 3 (1979) ~ subs b lee yt yang f ku
Fist of Unicorn (1973) ~ subs l unicorn t chinfei
From the Depths (2020) a briones t strong
Ghost Light (2021) w rothhaar
Goodbye, Butterfly (2021) j adams d bradford
Hacksaw (2020) a cay
HellKat (2021) a bouchet st cohen
Honest Thief (2020) ~ bluray l neeson k walsh j courtney
Horizon Line (2020) a williams a dreymon
Hunter Hunter (2020) c sullivan sh howell d sawa
Infidel (2019) j caviezel c karvan h ozsan
Interreflections: P1 (2020) c silcox s luna m malin
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master (2019) ~ bluray subs y to m wong w xin
Kecksburg (2019) s cooper s levy
Killer Shark aka Death Shark (2021) ~ subs q pincheng
Lost Bullet (2020) ~ nosubsfrench a lenoir r bedia
Meteor Moon (2020) m broderick
Minotaur (2006) ~ bluray t hardy m vander t todd
Monsters of Man (2020) ~ bluray n mcdonough b tutor
Mummy Resurgance (2021) sc phillips
News of the World (2020) t hanks h zengel s boyles
No Chance (2020) j mantrixx j chilton
Outside the Wire (2021) a mackie d idris
Override aka RIA (2021) l goss d cain
Paintball Massacre (2020) k brand r portal
Parallel (2018) c amit k quinlan a diaz
Phobic (2020) h beers
Psycho Goreman (2020) m kinaber k macculloch r amsbury
Puppet Master 13: Blade the Iron Cross (2020) t fox
Quiet Comes the Dawn aka Rassvet (2019) ~ bluray subs a drozdova a slyu
Redemption Day (2021) g dourdan a garcia
Run Hide Fight (2020) i may r mitchell t jane
Shadow in the Cloud (2020) cg moretz n robinson
Shortcut (2020) j zane z emlano
Siberia (2020) w dafoe d sichov s mcburney
Skyline 3: Skylines (2020) ~ bluray l morgan r mitra j cosmo
Space Sweepers (2021) sjoongki k taen
Spare Parts (2020) j richings m argyris
Synchronic (2019) j dornan a mackie
Ten Minutes to Midnight (2020) c williams n kang
Tenet (2020) jd washington r pattinso e debicki
The Call (2020) ~ bluray subs ps hye js jun
The Christmas Chronicles 2 (2020) k russell g hawn d camp
The Curse of Hobbes House (2020) m calvey m guyler
The Debt Collector 2: Debt Collectors (2020) s adkins l mandylor
The Devil in the Room (2020) d barry
The Empty Man (2020) jb dale s root j courtney
The Facility aka The Rizen Possession (2019) j rhindtutt s phillips
The Inconsiderables: Last Exit Out of Hollywood (2020) r woods
The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud (2020) s adkins j hannah
The Last Earth Girl (2019) k fleskes
The Little Things (2021) d washington j leto r malek
The Midnight Sky (2020) ~ bluray g clooney f jones
The Serpent (2020) ta wade
The Witches (2020) a hathaway o spencer s tucci
Unfollower (2020) b cruz d orrok
Virus Shark (2021) j carolus d donahue
We Can Be Heroes (2020) y dosselin l daniels
Wonder Woman: 1984 (2020) g gadot c pine k wiig
Wrong Turn (2021) m modine e dumont c vega
6.1: Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) extversion superhd 4 hrs
86 Melrose Avenue (2020) d elza a antonia ptsd action 3.6
A Mother of No Destination (2021) t fury scifi 1.0
A Nightmare Wakes (2020) aw regan frankenstein 3.8
Acts of Revenge (2020) r tyson action crime 3.8
Alt Space (2018) s caswell mj parker psychological 4.6
Amber's Descent (2020) k stanton m mitton ghost 4.8
Anything for Jackson (2020) s mccarthy j richings k mantelos 6.4 demon
Ashfall (2019) ~ subs lb hun jw ha hj jeon 6.0 disaster volcano
Below Zero (2021) j gutierrez k elejalde l callejo copsrobs action 6.2
Bloodthirsty (2020) l beatty g bryk k king werewolf 4.5
Body Brokers (2021) f grillo s wind a englert crimedrama 6.2
Boys from County Hell (2020) j rowan n oneill l harland irish vampire 6.2
Bram Stoker's Van Helsing (2021) c bond vampire 3.2
Burn It All (2021) e cotter r postell vengeance 4.0
Calltime (2021) mt paulk t magnus slasher 4.0
Chaos Walking (2021) t holland d ridley d bichir fantasy 6.0
Cherry (2021) t holland c bravo j reynor crime drama 6.6
Come True (2020) js stone l liboiron c ryski scifi 6.0

Coming 2 America (2021) e murphy a hall s headley 5.5
Cosmic Sin (2021) b willis f grillo bt lee 3.0 scifi alien invasion
Dawn of the Beast (2021) f anderson a burke bigfoot 4.3
Doll Face (2021) a villaret doll horror 3.1
Don't Speak (2020) s lodge r davies monster 4.1
Every Breath You Take aka You Belong To Me (2021) c affleck m monaghan s claflin dramthrill 5.0
Exodus (2021) jimi stanton scifi 2.7
Flora & Ulysses (2021) m lawler a hannigan b schwartz 6.4 superhero squirrel
Fukushima 50 (2020) ~ subs k watanabe t saitoch k sato disaster 6.0
G33: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) a skarsgard mb brown r hall 8.4

Genesis Code (2020) b mclaughlin e rotaru drama mystery 4.3
Harpoon (2020) m chambers c gray e tyra 6.0 survivalhor
Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers (2020) rb grimley a schneider 4.4
Held (2020) j awbrey b johnson r kempton hostage hor 6.5
Honeydew (2020) s spielberg m barr horror mind 4.7
Howl (2021) m martin fairytale hor 3.7
Illuminate (2020) ~ short a cordoza scifi astral project 3.8
Infinitum: Subject Unknown (2021) t butler-hart i mckellen parellel universe 4.9
Insight (2021) t todd k david martial arts action 4.2
Konga: TNT (2020) j migliore giant ape 2.2
Last Ones There (2021) b robitaille survival 3.1
Lazarus (2021) s riggs superpowers 3.5
Manipulated (2019) t lords g ogrady m pare crime drama 5.2
Monster Hunter (2020) m jovovich t jaa r pearlman 6.7
Mortal Kombat (2021) l tan j mcnamee j lawson 6.4

Murder in the Woods (2017) j julian survival horror 3.9
Nest of Vampires (2021) sc phillips 2.3
Night Hunter (2018) h cavill b kingsley b fletcher s tucci crime thriller 6.0
Night of the Sicario aka Blindsided (2021) n henstridge c mandylor cartel hitman 4.1
One and the Same (2021) a white m taylor g plummer mystery scifi 6.7
Phobias (2021) a knapp psycological 3.7
Promising Young Woman (2020) c mulligan b burnham a brie vengeance 7.5
Pungo: A Witch's Tale (2020) m hyde action fantasy 3.6
Reap (2020) a abrams a arroliga survival 4.0
Road To Paloma (2014) j momoa l bonet action crosscountry 6.0
Rose (2020) s rundle m stokoe n mcmullen vampire 5.8
Run (2020) s paulson k allen s sohn 6.6 hormystery
SAS: Red Notice (2021) s heughan a serkis action special forces 4.8
School's Out: Forever (2021) a head s bond a macqueen 3.1 postapoc
Sensation (2021) e simon e wyatt j martin 4.5 superhuman mutant
Son (2021) a matichak e hirsch 5.6 hor
Sorority Secrets (2020) b ratledge t rose mystery thriller 5.0
Stay Out of the Fking Attic (2020) r francis m alexandria haunted mansion 4.6
Stowaway (2021) dd kim s anderson t colletta space travel mars 5.4
Sugar Mountain (2016) j momoa c elwes a hutchison survival 6.0
The Arbors (2020) d matthews r davenport scifi creature 4.0
The Assistant (2019) j garner o holland j orini harrassment drama 6.3
The Bad Batch (2016) j momoa j kink cannibals 6.0
The Believer (2021) a bristow s kargman psychotic 4.0
The Block Island Sound (2020) c sheffield m mcmanus scifi hor 5.2
The Boonies (2021) b balog l parkin cannibals 4.2
The Canyonlands (2021) s barkley slasher 3.7
The Courier (2020) b cumberpatch r brosnahan m ninidze wardrama 7.1
The Dark and the Wicked (2020) m ireland m abbott jo touchstone 6.1 demon

The Dead of Night (2021) l henriksen m lawrence 3.9 serial killer
The Devil Below aka Shookum Hills (2021) a sanz a canto monster 4.3
The Haunted Hotel (2021) h fraser r ritchie r jarvis comedy haunted house 5.5
The Leprechaun's Game aka Vengeance of the Leprechaun's Gold (2020) d sawicki 3.1
The Marksman (2021) l neeson 7.1
The Oak Room (2020) rj mitte p outerbridge a millen survival 5.4
The Parish (2019) b oberstjr haunting 3.7
The Penthouse (2020) m pare revenge 3.9
The Seventh Day (2021) s lang g pearce demon 4.4
The Stay (2021) s hamm m martin survival 5.8
The Tangle (2019) j bitton cs kelly mind upload 4.5
The Toll (2021) m smiley a elwy i rheon crimedram com 6.9
The Vault aka Way Down (2021) f janssen l cunningham f highmore act heist 6.4
The Virtuoso (2021) a hopkins a cornish d baird crimethriller 6.1

The Wager (2020) j gloyd c arnet paranormal 4.2
The War Below (2020) s hazeldine t goodwinhill ej langridge wardrama ww1 6.3
The Wrong Path (2021) ct howell d moerlein a hawk murder thriller 7.6

These Streets We Haunt (2021) a bowling s brooks m cunningham comic villan 5.1
Thunder Force (2021) m mccarthy o spencer j bateman super powers 4.2
Under the Stadium Lights (2021) l fishburne sports drama 3.7
Venom Coast (2021) aj potter slasher 3.1
Violation (2020) ms fewer a maguire revenge 5.3
Wildcat (2021) g campbell l benward i renno action revenge 5.0
Willy's Wonderland (2021) n cage e tosta b grant 3.8
Women (2021) a maiche am dobbins crime mystery 5.5
616 Wilford Lane (2021) e roberts. a gorske 4.0 horrorhouse
A Wakefield Project (2019) l seim 2.5 supernatural
Aerial Gunner (1943) r arlen c morris a ward ww2 airforce boot camp 5.6
Albatroz (2019) a nero a beltrao 5.4 mysteryfantasy
An Amityville Poltergeist (2020) ~ bluray c austin 3.2
Aniara (2018) e garbers b cruzeiro a kananian 6.0 space survival
Antidote (2021) a yennie l mandylor 3.9 medtest
Ape vs. Monster (2021) e roberts syfy 2.2
Apex Predators (2021) dl heising 1.1 shark
Auggie (2019) l oleynik r kind 5.4 ai scifi
Await the Dawn (2020) d wallace b davison 4.7 monster
Axeman at Cutters Creek (2020) e downing j theney t shepis 5.0 slasher
Bad Witch (2021) c kozlowski j trent 4.0
Barney Burman's: Wild Boar (2019) a burman 2.5 pig mutant
Battle at Big Rock (2019) n martinez 7.0 jurassic world short film
Before I'm Dead (2021) d boutte c montomery jr sawyers 6.4 scifi mind
Below the Fold (2021) d derock s mcguire 3.1 missing person mystery
Black Garden (2019) c culligan p edwards 5.0 postww3 christmas scifi
Blue Call (2021) k leclerc a sixtos 4.7 slasher
Captive (2020) w kircher t kostic 4.9 abduction horror
Cerebrum (2021) j russo a lemire 4.5 test subj scifi
Confinement aka Darwin (2016) n krause m parker 4.7 post apoc scifi
Crystal's Shadow (2019) m arnold 2.5 alien invasion
Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb (1980) b crystal k darby p duffy ww2 6.4
Escape to the Cove (2021) p cook 3.0 zombies
First Signal (2021) p noonan syfy 3.8
Freaks (2018) b dern e hirsch g park 5.5 superpowers
Fried Barry (2020) g green b williams c dejager 5.9 alien abduction scifi
Get Out (2017) d kaiuuya a williams b whitford racial horror 7.7
Go for Broke! (1951) v johnson l nakano g miki ww2 6.7
Goblin (2020) a rene 3.0 syfy creature
Golden Arm (2020) m holland b sodaro 5.5 arm wrestle action
Goodbye Honey (2020) pm edwards pj morgan ja gobin 5.3 abduction hor
Great White (2021) k bowden 3.8 shark
Greatland (2020) ~ bluray s briggs n cedon e roberts 5.3 fantasy
'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders (1943) r scott a curtis ww2 6.1
Horse Girl (2020) a brie m shannon 5.8 supernatural fantasy
In the Earth (2021) j fry r shearsmith h squires 5.2 pandemic apoc
In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) b holbrook c coleman b woodbine 6.2 alien serialkillr time
Initiation (2020) i gomez l lavanchy 5.0 slasher
Invasion (2020) ~ bluray i starshenbaum a petrov 5.5 aliens
Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission (2021) c johnson m tosca e holliman 6.8 war
Killer Concept (2021) c bishop c bryant 4.8 srlkller
Last and First Men (2020) t swinton 6.7 far future scifi
Last Sunrise (2019) ~ bluray subs s yang j zhang r zhang 6.4 post apoc scifi
Little Joe (2019) e beecham b whishaw k fox 6.0 mutant plant scifi
Locked In (2021) j fahey m suvari 4.6 robbery heist
Mexican Moon (2021) jg brutico h christian p esparza 5.7 westrn action
Minesweeper (1943) r arlen j parker r hayden ww2 us navy 5.2
Murder Bury Win (2020) m walker e lane com crime drama 4.8
Night Shift aka Police (2020) v efria o sy 5.3 cops action
One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942) g tearle e portman h williams ww2 bomber 7.0
Only the Brave (2006) t tomita l nishikawa g watanabe 5.3 ww2
Operation: Bottleneck (1961) r foster m taka n alden ww2 paratroopers 4.6
Operation: Petticoat (1959) c grant t curtis j obrien ww2 submarine 7.3
Oxygen (2021) m laurent m zidi l boujenah 6.4 scifi technology
Parachute Battalion (1941) r preston n kelly b ebsen ww2 paratroopers 5.9
Percy Vs Goliath (2020) c walken r maxwell p aiyar drama 6.4
Pipeline (2020) a bailard 2.5 pipe monster
Potter's Ground (2021) ~ bluray i stratton s crain t bush 5.0 western action thriller
Rogue Cell (2019) bg thompson 3.0 horscifi lobudg junk
Secrets on Sorority Row (2021) ~ bluray l buglioli k edmonds 6.0 lifetime thriller mystery
Seven Were Saved (1947) r denning c craig r hayden ww2 airforce 5.8
Sky Sharks (2020) t todd 3.8 nazi flying sharks scifi
Spontaneous (2020) ~ bluray k langford c plummer 6.5 spontaneous combustion scifi com
Submarine Command (1951) w holden n olson w bendix ww2 6.2
Sweet River (2020) l kay e baroo c haywood 3.4 serkillr
The Comeback Trail (2020) r deniro tl jones m freeman 5.6 comedy crime
The Devil's Child aka Diavlo (2021) f horsey mc perez 4.2 demon
The Djinn (2021) e dewey r brownstein t poe 7.2 monster
The Flying Missile (1950) g ford v lindfors h oneill ww2 submarine 5.8
The Imitation Game (2014) b cumberpatch k knightley m goode ww2 8.0
The Mad Hatter (2021) a gutierrez 3.5 haunted house slasher
The Navy Way (1944) r lowery j parker w henry ww2 navy bootcamp 5.3
The Paper Tigers (2020) pa sudarso y okumoto r yuan 6.4 kungfu action
The Rise of Sir Longbottom (2021) m speno superhero 2.2
The Scary House (2020) l orlandianyi j koschitz m weichster 5.6 haunted house
The War Devils (1969) g madison v venantino a steel ww2 survival 5.3
The Woman in the Window (2021) g oldman a adams a mackie 5.8 stalker
Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) a jolie n hoult f little 6.2 assassin act
Threshold (2020) j millin ns robinson 5.9 mystery drama
Through the Ashes (2019) k dervin 3.4 postapoc scifi
Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove (2020) m mcdowell d richards e balfour 5.8 treasure hunt
Tom Clancy's: Without Remorse (2021) mb jordan j turnersmith j bell 5.8 revenge action
Trigger Point (2021) b pepper e harlow 4.8 spcl ops hitman
Undergods (2020) j myers m gould 5.5 dark fantasy anthology
Valhalla: The Legend of Thor (2019) r moller p schumann 5.3 fantasy
Vanquish (2021) m freeman r rose p muldoon copsnrobbrs 1.0
Voyagers (2021) c farrell t sheridan lr depp 5.3 space survival
We Dive at Dawn (1943) j mills l bradfield r millar ww2 submarine 6.7
When Hell Broke Loose (1958) c bronson r jaeckel v rensing ww2 espionage 5.7
White Tiger aka Belyy Tigr (2012) ~ dubbed a vertkov v grishko russian gpw 6.1
Why (2019) n henstridge l henriksen c browning 6.3 slasher
Wrong Place, Wrong Time (2021) f schissler ar brown 4.7 vampire
Xenophobia (2019) k renton 2.0 alien abduction
You're in the Navy Now (1951) g cooper j greer m mitchell ww2 submarine 6.3
Lately I've been searching for WW2 movies of naval battles. I have a bunch of them with John Wayne already (along with many John Wayne westerns).

A new source I'm using has every film in high def (4k+) and I've been replacing my top favorites with the larger (sometimes 2 gb files) cleaner videos. Its a work-in-progress. I've replaced my entire Marvel MCU collection and my DC Justice League custom collection.
All the terminator films, jurassic park/world films, men in black films, star wars films riddick films and a whole bunch of stand alones I really like. I have all the Star Trek films unzipped ready for updating. It gives me something to do. I guess I should spring for a new high def smart tv soon?

My tracking notepad entries change regularly. Recently I've started adding IMdb ratings or my own rating in the line item. I watch a large amount of 'bad' films. Sometimes its difficult to recall which ones were good and which were bad. I'm slowly deleting anything rated below 3 stars unless its so bad it's good. I have a tracker notepad so I don't accidentally reacquire one I've deleted. A work-in-progress moving very slowly. Before I delete I unzip and quickly screen the film (tastes change).

Many of the films in the start of my listings were ripped from VHS, then DVD. Some have been upgraded over the years to better copies. Every film I have is listed in this thread. If you noticed, the first few entries were sorted by genre and just basic titles.
I also included my current genre sorts as I revised my collection. I don't really go by established genres for many of the films. Some films have multiple genres and some films have genres listed which do not reflect the content.

Someone suggested I use a collection program to track it all but the archives I have are not movie files. They are zip files. Its easier for me to just add the film data to a notepad. I don't really need the poster art (I am thinking about getting the art for a database of art in itself but) I have no way to add that art so it appears as the file's icon or tile.

As it is, being disabled and having plenty of time, I constantly sort and edit the zip file names. As you can see by this list, I've started adding actor names and short descriptions to the file names, plus most recently the IMdb rating.

In addition to file renaming, when I look the film up on IMdb and recall the movie I'm moving all the films I really like to my new 6 TB hard drive. Any film rated over a 5 star rating. The bulk of my collection remains on the two 4 TB drives. I also have a 2 TB drive of the TV show I've collected or am currently collecting. Additionally, I have a music archive (2 TB) of all the music I've collected.

I have so many movies and so much music I wouldn't live long enough to watch and listen to it all. But, I can watch anything I want, when I want, without commercials. I can watch concerts, listen to albums or recently, listen to custom playlists. I watch custom playlists of movies too.

I post none of my collected content online. I never use torrents (technically, torrents are uploading while downloading so it IS a violation of copyright). Its all for personal use. There's no violation of any copyright. I gain absolutely no wealth from my collection. Its the same as someone collecting records, VHS tapes, DVDs or books. It just takes up less shelf space.
As long as I don't try to sell it or say its my creation, as long as I don't place it online and gain ads revenue or fame from it, I am in no violation of copyright.
13 Ghosts (1960) c herbert j morrow m milner 6.0 ghosts
1984 aka Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) j hurt r burton s hamilton 7.1 scifi dystopia
A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958) j gavin l pulver j mahoney 7.7 ww2
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) l ayres l wolheim j wray 8.1 ww1
American Badger (2021) k caourtte m kopsa 3.2 hitman
Aquarium of the Dead (2021) va fox e ceja 3.5 syfy
Army of the Dead (2021) d bautista e purnell a reguera 6.4 zombies
Ascendance (2017) g brett 3.3 apocalyptic disaster
Ashburn Waters (2019) k scott mr michaels 4.3 demon
Attraction to Paris (2021) c atkins t reid 4.3 terrorist action
Bad Nun 1: Deadly Booking aka The Watcher 1 (2018) b hirani l chappell 4.0 evil nun
Battle Scars (2020) a castro a brachfeld 4.8 vietnam
Battleground (1949) v johnson j hodiak r montalban 7.5 ww2
Beneath Hill 60 (2010) b cowell h gilbertson s lemarquand 7.1 ww1
Bigfoot's Bride (2021) c farrell 0.8
Blackstock Boneyard aka Rightful (2021) r stephens 2.1 revenge spirits
Blind Ghost (2021) a villaret 3.0 blind survival action
Brimstone Incorporated (2021) s graham t hale 3.5 horror anthology
Camp X-Ray (2014) k stewart payman maadi l garrison 6.9 gitmo
Captain Newman, M.D. (1963) g peck t curtis a dickinson 7.0 ww2
Caveat (2020) b caplan c dwane k french 5.0 psychological horror
Cross of Iron (1977) j coburn m schell j mason 7.5 ww2
Cruella (2021) e stone e thompson j fry 4.0 live action
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019) t fimmel t blome a england 6.8 vietnam
Das Boot (1981) ~ subs j prochnow h gronemeyer k wennemann 8.3 ww2 submarine
Death in Texas (2021) b dern rg blevins c harris 6.2 cartel action
Destination Tokyo (1943) c grant j garfield a hale 7.1 ww2
Devil's Island (2021) e alexander 3.0 stalker
Drunkenness (2021) d fournarel 2.0 junkfest
Edge of the World (2021) jr meyers r ineson 5.0 drama biography
Embattled (2020) s dorff e reaser d scheid 5.0 mma action
Endangered Species (2021) r romijn p winchester i bassett 5.0 animal survival
Enemy at the Gates (2001) j law e harris j fiennes r weisz r pearlman 7.6 ww2
Evil Everywhere (2019) dm greenberg 3.0 ancient evil slasher parody
Fail Safe (1964) h fonda w matthau f weaver l hagman 8.0 coldwar nuke
Final Stop (2021) kd bruder k mccart 4.0 psychological horror
Flags of Our Fathers (2006) r phillippe r patrick p walker 7.1 ww2
Flashback aka The Education of Frederick Fitzell (2020) m monroe d obrien a brugel 5.5 fantasy mind trip
Full Metal Jacket (1987) m modine v donofrio a baldwin 8.3 vietnam
Ghost Lab (2021) ~ dubbed t leeratanakachorn 4.3 netflx
Hamburger Hill (1987) a barrile d mcdermot d cheadle 6.7 vietnam
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (1957) r mitchum d kerr 7.4 ww2
Hell Is for Heroes (1962) s mcqueen f parker j coburn b newhart 7.0 ww2
In Enemy Hands (2004) wh macy t schweiger t kretschmann 6.0 ww2 sub
Incident at Loch Ness (2004) w herzog k baker g beristain 3.5 spoof
Infected: The Darkest Day (2021) d rickard 3.0 zombies
Infinite (2021) m wahlberg 6.6 time
Iron Mask (2019) j chan j flemyng x yao 4.7 fantasy
It Never Sleeps (2014) l swift f santino 4.0 stalker
It Wants Blood! (2019) j balsamo e roberts 1.5 monsters
Karate Do (2019) d niebauer g jones 2.8 kungfu
Last of the Grads (2021) mv berry j brower 4.1 slasher
M*A*S*H (1970) d sutherland e gould t skerritt 7.5 ww2
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) r crowe p bettany b boyd 7.4 napoleonic wars
Megan Leavey (2017) k mara r rodrigues t felton 7.1 iraq wars combat dog
Midsommar (2019) f pugh j reynor v blomgren 6.5 swedish pagan cult horror
Miranda Veil (2020) v chaffari a barrett 3.8 serial killer immortal
Nobody (2021) b odenkirk c nielsen a serebryakov 7.4 revenge action
Occupation Rainfall: Chapter 1 (2020) d ewing t morrison d gillies 6.4 alien invasion
Painkiller (2021) m pare b oberst jr 4.4 drug war action
Paper Lives (2021) c ulusoy ea dogrul e arici 6.7 street drama
Patton (1970) gc scott k malden s young 7.9 ww2
Platoon (1986) c sheen t berenger w dafoe k david f whitaker j depp 8.1 vietnam
Ready or Not (2019) s weaving a brody m obrien 6.0 survival horror
Rebirth (2020) a harris 3.4 zombie
Red Dwarf: The Promised Land (2020) c barrie c charles d johnjules r llewellyn 7.6
ReVisitant (2019) le smith t wiu 3.4 entity possession
Rogue Hostage (2021) j malkovich a alvarado c backus 3.5 special forces action
Rook. (2020) z rush sj jewell 3.5 robbery heist
Rot (2019) ka russell e dietz 4.5 fungal infection
Saltwater: The Battle for Ramree Island (2021) c bond 1.4 crocs ww2
Scare Us (2021) t sandoval c lilt 6.5 hor anthology
Scarlett (2020) m stone b krause 5.8 spy action
Schindler's List (1993) l neeson b kingsley c goodall 8.9 ww2 jews
Shall We Play (2020) j mcleod m creber 4.3 phone app possession
Share or Die (2021) l arcaro dj bowman m coombs 2.9 social media demon
Sound of Violence aka Conductor (2021) js brown l simmons j jagger 5.0 serl kllr
Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021) sl jackson c rock m nichols 5.4
The Box (2021) ~ subs dh cho cy park 8.0 musical drama
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008) a butterfield r friend v farmiga 7.8 ww2 jews
The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021) p wilson v farmiga r oconnor 6.5 demons
The Dam Busters (1955) r todd m redgrave u jeans 7.4 ww2
The Desert Rats (1953) r burton j mason r newton 6.7 ww2
The Eagle Has Landed (1976) m caine d sutherland r duvall 6.9 ww2
The Great Escape (1963) s mcqueen j garner r attenborough 8.2 ww2
The Hurt Locker (2008) j renner a mackie b geraghty 7.5 iraq war
The Killing Fields (1984) s waterson j malkovich j sands 7.8 cambodia
The Last of the Mohicans (1992) dd lewis m stowe r means 7.7 french-indian war
The Lighthouse (2019) r pattinson w dafoe v karaman 7.0 mermaid insanity
The Lost World (1999) ~ [2 hr pilot episode] p mccauley r blakely j odell 7.5
The Misfits (2021) p brosnan t roth 4.2 gold heist action
The Perfect Student (2011) n henstridge b grant 4.0 murder mystery
The Pianist (2002) a brody t kretschmann f finlay 8.5 ww2
The Red Baron (2008) l headey t schweiger m schweighofer 6.4 ww1
The Retreat (2021) s allen a ashmore 4.0 serial killers
The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (1966) c reiner em saint a arkin 7.0 cold war
The Secrets She Keeps aka Dating a Killer (2021) z cramond r perez 4.0 lifetime stalker
The Tuskegee Airmen (1995) l fishburne cb vance j lithgow c goodingjr 7.2 ww2
The Unhealer (2020) n henstridge l henriksen 4.0 superpowers revenge antihero
The Unholy (2021) jd morgan c brown w sadler 5.8 demon
The Vast of Night (2019) s mccormick j horowitz g cronauer 6.7 future scifi mystery
The Water Man (2020) r dawson m bello 3.8 magic
The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006) c murphy l cunningham p delaney 7.5 irish independ war
There's Something in the Shadows (2021) p bennett d mcaree 1.0 found footage
Togo (2019) w dafoe j nicholson c heyerdahl 8.0 sled dog adventure
Toothfairy 3 (2021) j barker 3.1
Torpedo Run (1958) g ford e borgnine d brewster 6.4 ww2 sub
Triassic Hunt (2021) m pare 3.0 syfy dino
Uncommon Valor (1983) g hackman p swayze r stack f ward 6.4 vietnam mia pow
Under Fire (1983) n nolte e harris g hackman j cassidy 7.0 nicaragua
Voyage of the Chimera (2021) k cruzcordova 2.0 space junkfest
War Machine (2017) b pitt d betts am hall j magaro 6.0 afghanistan
When Trumpets Fade (1998) r eldard t olyphant d yoakam 7.1 ww2
Where Is She (2019) rw martin s gartner 2.5 halloween hor
Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot (2016) t fey m robbie bb thorton 6.6 afghanistan
Who'll Stop the Rain (1978) n nolte t weld m moriarty 6.7 vietnam
Woman in Motion (2019) m dorn g takei n nichols 8.0 biography
Wrath of Man (2021) j statham h mccallany j hartnett 7.4 robbery heist
Xtreme aka Extremo (2021) t garcia o jaenada 5.0 hitman (in spanish)
Zebra Girl (2021) t cullen s roy j anouka 6.5 murder mystery
Zombi 8: Urban Decay (2021) sc phillips m novak 4.3 zombi set
A Classic Horror Story (2021) mai lutz f russo p mazzotta 5.6 italian survival
A Good Man in Africa (1994) s connery c friels j whalley 5.1 comedy
A Quiet Place 2 (2020) e blunt m simmonds g murphy 7.9
Adventure Harbor (2021) tl baker w bernard p cook 4.6 mermaid
Alien Artifacts: The Lost World (2019) documentary 3.5
Alien Conquest (2021) e killian a jensen t sizemore 3.2 alien attack
Alien Whispers (2021) s mitchell 2.8 aliens
Amazon Hot Box (2018) e church t risk 4.5 survival horror
Amityville Vampire (2021) jn tonic 1.5
Ancestral World (2020) j mischiati j morelli 2.3 demon
Art of the Dead aka 7 Deadly Sins (2019) t reid r grieco 4.2 demon
Babysitter Must Die (2020) n fitzgerald s hazen 4.0 cult horror
Baphomet (2021) c ward 2.9 satanic cult horror
Bats: The Awakening (2021) m purvis 3.0 infected bats
Behemoth (2020) p statman j churchish 4.3 demon
Beyond Fury (2019) d thompson gl radice t mardon 4.5 revenge action
Big Cat Trail (2021) b yotty l barnes kf kelly 4.0 animal survival horror
Bigfoot Girl (2019) k passmore 2.5
Black Box (2020) m athie p rashad a christine 6.0 scifi mind
Black Easter (2021) j barrera c birdsong 4.5 time travel
Black Medicine (2021) a mcnulty o brady ac hughes 5.3 underground medical horror
Black Widow (2021) s johansson f pugh d harbour w hurt o kurylenko r weisz 7.0
Blood Born (2021) r moss a perry m haynes 4.0 magic horror
Blood Pageant (2021) s baldwin b mitchell dc ryan 4.1 reality show horror
Bloomfield (2020) b burt l claude 3.2 insanity horror
Born Free (1966) v mckenna b travers g keen 7.2 lions drama
Buckskin (2021) t zembrod r keith b freeman 5.5 furtrapper western
Candy Corn (2019) c gains p moler 4.0 halloween slasher
Cannibal (2010) n gob h coppejans 3.8 french horror
Censor (2021) n algar m smiley n burns 5.9 slasher
Claw (2021) c walker r rennie m mede 4.7 dinosaur
Curse of the Undead (1959) e fleming m pate k crowley 6.0 vampires
Dark Ritual (2021) n jones 2.5 demon slasher
Dark Spell (2021) y yenzhayeva k beloshapka 4.2 russian black magic
Die in a Gunfight (2021) d boneta a daddario j chatwin 5.4 action guns
Dinosaur Hotel (2021) c greenwood 0.4
Dragon Fury (2021) n wright 0.2
Eaters (2011) a lucchesi g favilla 4.1 italian zombies
Emily and the Magical Journey aka Faunutland and the Lost Magic (2020) h slater c edge 4.4
False Positive (2021) i glazer p brosnan 3.5 mad dr horror
Fear of Clowns (2004) r ganz j reres m lassise 3.1 slasher clown
Fear Street Part 1: 1994 (2021) rl stine k madeira oc welch 6.0
Fear Street Part 2: 1978 (2021) rl stine s sink e rudd r simpkins 6.8
Fear Street Part 3: 1666 (2021) rl stine k madeira a zukerman g jacobs 6.7
Gaia (2021) m rockman c nel a vandyk 5.5 cult horror
Galaxina (1980) s macht a schreiber jd hinton d stratten 3.8 space cops
Gunpowder Milkshake (2021) k gillan l headey m yeoh c gugino 5.9 revenge assassin
Hatched (2021) m purvis n wright 2.9 dinosaur
Here After aka Faraway Eyes (2020) n arnezeder c ricci k cruz 4.9 afterlife fantasy
Hesperia (2019) g arroyo c carter 4.4 home invasion horror
High Test Girls (1980) b lahaie j baker n pascal 4.4 sex comedy
I See You (2019) h hunt j tenney o teague 6.8 kidknapping murder
It Came from Outer Space (1953) r carlson b rush c drake 6.5 alien body snatchers
Jungle Run (2021) d autry 3.5 mockbuster
Just Another Dream (2021) k swanson d cain eb rock 7.0 dream fantasy action
Knifecorp (2021) k hodder a kulman p gilroy 5.0 slasher
Lillith (2019) c waller t turner 4.0 succubus
Lockdown 2025 (2021) c parker t plummer m tark 3.7 pandemic virus
Lorelei (2020) j malone p schreiber r findley 6.0 mermaid drama
Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe (2014) a alonso v alonso h atwell 7.4 MCU docu
Masquerade (2021) b thorne aa lind 4.3 home invasion horror
Meander (2020) g weiss p franzen r libert 5.4 escape traps survival
Medusa (2020) m purvis st cohen 4.0 creature feature
Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021) b willis m fox e hirsch 4.0 serial killr
Mind Games (2021) f shaw f lynch c salmon 6.5 murder mystery
Murder by Death (1976) p sellers p faulk j cromwell 7.5 comedy crime
Nebulous Dark (2021) ss solimon g christie 2.0 time loop
Night Walk (2019) s stone e roberts 3.5 arab corruption crime
No Chance (2020) j mantrixx k samiee 3.5 commando parody
No Sudden Move (2021) d cheadle r liotta b deltoro d harbour 6.7 crimedrama
Nobody Will Believe You (2021) j rosenow e topper r adams 5.5 stalker
Nova: Black Hole Apocalypse (2018) j levin r weiss 5.0 space docu
Octagon (2021) m cameron c dopson 4.0 psychological horror
Out of Death (2021) j king b willis l kent 3.8 cop defense action
P.O.V. (2014) t clear 3.2 demon curse
Pasture (2020) sj bartholomew h brosig 4.0 test subject mad doctor
Pig (2021) n cage a wolff a arkin 4.8 animal rescue
Queen of Spades (2021) a preston e osborne 5.0 ghost spirit
Re-Elected (2020) gf bellotti r clendaniel p zecharia 3.9 zombie presidents
Ripper Untold (2021) j anderton c bell d butler 4.8 murder mystery slasher
Rising Wolf aka Ascendant (2021) c best 3.2 kidnapped fantasy
River (2021) c gains mc rogers rk marshall 4.8 psycological horr
Scarlet Diva (2000) a argento j shepard 5.0 redeeming drama
Secrets in the Basement (2020) m bartzokis m mcneil 4.5 stalker revenge
Separation (2021) r friend v mcgraw m brewer 4.5 ghost
Settlers (2021) s boutella ic cordova b prince 4.3 mars survival
Sharks of the Corn (2021) f winstar .8 sharks cornfield
Skinwalker (2021) e hamilton c kotecki a haberman 3.8 native amer demon curse
Star Wars Biomes (2021) world fly tour short 6.5
Stellanomicon: Future Fear (2021) c beaver 2.0 far future alien invasion
Stillwater (2018) t ritter c britch em roy 5.2 camping slasher mystery
Straight Edge Kegger (2019) c kays e reidy j alexander 5.0 revenge hor
Terror Eyes (2021) l chavez r romanus j blancbiehn 5.0 roadtrip hor
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl: 3-D (2004) c boyd g lopez k davis 3.5 fantasy
The African Lion (1955) w hibler 7.0 disney documentary
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) p hubschmid p raymond c kellaway 6.9 hi-def
The Blackout Experiment (2021) t jones d cole 2.5 slasher survival
The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962) j evers v leith a lapenna 4.4 hi-def
The Deadbeats (2019) e selby t mills 4.5 clown slasher
The Deep Ones (2020) r miano g lapiana 4.0 lovecrft chuthulu
The God Committee (2021) k grammer j stiles c domingo 5.1 medical drama thriller
The Hard Way (2019) mj white l goss r couture 4.8 revenge action
The Hike (2021) k thompson 2.1 smoky mountain hor
The Hill and the Hole (2019) l kelly 3.8 alien horror mystery
The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021) r reynolds s hayek sl jackson g oldman m freeman 7.0
The Horrific Evil Monsters (2021) b stevens g blair 3.0 monster superheroes
The Ice Road (2021) l neeson l fishburne m thomas 5.8 adv drama
The Lost Future (2010) s bean c sevier 4.9 dystopian survival scifi
The Nest aka The Bewailing (2021) d wallace n navratil m suttles 4.2 insects
The Purge 5: The Forever Purge (2021) a delareguera t huerta j lucas 5.0
The Rebels of PT-218 (2021) e roberts d trejo w baldwin 5.0 ww2 boat
The Sleepless Unrest: The Real Conjuring Home (2021) c heinzen 4.5 conjuring documentary
The Strange Life of Dr. Frankenstein (2018) jc carriere c frayling 6.5 frankenstein docu
The Superdeep (2020) m radulovic s ivanyuk 4.4 russian creature feature
The Tomorrow War (2021) c pratt y strahovski jk simmons b gilpin 7.0 future war
Tides aka The Colony (2021) n arnezeder ss boussnina i glen 5.2 future earth survival
Till Death (2021) m fox e macken c mulvey 5.6 survival killers
Too Scared to Scream (1984) m connors a archer li kennedy 5.0 slasher
Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (2009) y kawamura t saitoh e otoguro 5.7 j horror
Vicious Fun (2020) e marsh a goldfarb a millen 6.6 serial killer
Wax (2014) j shaw j taylor 4.0 wax museum cannibal
Werewolves Within (2021) s richardson m vayntrub g basil 3.5 based on game
Winged Seduction: Birds of Paradise (2012) j goodman 6.6 nature docu
Witch Hunt (2021) e mitchell c camargo a cowen 4.8 witch survival
Woe (2020) j armstrong 3.5 psychological horror
Bought a few boxes of old movies on dvd & bluray at the flea market, been converting them to high def mp4s.
Started looking for old actor movies in high def.
Just went thru my Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and found a few of those.
Also started tracking Aaron Eckhart (I'm liking his action movies).
Soon I will be completely redoing my notepad tracker.
There's a lot of double entries now.
I'm still building theme sets (shark movies, dinosaur movies and such) because I get in the mood for them and its easier if they are all in the same folder.
Eventually I'll write a notepad for those as well.
I'm also going to notepad the lobudget crappy movies then delete them.
The notepad is so I don't accidently reaquire them again. Of course, adding the rating to the file name helps with that.
13 Assassins (2010) k yakusho t yamada y iseya 7.6
A Dark Foe (2020) o cardenas k dalton s blair 5.8 psychological fear
Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (1953) b abbott l costello r paige 6.0
Alleyway (2021) j devnarain l diamini 3.9 cop action
American Dreamer (2018) j gaffigan t blanchard a hernandez 6.2 kidnap
Around the World Under the Sea (1966) l bridges b kelly s eaton 5.3 scifi
Attack of the Puppet People (1958) j agar j hoyt j kenney 5.1 scifi genetic
Bananas (1971) w allen l lasser c montalban 7.0 sit com
Barbarella (1968) j fonda jp law a pallenberg 5.9 scifi space
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) a lansbury r mcdowall d tomlinson 7.1 fantasy
Billy Jack (1971) t laughlin d taylor c howat 6.2 special forces act
Blood Machines (2019) e lasowski a heinrichsen c erickson 6.2 ai space
Blood Red Sky (2021) p baumeister ca koch a scheer 6.2 terrorist action
Bourne's Romeo and Juliet (2019) c braithwaite p fitzpatrick d wright 8.4 musical romance drama
Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) a hepburn g peppard p neal 7.6 romcom
Candleshoe (1977) j foster d niven h hayes 6.8 treasure hunt com
Closer Than We Think (2017) a degrey r guidice t kimmell 7.8 biography drama
Creatures the World Forgot (1971) j ege t bonner r john 4.5 fantasy caveman
Crime Busters (1977) t hill b spencer d huddleston 7.2 sitcom
Crimes of the Future (1970) r mlodzik j lidolt t zolty 5.0 scifi com
Curse of the Faceless Man (1958) r anderson e edwards a mara 4.9 stoneman monster
Danger USA (1989) d haggerty 3.7 spies
Deadly Pickup (2016) c cruise k noir 3.3 serial killer
Death Promise (1977) c bonet s leacock b louie 5.0 revenge hor act
Devil Djinn aka Conjuring the Genie (2021) m purvis st cohen 3.5 djinn
Doctor X (1932) l atwill f wray l tracy 6.4 serial killer
Dogged (2017) n lamin 2.8 lycans
Dollar aka $ (1971) g hawn w beatty g frobe 6.3 hi-def
Double Blind (2018) j jarrett kp moser c showerman 5.4 assassination act
Einstein's God Model (2016) a graham k oconnell k hughes 5.7 dimension hard scifi
Empire of the Ants (1977) j collins r lansing jd carson 4.2 giant ants
Erased (2012) a eckhart n alachiotis l liberato 7.0
Fiddler on the Roof (1971) topol n crane l frey 8.0 musical
Fiend Without a Face (1958) m thompson t kilburn k reeves 6.2 atomic monsters
First Man Into Space (1959) m thompson m landi b edwards 5.5 creature feature
Flight to Mars (1951) m chapman c mitchell a franz 5.2 alien invasion
Forbidden World (1982) j vint d dunlap j chadwick 5.2 genetic scifi
Fright (1971) h blackman s george g cole 5.8 slasher
Galaxy of Terror (1981) e albert e roran r walston 4.7 alien creatures
Girl Gang (1954) j arnold t farrell h keaton 5.0 crime drama
Girl on the Third Floor (2019) cm punk tk dunn s brooks 4.5 haunted house
House (1977) k ikegami m jimbo k ohba 7.4 haunted j hor
I, Monster (1971) c lee p cushing m raven 5.8 jekyll hyde
Invasion (1965) e juddy tanu v gearson 5.6 alien
Island of Terror (1966) p cushing e judd c gray 6.1 tentacle monster
Jolt (2021) k beckinsale j courtney s tucci 5.4 revenge action
Jungle Cruise (2021) d johnson e blunt e ramirez 6.5 adv fantasy
King Cohen (2017) jj abrams r baker e bogosian 7.5 larry cohen filmmaker docu
Klute (1971) j fonda d sutherland c cioffi 7.1 crime drama
Liquid Sky (1982) a carlisle pe sheppard s doukas 6.1 aliens
Lust for a Vampire (1971) b jefford r bates s leigh 5.8
Macbeth (1971) j finch f annis m shaw 7.4 murder drama
Mag Wheels (1978) j laughlin s horner p schmidt 5.1 car comedy
Murphy's War (1971) p otoole s phillips p noiret 6.8 war drama
Neverwas (2005) a eckhart i mckellen b murphy 6.6
Night of Dark Shadows (1971) d selby g hall k jackson 5.6 ghost
Nightmare (1964) d knight m redmond j linden 6.7 psy horror
Numb (2015) j bamber a paunovic 5.5 treasure hunt
Quest (1984) j abbott n hathaway d comfort 6.6 ray bradbury short film
R.E.G.I.N.A. I Am (2020) h baker a disney 2.5 robot comedy
Raid on Rommel (1971) r burton j colicos c greyn 5.6 ww2 act
Reloaded (2021) g tounas t morgan 4.5 terrorist action
Remember (2012) j lewis s heatcoat 3.8 postapoc
Revenge Ride (2020) s swan d boneta 3.8 revenge hor
Rituals (1977) h holbrook l dane r gammell 6.3 wilderness survival killer hor
Robot Apocalypse (2021) j chancellor o crosby 3.4 evil ai
Rolling Thunder (1977) w devane tl jones l haynes 7.0 revenge action
Seconds (1966) r hudson f campanella j randolph 7.7 scifi genetic
See No Evil (1971) m farrow d alison r bailey 6.7 psyhor
Shock Waves (1977) p cushing j carradine b adams 5.6 nazi zombies
Sorcerer (1977) r scheider b cremer f rabal 7.7 act danger
Stag Night (2008) k pardue v shaw b meyer 4.8 cannibal
Stuntman (2018) e braun e knievel ep popov 8.1 eddie braun docu
Super Hot (2021) c medearis m nager k kale 5.0 vampires
Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) j garner j elam 6.9 romcom
Suspect Zero (2004) a eckhart b kingsley ca moss 5.8
The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) v price v north 7.1 revenge hor
The Aftermath (1982) s barkett s haig 4.3 mutant scifi
The Atomic Space Bug (1999) c englese j weichun 4.6 alien creature comedy
The Billion Dollar Hobo (1977) t conway a stellone e gerstein 4.4 slapstick
The Black Hole (1979) m schell a perkins r forster e borgnine 6.0 space
The Black Panther (1977) d sumpter d farrington m yates 6.8 act specl frces
The Boy Behind the Door (2020) l chavis e dewey 5.7 abduction slasher
The Colossus of New York (1958) j baragrey m powers o kruger 5.9 robot
The Day of the Dolphin (1973) gc scott p sorvino tv devere 6.0 animal assassins
The Demon's Waltz (2021) b aceti k mcguire 4.2 demon
The Final Code (2021) l lykos m stefan 4.5 abduction horror
The Gamma People (1956) p douglas e bartok l phillips 5.3 scifi mutant ray
The Goodbye Girl (1977) r dreyfuss m mason q cummings 7.4 romcom
The Headless Eyes (1971) b brundin r gordon k swartz 4.1 serial killr
The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981) l tomlin c grodin n beatty 5.5 scifi
The Kids from 62-F (2016) e mccoy ms lee r reaney 5.7 alien tech family
The Last Mercenary (2021) jc vandamme a ivanov 5.0 action
The Mephisto Waltz (1971) a alda j bisset 6.0 warlock hor
The Missing (2003) a eckhart tl jones c blanchett 6.5
The Monkey's Uncle (1965) t kirk a funicello l ames 6.0 sports scifi
The Sentinel (1977) c raines a gardner c sarandon 6.4 slasher
The Spell (1977) l grant s myers l goldoni 5.6 revenge horror
The Time Travelers (1964) p foster p carey m anders 4.9 time
The Windsplitter (1971) j mcmullan p lambert j taylor 5.3 drama
Think Like a Dog (2020) m fox j duhamel g bateman 5.2 fantasy telepathy
Thunderbolt (1929) g bancroft f wray r arlen 5.9 prison drama
THX: 1138 (1971) r duvall d pleasence dp colley 6.7 future scifi
Transference (2020) mj boerger j cornish m daciw 5.0 mutant powers
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) b lancaster r widmark rl browne 6.8 ww3 drama
Two-Lane Blacktop (1971) j taylor w oats l bird 7.2 racing act
Weekend Killer (2011) a bisciello d brito c dalimonte 5.0 serial killer
West Side Story (1961) n wood g chakiris r beymer 7.5 musical
Women in Cages (1971) j brown r collins j gan 5.0 abduction hor
400 Bullets (2021) jp ly al potts j warren 4.6 soldier act
Above Suspicion (2019) e clarke j huston s lowe 5.6 fbi action
Aftermath (2021) a greene s ashmore s atkins 5.0 stalker
Alleyway (2021) j devnarain 3.5 cop action
Assault on VA-33 (2021) sp flannery mj white m dacoscus 3.5
Balto (1995) k bacon b hoskins b fonda 7.0 cartoon
Bearry (2021) s french t haley c chudabala 3.5 evil doll
Beethoven's 1st (1992) c grodin b hunt d jones 5.7 cuddly animals
Beethoven's 2nd (1993) c grodin b hunt n tom 4.9
Beethoven's 3rd (2000) j reinhold j sweeney j pichler 4.2
Beethoven's 4th (2001) j reinhold j sweeney j pichler 4.2
Beethoven's 5th (2003) d thomas f ford d chase 4.2
Beethoven's Big Break (2008) j silverman j finnigan m arias 4.5
Beethoven's Christmas Adventure (2011) j cleese m chambers k rhoders 4.4
Beethoven's Treasure Tail (2014) j silverman k swanson b manley 4.6
Black Beauty (1971) m lester w slezak pl lawrence 5.5
Black Beauty (1994) s bean s thewlis dk time 6.6
Black Beauty (2015) l perry b davison sa schultz 3.8
Black Friday (1940) b karloff b lugosi s ridges 6.3 brain transplant scifi
Blacula 1: Black Drac (1972) w marshall v mcgee d nicholas 5.5 dracula
Blood Conscious (2021) o gbaje d white l thomas 4.8 demon
Blood for Dracula (1974) j dallesandro u kier v desica 6.0
Bottle Monster (2020) w aames l attridge t baird 3.5 monster
Changing Lanes (2002) b affleck sl jackson k staunton 6.5 roadrage action
Collection (2021) m vogel a pettyfer b wool 4.3 organ crime action
Condorman (1981) m crawford o reed b carrera 5.7 superhero
Cowboys & Aliens (2011) d craig h ford o wilde 6.5 aliens
Crime Story (2021) r dreyfuss m sorvino pt vince 3.5 revenge act
Cutterhead (2018) c sonderris k mikic s semere 6.0 survival horror
Dark City (1998) r sewell k sutherland j connelly 7.6 alien world
Dead Bang (1989) d johnson pa miller w forsythe 6.1 cop action
Death Hunt (1981) c bronson l marvin a stevens 7.0 wilderness cop action
Death Note 3: L Change the World (2008) a abell 6.1
Demonic (2021) c pope cw martin mj rogers 4.4
District 9 (2009) s copley d james j cope 7.9 aliens
Eminence Hill (2019) b corbin l henriksen d swain 4.5 westrn action
Equinox (1970) e connell b hewitt f bonner 5.3 fantasy
F.I.S.T. (1978) s stallone r steiger p boyle 6.4 organized crime
Fast & Furious 4: New Model (2009) v diesel m rodriguez g gadot p walker 6.6
Fast & Furious 5: Fast Five (2011) v diesel d johnson p walker g gadot 7.3
Fast & Furious 6: Pardon Me (2013) v diesel d johnson m rodriguez 7.0
Fast & Furious 7: Furious 7 (2015) v diesel d johnson p walker j statham 7.1
Fast & Furious 8: The Fate of the Furious (2017) v diesel j statham d johnson 6.6
Fast & Furious 9: The Fast Saga (2021) v diesel k russell m rodriguez 5.9
Fast Color (2018) g mbatharaw d strthaim l toussaint 6.0 superpowers
Final Descent (1997) r urich a otoole j delancie 5.5 plane crash disaster
Firebase (2017) s boule n rhind r hobbs 7.0 war short
Flashback (2020) l repomartell d obrien h gross 5.5 time travel
Fragment of Fear (1970) d hemmings g hunnicutt w hydewhite 6.1 psycological hor
G.I. Joe 3: Snake Eyes (2021) h golding a koji h abe 5.4
Game of Death (1978) b lee g young d jagger 6.1
Gentle Ben (2002) d cain c bernsen w katt 5.8 bear
Going Overboard (1989) a sandler bb thorton b zane 1.8
Here Comes Hell (2019) t bailey m bennett a bradley 4.8 demon
Hours (2013) p walker g rodriguez n nave 6.4 hurricane katrina
Incision (2020) k rico l kholafai c mandylor 4.6 slasher
It Came from Yesterday (2016) j waltrowski n hollabaugh n russo 5.0 dimensional creature
Jeremiah Johnson (1972) r redford w geer d bolton 7.6 drama legend
Joe Bell (2020) m wahlberg r miller c britton 5.4 bio drama
Jonathan (2018) a elgort s waterhouse p clarkson 5.8 phycological scifi
Jurassic Hunt (2021) c loggins r pla t dospil 3.5 syfy dino
Kin Dread (2021) ed smart p cupo e gunn 4.7 serial killer
Kings of the Sun (1963) y brynner g chakiris sa field 6.2 mayan fantasy
Knives Out (2019) d craig c evans ad armas 7.5 comdy crime drama
Lake of Dracula (1971) m fujita c takahashi s emi 6.2
Lakeview Terrace (2008) sl jackson p wilson k washington 6.1 racism action
Landmine Goes Click (2015) s knight s locke k tolodava 5.9 torture horror
Level 16 (2018) k douglas c martin s canning 6.0 trap scifi
Logan's Run (1976) m york j agutter r jordan 6.8 utopia scifi
Machine Gun McCain (1969) j cassavetes b ekland p falk 6.1 heist action
Major Payne (1995) d wayans m ironside bb bigelow 6.3 comedy
Matilda (1996) d devitto r perlman m wilson 6.9 spcl powers fantasy
Mind Talker (2021) mdr angulo jr cerminara 4.5 telepathy scifi
Moon Zero Two (1969) j olsen c schell w mitchell 4.5 space crime
Mother aka The Girl Who Got Away (2021) k tuckerman tj alex e beveridge 5.0 srl killer
Mount Adams (2021) t wade e sweet m odonnell 3.0 dinosaur
Mr. Nobody (2009) j leto s polley d kruger 7.5 relativity
Naked Singularity (2021) j boyega o cooke b skarsgard 4.3 cops n robbers act
Near Enemies (2020) tb nagle ja foster k beers 4.4 ww2 action
Night Drive (2019) aj bowen s dalah s poythress 5.5 rideshare killer
Not of This Earth (1995) m york p stevenson e barondes 4.8 alien
Out of Time (2021) n august b boyd k long 5.8 time traveler
Overrun (2021) o zader j messner b dern 7.6 spcl forces act
Panic in the Streets (1950) r widmark p douglas b belgeddes 7.3 plague killer
Psycho Storm Chaser (2021) t erickson r hillis m oneil 4.5 hurricane serial killer
PT 109 (1963) c robertson r culp t hardin 6.6 ww2 pres kennedy
Race with the Devil (1975) p fonda w oats l swit 6.6 cult horror
RainFalls (2020) n hoy st louisell l morrisson 4.5 killer
Reminiscence (2021) h jackman r ferguson t newton 6.1 time travel
Riders of Justice (2020) m mikkelsen nl kaas ah gadeberg 7.6 revenge action
Righteous Kill (2008) r deniro a pacino c gugino 6.0 serial killer
Risen (2021) t purchase n rose ba littaua 3.2 alien invasion
S.I.N. Theory (2012) j larter ad doiron f yazdani 5.9 paranormal scifi
Satan's Servant (2021) j thompson eg zahnley e wynden 4.6 satanic cult
Scream Test (2020) g morshower d sheridan f rose 3.1 slasher
Senior Trip (1995) m fewer v mahaffey l dane 5.7 sitcom
Shadow Conspiracy (1997) c sheen d sutherland l hamilton 4.9 conspiracy action
Shaft 3: Shaft in Africa (1973) r roundtree f finlay v mcgee 5.9
Ski Patrol (1990) r rose tk carter y nipar 5.2 sitcom
St. Ives (1976) c bronson j bisset j houseman 6.3 crime action
Steel (1997) s oneal a gish j nelson 2.9 superhero
Stillwater (2021) m damon c cottin a breslin 6.8 crime drama
Survive (2021) rm atwood a burnette dd domingue 2.9 post apoc scifi
Sweet Girl (2021) j mamoa i merced m garciaruflo 5.6 revenge action
Sweetwater (2013) e harris j jones j isaacs 6.2 western action
The Atomic Submarine (1959) a franz d foran b halsey 5.2 scifi technology
The Brave One (2007) j foster t howard n andrews 6.7 revenge action
The Deadly Tower (1975) k russell r yaiguez n beatty 6.7 sniper action
The Duchess And The Dirtwater Fox (1976) g hawn g segal c janis 5.7 sitcom
The Flight of Dragons (1982) v buono je jones 7.7 cartoon
The Girl in Cabin 13 (2021) d devane b downs r johnson 2.6 stalker
The Green Knight (2021) d patel a vikander k edgerton 7.2 fantasy legend
The Immortal (2019) m damore g aiello s donofrio 6.5 reincarnation fantasy
The Infinite Man (2014) j mcconville h marshall a dimitriades 6.2 time loop
The Manhattan Project (1986) j lthgow c collet r council 6.2 scifi technology
The Mauritanian (2021) t rahim nh bari s hamoud 7.5 cia detainment prison drama
The Night Walker (1964) r taylor b stanwyck j meridith 6.4 ghost
The Old Ways (2020) bk canales a cortes j vera 5.7 demon
The Presidio (1988) s connery m harmon m ryan 6.0 cop action
The Rocketeer (1991) b campbell j connelly a arkin 6.5 superhero
The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968) d knotts b rhoades j coogan 6.4 slapstick comedy
The Suicide Squad (2021) m robbie i elba j cena 6.5 superhero
The Taking of Beverly Hills (1991) k wahl m fewer hj kozak 5.1 robber action
The War of the Worlds 2021 (2021) 2.2 syfy j arons a bowlby l brancato 2.2
The Whole Truth (2016) k reeves r zellweger g mbatharaw 6.2 courtroom drama
Thelma (2017) e harboe k wilkins h rafaelsen 7.0 mutant horror powers
Traveller (1997) m wahlberg b paxton j margulies 6.1 crime drama
Up Periscope (1959) j garner e obrien a martin 6.5 ww2 spy action
W1: The Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1975) r logan d samante h holmes 6.4 family drama
W2: The Further Adventures of the Wilderness Family (1978) r logan s damante h rattray 6.4
Water 1: False Paradise (2019) b brody 1.8
Water 2: The Cleansing (2020) m ayala a berardi 2.0
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970) v ventri r hawdon p allen 5.2 dinosaurs
Wonder Woman (1974) cl crosby k garas a prine 4.8
Wonder Women (1973) n kwan r hagen m dearagon 4.7 scifi mad scientist
Zoe (2018) e mcgregor l seydoux t james 6.0 androids
A Classic Horror Story (2021) ma lutz f russo p mazzotta 3.7 cult
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops (1955) b abbott l costello f clark 6.4
Aiyai: Wrathful Soul (2020) k williams tj holt c ingham 4.5 possession
All Cheerleaders Die (2013) s allison cr arnold s astar 5.1 witch
Amazon Queen (2021) cd stone 2.0 action adventure
Apache Junction (2021) t jane t adkins w choy 5.0 westrn action
Apartment 413 (2019) n saenz b grant d buckman 5.0 psychological hor
Assimilate (2019) j courtney c worthy a matichak 5.3 body snatcher scifi
Asteroid-a-Geddon (2020) e roberts 1.8 syfy
Astro Loco (2021) d argue h dallimore f handrum 6.8 ai space scifi
Bad Candy (2020) z galligan c taylor b rae 3.5 hor anthlgy
Basilisk: The Serpent King (2006) j london w carter c derricks 3.4 syfy
Beyond Paranormal (2021) c palm r donowho p rae 3.6 demon
Black as Night (2021) n barre m beauchamp a cooper 3.5 vampires
Blackwater (2007) g chris a simon m blomberg 3.4 hor survival
Blades (1989) r north j whelan 3.3 troma lawnmower
Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff (1949) b abbott l costello b karloff 6.9
Burial Ground Massacre (2021) m madsen c vale v marseglia 4.7 curse
C.I.Ape (2021) m kientz a rosario t rivas 4.0 animal ape
Candyman (2021) y abdulmateen t parris ns jarrett 5.7
Companion (2021) a flynn m anthony r shealy 6.5 post apoc ghosts
Copshop (2021) f grillo g butler cl coleman 6.3 hitman assassin
Cry Macho (2021) c eastwood d yoakam dv graulau 6.0 drama
Cyst (2020) e habermann g hardy g sestero 4.0 monster
Demigod (2021) j london e sanchez r nichols 5.0 celtic god Cernunnos
Don't Breathe 2 (2021) s lang m grace b sexton 6.5
Dune (2021) t chalamet r ferguson d bautista j brolin j momoa 8.2
East of the Mountains (2021) t skeritt m sorvio a gonzalez 7.5 drama adventure
Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions (2021) t russell l miller da woll 6.0
Final Frequency (2020) n alexandre kb blanton 3.0 disaster action
Free Guy (2021) r reynolds j comer t waititi 7.5
From Beyond 2: The Resonator ~ Miskatonic U (2021) a keener a woods a wyss m pare 5.0
Halloween 1.2: Halloween Kills (2021) jl curtis n castle s macarthur
Ida Red (2021) f grillo da woll j hartnett 6.2 action
Implanted (2021) m girolami n boussandel s broughton 6.0 test subj hor
It Came From Below (2021) b hirani m purvis g banks 3.5 monster
Kate (2021) w harrelson me winstead mp martineau 6.0 martial arts fighting
Last Man Down (2021) d stilsen o kent d nehme 4.5 survival action
Like Dogs (2021) a barrett i matynia rq tran 5.5 test subj hor
Lucky Day (2019) l bracey n dobrev c glover 5.0 hitman action com
Malignant (2021) a wallis m hasson g young 6.2 psychotic horror
Man vs Bigfoot (2021) dd ford tl ray t mills 5.0
Masquerade (2021) b thorne aa lind s samuels 3.5 home invasion horror
Mass Hysteria (2019) g santiago j ryan s swayze 5.0 witch
Megalodon Rising (2021) t sizemore o neal 1.0
Needle in a Timestack (2021) l odomjr f pinto c erivo 4.5 fantasy romance
Nightbooks (2021) w fegley l jewette k ritter 5.0 halloween kids
No One Gets Out Alive (2021) m menchaca c rodlo v alcock 4.2 trapped horror
Offspring 3: Darlin' (2019) c andrews m bateman l canny 4.8
Old (2021) gg bernal v krieps r sewell 6.0 time trap
Outlaw's Buckle (2021) t hallum rg whittle a arrasmith 3.0 srlkllr
Prey (2021) d kross h koffler m ehrich 3.3 survival hor in german no subs
Prisoners of the Ghostland (2021) n cage s boutella n cassavettes 5.0 action curse
Riot Girls (2019) m iseman a mitchell m chambers 4.5 alt timeline scifi
Rushed (2021) sf hogan r patrick e frankel 5.5 hazing horror
SGT. Will Gardner (2019) m martini o hardwick l rabe 5.1 iraq war action
Shelter in Place (2021) k daniels b hines o kaminska 4.0 pandemic slasher
Solitary (2020) j sachon l tolhurst m condron 3.5 space trapped
Soul Reaper (2019) k burrows hj cole s evans 2.0 demonic
Spree (2020) j keery s zamata d arquette 5.8 serial killer
Stay Out Stay Alive (2019) b mattson s mears 4.0 haunted goldmine
Streamline (2021) j isaacs l miller j ryan 6.0 sports drama
Strings (2021) o prado r magdaleno pm lopez 4.2 witch
Superhost (2021) s canning o chau g gillam 5.6 psychotic hor
Survive the Game (2021) b willis cm murray 3.4 cop action
Swim (2021) j lawrence a lauer j field 3.3 syfy shark
Synapse (2021) ag simon s brown j alba 3.0 mind drug dea action
Take Shelter (2011) m shannon j chastain s whigham 7.2 psychological scifi
The Alpines (2021) m corrigan k diehm s kazakoff 5.6 psychological hor
The Blazing World (2021) u kier d mulroney v shaw 4.8 dimension
The Card Counter (2021) o isaac t haddish t sheridan 4.3 drama
The Devil to Pay aka Reckoning (2019) d deadwyler c dyer jw smith 6.1 survival
The Gateway (2021) s whigham o munn z avery 4.5 crimedrama
The Ghosts of Borley Rectory (2021) j sands t wynndavies c baker 4.5 haunted
The Good Things Devils Do (2020) b oberstjr l quigley k hodder 5.0 vampire
The Interrogation of Michael Crowe (2002) a sheedy m rendall j bourgeois 6.5 drama
The Last House on the Street (2021) g barbosa j behie d garcia 2.0 slasher
The Main Event (2020) s carr t arold a pally 4.2 fantasy mask powers
The Manor (2021) b davison b hershey n alexander 5.6 supernatrl
The Mutation (2021) m purvis st cohn ac thompson 7.0 rat
The Night House (2020) r hall s goldberg v curtishall 6.0 ghost
The Protege (2021) m keaton m q sl jackson 6.2 assassin action
The Stairs (2021) k quinlan j schneider r hodgkinson 4.5 fantasy hor
The Survivalist (2021) jr meyers j malkovich jl green 3.0 fbi action
Through the Glass Darkly (2020) r lively m trucco s hampton 7.0 abduction drama
Uploaded (2021) e roberts b krause b mitchell 2.9 framed for murder
Vacation Friends (2021) lr howery y orji j cena 6.0 sitcom
Vengeance Is Mine (2021) c oneill sj potts a valensi 4.3 revenge action
Warning (2021) t jane t kot t garrn 4.0 near future scifi
We Need to Do Something (2021) s mccormick v shaw p healy 3.1 witch
While We Sleep (2021) s babenkov b gross li gross 3.0 possession
Wired Shut (2021) b stadel n sharp b fazlali 4.5 torture
Witches of Blackwood aka Unlit (2020) c magrath k hofbauer l mason 5.0 witch
Yakuza Princess (2021) masumi jr meyers t ihara 4.0 crime war action
Zone 414 (2021) t fimmel g pearce 4.5 ai cyborg
13 Minutes (2021) t birch a smart a heche 4.7 disaster tornado lifetime drama
A Boy Called Christmas (2021) m smith i osullivan k fry 6.5
Adventureland (2009) r reynolds j eisenberg k stewart 6.5 romcom
Against the Wall (1994) sl jackson k maclachlan hd stanton 6.5 attica prison riot
Alpha Rift (2021) l henriksen ad villa r nielsen 3.5 magic fantasy
Sicario: American Sicario (2021) d trejo m stojan m quinn 4.0
Apex (2021) n mcdonough b willis c large 3.2 hunter survival action
Arena (2011) sl jackson k lutz j messner 4.5 fighting
Army of Thieves (2021) m schweighofer n emmanuel ro fee 6.4 wsubs
Asteroid (2021) c carvin mj cowsert m rose l woods 4.0
Basic (2003) j travolta sl jackson c nielsen 6.5 crime action
Beasts of the Field (2019) g blair ad fox tl beckham 3.2 creature
Blood House (2021) t manders gh dean 3.1 survival horror
Castle Falls (2021) d lungren s adkins k wayne 5.6 fighting
Chaos Theory (2008) r reynolds e mortimer s townsend 6.5 romcom
Cowgirls vs. Pterodactyls (2021) m wiley 2.5 syfy
Dangerous (2021) m gibson s eastwood f janssen 7.1
Dark Moon Rising (2009) m ryan mc alonso c mulkey s haig l shaye 4.5 werewolf
Deadlock (2021) b willis p muldoon 2.6 terrorist revenge
Devil's Triangle (2021) f williamson 1.5 syfy asylum
Django (1966) f nero j canalejas j bodalo 7.0 western
Django Defies Sartana (1970) t kendall g ardisson j torres 5.0 western
Django Prepare a Coffin (1968) t hill h frank g eastman 6.0 western
Django Unchained (2012) j foxx l dicaprio sl jackson j remar k washington 8.0
Don't Let Her In (2021) k curran l doctor aj parker 5.5 demon
Escape from Death Block 13 (2021) r bronzi c hahn n turturro 4.0 prison riot
Fear Pharm 2 (2021) j littlefield a stolte t tuttle 5.1 organ harvest horror
Finch (2021) t hanks cl jones o avila 7.0 robot
Flashout (2019) v lim l swickard a dunbar 4.5 scifi dimension
Formula 51 aka 51st State (2001) sl jackson r carlyle e mortimer 6.0 crime drug
Freedomland (2006) sl jackson j moore w forsythe a mackie 5.0 kidnap action drama
Grave Intentions (2021) a abraham j basanta pa bugarin 5.0 hor anthology
Hard Cash (2002) c slater v kilmer s downing 4.5 action thief
Hard Eight aka Sydney (1996) sl jackson g paltrow pb hall 7.0 crime drama
Hell Hath No Fury (2021) a andrei n bergman 3.3 ww2 action
Home of the Brave (2006) sl jackson j biel c ricci 5.5 iraq war vets
James Bond 27: No Time To Die (2021) d craig ad armas r malek b whishaw r fiennes n harris 7.5
King Richard (2021) w smith j bernthal a ellis 7.5 sports wsubs
Lair (2021) o fehr c johnson e haigh 5.8 demon
Last Night in Soho (2021) t mckenzie a taylorjoy m smith 7.0 ghost
Meeting Evil (2012) sl jackson l wilson l bibb 5.0 crime mystery drama
Mo-Better Blues (1990) d washington w snipes sl jackson 6.5 jazz romance drama
Never Back Down 4: Revolt (2021) ha rashid m bisping j faulkner 4.5
Night at the Eagle Inn (2021) a dudley t turner g schweers 5.0 haunted house
Night Raiders (2021) em tailfeathers bl hart a tarrant 6.0 scifi action wsubs
Night Teeth (2021) j lendeborg d ryan l fry 4.8 vampires
No Good Deed (2002) sl jackson m jovovich s skarsgard 5.0 robbery action
Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight 2 (2021) m wieclawek 3.2 wsubs
One Shot (2021) s adkins a greene r phillippe 6.0 navy seals action
Red Notice (2021) d johnson r reynolds g gadot 7.0 action thieves wsubs
Red Stone (2021) n mcdonough 3.2 hitman
Rogue City (2020) l gautry s merhar j reno 5.7 cop action wsubs
Rules of Engagement (2000) sl jackson tl jones g pearce 6.0 jag war drama
Shaft (1971) r roundtree m gunn g mitchell 6.5 crime action
Shaft (2000) sl jackson r roundtree v williams 6.0 action crime
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) s liu b kingsley m yeoh 7.5 wsub
Shark Huntress (2021) k grey 1.0 syfy
Slumber Party Massacre (2021) h gonera m rayne 4.4 slasher reboot
Snakehead (2021) s kang s chang d diep 5.0 chinese act organcrime wsubs
Spider from the Attic (2021) sa marks n wright c greenwood 4.0
Still Waiting... (2009) a carolla jm higgins 4.5 comedy
Strictly Business (1991) sl jackson h berry s rockwell 5.5 romcom
Sukiyaki: Western Django (2007) q tarantino h ito k momoi 6.0
Super Fly (1972) r oneal c lee s frazier 6.0 crime action
SuperFly (2018) t jackson j mitchell ls davis 5.0 crime action
The Banker (2020) sl jackson a mackie n long 7.0 drama bio
The Captive (2014) r reynolds b greenwood m enos 6.0 crime drama
The Change-Up (2011) r reynolds j bateman o wilde 6.0 fantasy
The Deep House (2021) c rowe j jagger e savin 4.0 ghost
The Funhouse (1981) e berridge s carson j austin 5.5 halloween
The In-Laws (2003) m douglas r reynolds r tunney 5.5 spy comedy
The Last Duel (2021) m damon a driver j comer b affleck 6.5 knights act wsubs
The Last Rite (2021) b waller 3.0 demon wsubs
The Other Guys (2010) d johnson sl jackson m wahlberg m keaton w ferrell e mendes 6.5 action comedy
The Return of Superfly (1990) sl jackson n purdee 4.5 crime action
The Slumberparty Massacre (1982) m michaels r stille m villella 5.0 slasher
The Spore (2021) j jefferies 3.0 fungus infestation
The Sunset Limited (2011) sl jackson tl jones 7.5 drama
The Thing Inside Us (2021) c tonry c graham r juarbe 3.1 alien pandemic scifi
Van Helsing (2004) h jackman k beckinsale r roxburgh 6.3 dracula
Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) t hardy w harrelson m williams 6.1 wsubs
Waiting... (2005) r reynolds a faris j long 6.5 comedy
Zeros and Ones (2021) e hawke 3.0 terrorist wsubs