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Thanks for all the content Tom!!!

shame you aren't getting more feedback.

honestly I've only seen a fraction of these. my movie interest has declined quite a bit. too much sex, foul language, predictable plots, fake sfx, and leftist politics.
I hear ya.
The quality of most films lately is laughable.
There are some really good ones but its hit or miss.

I can't even watch movies made by uncork'd anymore.
The few good ones are hard to determine unless you sit thru the garbage.
Hell, at least The Asylum films are watchable...well some of them anyway.

Granted, genre films based in speculative fiction have always been a bit hokey.
Many were at least based on good stories and novels by well-known writers.
It just feels like, to me, the people writing the stories for some of these newer movies have no idea what they are doing and shouldn't be writing speculative fiction at all.
What gets me is the fact there are still thousands of well-written stories by well-known authors which NEED a big budget film.

My collection is getting too big. I'm far past the point of ever hoping to watch every movie before I die.
I've stopped keeping movies with a less than 3.0 rating unless it is part of a set or theme. It seems I'm passing by more and more movies as time progresses and the rating systems are all inaccurate.

too much sex, foul language, predictable plots, fake sfx, and leftist politics.
What really makes me shut it off is production values.
Bad direction, bad acting, bad dialog, non-existent filters, raw sound, wrong or no music, lack of establishing shots, poor scene transitions anything found footage, anything cell phone view and so on.

To me, I want movies which make you forget you are watching a movie. Those artistic films which use weird camera angles and shaky cam are immediate turn-offs.
Getting lost in the movie and only realizing time passed after its over is, for me, evidence of a well-made film.

I can forgive sex if it advances the story and fits the intent.
I can forgive some foul language but I hate angry language whether its foul or not, one of the reasons I can't stand rap.
Predictable plots are too common anymore to be overly concerned about it. It is a nice surprise when my predictions are wrong tho.
Special effects are not an issue with me. Unless they are very, very bad and pull me out of the movie. I can usually tell the quality of special effects that will be used based on opening quality of the movies. If there is no Foley, no voice overlay and lack of filters and theme music, lack of establishing shots and proper (fitting) stock footage chances are the cgi will be bad which indicates all sfx will be bad. Most likely a lobudget film.
Politics is never an issue for me. Unless its rammed into your face, I don't pay attention. I'm kinda anti-political myself. As far as I'm concerned all politics is worthless drivel, both on screen and in real life.
Sometimes politics do advance the story and create an atmosphere to the movie. I find this in courtroom dramas a lot.

Another thing I'm sick of is same ole same ole. Same story, different people, settings or slant. Its like HollyJunk is afraid to introduce new concepts and keeps ramming the same stories down our throats.
I see it more in TV Shows which is why I watch very few of those.
You might almost consider it a brainwashing technique to control the masses. Push the same values generation after generation to the point people morally value what you want them to value.
I like movies which break this pattern. They may not overturn the pattern but they fail to promote it.

Brightburn is a great example of this. It breaks the superHERO mindset and allows the evil to win.
In real life, evil does win quite a bit, without consequences. Films which show harm to a child also breaks the brainwashing. In real life, animals eat babies and young, weak, frail. Feast exploited this with the comment at the beginning "They Wouldn't Kill a kid would they", they do, then in Feast 2 a baby gets eaten. Its an assault on the brainwashed moral mindset of the public. I know a few people who can't watch the Feast films because of those scenes.

I'm an animal lover. I can't stand watching a pet be killed thru violence against the pet. I can however watch a pet be killed heroically. Is this a brainwashed mindset I'm under or just my own love of pets?

I watch anywhere from 4-10 movies per day. I have a movie playing in a small window at the corner of my screen right now. I watch some movies multiple times in a row, I study monsters, creatures and aliens. I look at the designs and mannerisms the writers assign to those characters. Too often, they are too human in nature or too Earth-like if an alien. Its amazing how often monsters and alien creatures resemble octopi.
Its amazing how often alien planets have Earth-like physics. Kepler extrapolations of exo-planets suggests some very extreme differences in real life. Life which evolved under different environments would have different physiology. We get aliens which think like humans. Why would an alien civilizations have anything in common with our value systems? Why would alien ships have bright lights, doors, windows. Why would aliens even have a ship? Maybe they could travel in bubbles of some sort.
I was impressed with Galaxy Quest which used a bubble to transport personnel to and from their ship.

I could criticize 99% of the movies I see or I could just sit and enjoy them. I choose to sit and enjoy them unless something pulls me out of it. Recently, I'm being pulled out more than sucked in. To me, that is a bad trend.
I find Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' more entertaining than just about any sitcom.
I find more drama and better plot and characters in any episode of 'Perry Mason' than 99% of the movies.
(if you get a chance watch 'The Case of the Absent Artist'. Victor Buono plays a beatnik hobo. awesome.)
the old Hawaii Five-0 was great.

I'd like to watch more foreign flicks, esp Japanese. I think TCM plays a few once a month or so. not just the Kaiju. those Samurai ones are often very entertaining.
2099: The Soldier Protocol (2019) d arquette k rae 3.5 scifi super soldier
A Day to Die (2022) b willis 3.0

After Yang (2021) c farrell j tunersmith 6.5 ai scifi
Alter Ego (2021) e roberts 3.0 ai robot
Apparitions (2021) s davis c oconnor 3.5 cursed

Black Crab (2022) n rapace d dencik a opheim 5.5 post apoc
Blacklight (2022) l neeson a quinn tj smith 4.5 fbi action
Broadcast (2022) e roberts s blake 3.5 genetic scifi
Bull Shark (2022) t hallum 3.0 shark

Clean (2020) a brody g fleshlre r merritt 5.5 hitman
Crabs! (2021) k carley r craighead 4.5 horseshoe crabs
Deathstalker (1983) r hill b benton r booker 4.5 fantasy magic

Deep Water (2022) b affleck a dearmas t letts 5.5 mystery drama
Ditched (2021) m sila k loranger l lopez 5.0 survival horror
Dog (2022) c tatum a haas r mclaughlin 6.5 road trip comedy
Dracula: The Original Living Vampire (2022) j herbert 1.3
Entropy (2022) m nieman 3.0 monster
Frankenstein 90 (1984) j rochefort e mitchell 4.5

Frankenstein Created Bikers (2016) j bryaqnt t risk 5.5
Gasoline Alley (2022) b willis 3.0 action cop
Ghosts of the Ozarks (2021) t hobson p morris 4.0 civ war ghosts

Girl in the Shed: The Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez (2022) 5.0 horror drama kidnap
Glasshouse (2021) j alexander k harris a pearce 5.5 post apoc toxin
Habit (1995) l fassenden m snaider a beall 4.0 succubus demon
Hunting Souls (2022) s mabrey a turner 4.0 demon
In Search of Tomorrow (2022) 5hr documentary
In the Spider's Web (2007) l henriksen 3.0 spider
Insectula! (2015) p pilla a cezanne h matthews 4.5 giant mosquitoes

Last Survivors (2014) hl richardson b strewart m charles 5.0 post apoc survival
Last Survivors (2021) dv acker a silverstone s moyer 4.5 survival

Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop (2021) k grammer l bangay 5.5
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis (1991) r thomas d caruso 6.5
Moon Crash (2022) j london 2.0 syfy

Nightmare Alley (2021) b cooper c blanchett t collette 7.0 crime drama
Nightride (2021) m dunford j ribeiro g jordon 6.0 crime drama
One Way (2006) t schweiger ll smith s roberts 6.0 crime drama
Panama (2022) c hauser m gibson 3.4 action soldier

Phantom of the Opera (1943) n eddy s foster c rains 6.5
Project: 'Gemini' (2022) e koreshkov 3.5 scifi space monster
Pursuit (2022) j cusack 3.0 action cop

Raging Fire aka Crossfire (2021) d yen n tse l qin 6.5 action cops wsubs
River of Death (1989) m dudikoff r vaughn d pleasence 4.0 jungle action

Scream (2022) n campbell c cox d arquette 6.5
Shadowchaser (1992) m kove m foster f zagarino 4.5 terrorist robot
Shattered (2022) c monaghan f grillo j malkovich 4.0 survival action

Shut In (2022) r qualley j horowitz l vandette 7.0 survival horror
Smash-Up on Interstate 5 (1976) r conrad sb allen b ebsen 6.0 disaster local
Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) t holland zendaya b cumberpatch 7.5
Student Body (2022) c camargo m hernandez 4.5 kids against school horror
Take Back the Night (2021) e fitzpatrick a gulner 4.0 monster attack

Tethered (2022) a paul k ferguson j laufree 5.5 creature feature
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) m burnham e fisher 5.0
The 355 (2022) j chastain p cruz b fan 4.5 cia action

The Adam Project (2022) r reynolds m ruffalo 6.5 time travel
The Color of Magic (2008) t prachett d jason t curry 7.0 discworld
The Colossus of Rhodes (1961) r calhoun l massari g maechal 5.5 giant sword & sandal
The Curse of the Werewolf (1961) c evans o reed y romain 6.5
The Cursed (2021) b holbrook k reilly 6.0 demon
The Electric Man (2022) j rowan t sizemore 4.5 scifi mind
The Fourth Musketeer (2022) s cronin 3.5
The Hunting (2021) a cole 3.0 werewolf

The Hyperions (2022) c elwes p mitchell e tan 6.0 superpower titan badge
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (2022) 4.0

The King's Man (2021) R fiennes g arterton r ifans 6.5
The Last Mark (2022) a fast s doyle 4.0 assassin action

The Legend of Jack and Jill (2021) j barker st cohen b fletcher 5.0
The Long Night (2022) s taylorcompton ng funk 3.5 cult horror

The Most Dangerous Game (1932) f wray j mccrea l banks 7.0 man hunt horror
The Night Stalker (1972) d mcgavin c lynley s oakland 7.5 vampire
The Night Strangler (1973) d mcgavin ja pflug s oakland 7.5 witchcraft
The Philly Kid (2012) mj white n mcdonough s butler 5.7 mma
The Pilot: A Battle for Survival (2021) d brach m emelyanov 6.0 ww2 w subs
The Requin (2022) a silverstone 1.5 survival disaster storm

The Reunion (2022) d rosenbery a modica c ronzetti 5.5 drama look
They Live in the Grey (2022) m krusiec k kirby 5.0 supernatural entity
Triassic Attack (2010) s brand 3.0 syfy skelton dinos
Tsunambee (2015) s pederson 1.5 syfy

Unearthed (2007) l goss e vaugier b garrett 5.0 alien cave creature
Village of the Giants (1965) t kirk r howard 3.5 scifi mutants
WarHunt (2022) m rourke j rathbone 4.0 ww2 action war
Werewolf Castle (2021) p lofsgard 3.5 werewolf

West Side Story (2021) a elgort r zegler a debose 7.5 dance drama
White Fang 1 (1991) e hawke km brandauer jed 6.5 dog adventure
White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf (1994) s bairstow c craig a harrington 5.5
Been awhile since I updated this list

4 Horsemen: Apocalypse (2022) j alabi b buckley 2.0 syfy asylum
9 Bullets (2022) l headley s worthington 5.0 guns
Agent Game (2022) m gibson 3.5 cia
All the Old Knives (2022) c pine g erdemli k madera 5.0 cia drama
Ambulance (2022) j gyllenhaal y abdulmateen2 e gonzalez 6.5 cops and robbers
Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) c farley n sheridan r shou 5.5
Black Rain (1989) m douglas a garcia k takakura 6.5
Black Sheep (1996) c farley d spade t matheson 6.5
Black Site (2022) m monaghan j clarke j courtney 4.5 cop action
Bull (2021) ax angelides ia angelides 5.0 revenge action
Chariot (2022) j malkovich t mann 4.7 life exten scifi
Corrective Measures (2022) b willis m rooker 3.4 prison
County Line 2: All In (2022) t wopat k crane d richards 6.0
Crimes of the Future (2022) v mortensen k stewart l seydoux 6.5 time travel
Dakota (2022) a cornish t rozon w baldwin 5.0 dog drama
Danger Beneath The Sea (2001) cv dien g mcraney s bick 4.5 sub action
Dark Cloud (2022) e atack 3.0 ai scifi
Death on the Nile (2022) t bateman a benning k branagh 6.5 crime drama
Dinosaur World (2020) x yu s he m pu 3.0 dino syfy
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) b cumberpatch b campbell p stewart 7.0
Double Threat (2022) dc ryan d olivieri m lawrence 5.0 mob action
Dragon Knight (2022) m tremethick b monroe 5.5 dragon
Dual (2022) k gillan a paul b koale 5.5 clone scifi
Eraser 2: Reborn (2022) d sherwood j lai 4.0
Erzulie (2022) z graham e trieu j kirkpatrick 5.0 mermaid
Escape the Field (2022) t rossi s west 3.2 survival horror
Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022) m yeoh s hsu kh quan 7.0 dimension scifi comedy
Father Stu (2022) m wahlberg m gibson j weaver 6.5 boxer priest
Firestarter (2022) z efron rk armstrong 5.8
Fortress 2: Sniper's Eye (2022) b willis 2.6
Hook, Line and Sinker (1969) j lewis a francis p lawford 5.5
Infinite Storm (2022) n watts b howle d ohare 5.0 blizzard disaster
Interceptor (2022) e pataky l bracey 4.5 special forces action
Ip Man 5: The Awakening (2022) gy chen hy fei m xie 3.5 mandarin
Jurassic Island (2022) st cohen n wright 3.0 uncorkd
Last Seen Alive (2022) g butler j alexander r hornsby 5.5
Lockdown (2022) m pare b ling 3.5 cop action
Memory (2022) l neeson g pearce r stevenson 5.5 assassin
Mid-Century (2022) s lang b dern s west 6.0 psycho horror
Monstrous (2022) c ricci s barnard 4.5 monster
Moonfall (2022) h berry p wilson j bradley m pena d sutherland 4.5 ELE disaster
Morbius (2022) j leto m smith a arjona 5.0 vamp
My Babysitter the Superhero (2022) m peterman 5.0 superhero
Prototype (2022) m hawkes 3.0 androids
Reed's Point (2022) j estevez 2.8 jersey devil
Room 203 (2022) f xuereb 5.5 ghost
Shark Bait (2022) h earl j trueman 5.0
Space Battleship: Yamato (2010) ~ dub t kimura m kuroki 6.0 space war
Spiderhead (2022) c hemsworth m teller j smollett 5.5 test subjects
The Adventures of Maid Marian (2022) s craig 3.0 robin hood
The Batman (2022) r pattinson z kravitz c farrell 4.0
The Box in the Basement (2021) k sanders 3.9 time travel
The Contractor (2022) c pine b foster g jacobs 5.0 special forces action
The Good Neighbor (2021) b davison j rhysmeyers e smyth 6.5 drama mystery
The Lost City (2022) s bullock c tatum d radcliffe b pitt s lang 6.0 fantasy
The Northman (2022) n kidman a skarsgard w dafoe e hawke 7.0 viking
The Outfit (2022) z deutch m rylance d obrien 6.5 crime drama
The Rescue (2020) e peng y wang z xin 4.0 japan action comedy no subs
The Spy Who Never Dies (2022) t liane c magrath p obrien 4.8 spies action
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) n cage np harris d moore 4.0
There Are No Saints (2022) r perlman n mcdonough t roth 4.5 revenge action
Top Gun 1 (1986) t cruise v kilmer T skerritt k mcgillis m ironside m ryan t robbins 7.0
Top Gunner 2: Danger Zone (2022) m pare 1.5
Torn Hearts (2022) k sagal a quinn 4.0 country music horror
Umma (2022) s oh f stewart 4.5 ghost horror
Uncharted (2022) m wahlberg t holland a banderas 6.5 treasure hunt action wsubs
Unhuman (2022) b tju b wadsworth 4.0 survival horror
Vendetta (2022) b willis t jane 4.0
Watcher (2022) m monroe k glusman b gorman 6.5 serial killer
White Elephant (2022) b willis j malkovich 4.0 mob action
Wolf Hound (2022) j maslow j turk 3.5 ww2 germany
X (2022) m goth j ortega b snow 6.5 adultfilmaker horror

3 Demons (2022) z cunningham 3.0 demons uncorkd
11th Hour Cleaning (2022) al torres c brooks e finlay 5.0 nordic demon
Allegoria (2022) j ennis k fox 3.8 monsters
Blowback (2022) r couture c gigandet c maher 4.0 revenge action
Boon (2022) n mcdonough t flanagan 4.5 crime boss action
Bring Him Back: Dead (2022) d baldwin l mandylor g daniels 4.0 heist action
Buried in Barstow (2022) a harmon l richards 6.5 lifetime drama action
Code Name: Banshee (2022) a banderas j king 3.0 assassin
Elvis (2022) t hanks a butler o dejonge 7.5 music bio
Frank and Penelope (2022) c cowan b budinich 4.5 cop action
Galaxy Games (2022) j brown 2.0 syfy
Hot Seat (2022) m gibson s doherty 3.5 heist action thriller
Infrared (2022) g sestero j janzen 4.0 haunted school investigation
Jurassic World 3: Dominion (2022) c pratt bd howard j goldblum s neill l dern bd wong i sermon 6.0
Killer's Delight (1978) j luisi s sullivan 5.0 serial killer
Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022) s carell a arkin 6.0
Nope (2022) d kaluuya k palmer b perea 7.0 aliens
P5 Predator 5: Prey (2022) a midthunder d beavers d diliegro 7.0
Paradise Highway (2022) m freeman f grillo c monaghan 5.0 child abduct
Rubikon (2022) jf richter g blagden 4.5 space survival
Secret Headquarters (2022) w scobell j williams c melton 4.5 superhero kids
Section Eight (2022) m rourke d lundgren d mulroney 5.0 special forces
Sniper 9: Rogue Mission (2022) cm collins r robbins s akimoto 5.8
Sniper: The White Raven (2022) a pavlo m koshkina 5.0 russian sniper
The Black Phone (2021) m thames m mcgraw e hawke 7.0 child abduct
The Bubble (2022) h trevaldwyn s kayo 4.5 comedy dinos
The Gray Man (2022) r gosling c evans a dearmas 6.5 cia action
The Man from Toronto (2022) w harrelson k hart j mathews 5.5 assassin
The Most Dangerous Game (2022) cv dien j nelson ct tamburello 3.0 human hunting action
THE PREY: Legend of Karnoctus (2022) d trejo 3.5 cave monster
The Princess (2022) o kurylenko j king a davidov 6.5 castle princess action
The Reef 2: Stalked (2022) t liane 3.5 shark
The Righteous (2021) h czerny m obrien m kuzyk 5.5 evil angel
The Summoned (2022) jq johnson e fitzpatrick a gulner 4.0 revenge horror
The Witch 2: The Other One (2022) m jo k dami cynthia 6.0 witch revenge
The Yacht aka Stowaway (2022) g grillo p schwarznegger 3.0 sea survival
Thirteen Lives (2022) c farrell v mortensen j edgerton 7.5 cave rescue action
Thor: God of Thunder (2022) m kingery 2.0 asylum mockbuster
Tow (2022) k hodder c gerard 3.0 slasher
Ultrasound (2021) v kartheiser c lopez b wool 4.5 scifi mind experiment
Unboxed (2022) c bran j cordova 3.0 slasher
Wrong Place (2022) b willis a greene 3.0 cop action

Accident Man 2: Hitman's Holiday (2022) s adkins r stevenson p benson 5.3
Ash and Bone (2022) j bernadette ad cama h wallen 5.5 slasher
Assailant (2022) cv dien p delevingne cm collins 5.5 psycho fight
Avarice (2022) g alexy l ford a neil 5.3 action abduction
Bandit (2022) j duhamel e cuthbert n carbonell 6.0 cops n robbers
Beast (2022) i elba s copley i halley 6.0 lion
Black Wood (2022) b wilder g morshower 3.5 horror western creature
Blank (2022) r shelley h reed w brady 4.0 ai scifi
Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) a stenberg m bakalova r sennott 6.0 slasher
Bullet Proof (2022) v jones l lecompte 3.5 mob action
Bullet Train (2022) b pitt j king a taylorjohnson 7.0 assassin
Cave Rescue (2022) a bhavilai e brown 5.0 drama soccer team
Control (2022) s mitich g tchortov 4.0 test subj scifi
Croc! (2022) s altman 2.2 animal lobudg uncorkd
Cursed Friends (2022) j lowe n byer h guillen 4.5 kids halloween
Day Shift (2022) j foxx d franco nl bordizzo 6.0 vampires
DC League of Super-Pets (2022) cartoon
Dead Zone (2022) mj white cm collins j fahey 4.5 zombie
Deadstream (2022) j winter m stone 5.0 demon
Deep Hatred (2022) s drust j sless e judson 4.5 ghosthouse brazil horror
Deus (2022) c black r blackwood 4.0 space scifi alien
Dig (2022) t jane l liberato h jane 4.0 hostage action
Eradication (2022) h aspinwall a acdinez 4.0 postapoc infected
Fleetwood Mac: Live in Boston (2004) concert 6.8
Fletch 3: Confess, Fletch (2022) j hamm l izzo mg harden 6.0
Glorious (2022) jk simmons r kwanten t clark 5.5 monster rest stop
Gone in the Night (2022) w ryder d mulroney j gallagherjr 5.0 horror disappearance
Grimcutty (2022) s sossamon s wolfkind u ally 5.2 anger demon
Guardians of Time (2022) k burgess a torres n daniels 3.5 kids fantasy
H.P. Lovecraft's Witch House (2021) p chellelynn 2.0 witch
Halloween 1.3: Halloween Ends (2022) jl curtis jj courtney a matichak 5.0
Hellraiser 11 (2022) o azion j clayton a faison 6.0 reboot
Hocus Pocus 1 (1993) b midler sj parker k najimy 6.9
Hocus Pocus 2 (2022) b midler sj parker k najimy 6.0 fantasy
House of Darkness (2022) k bosworth j long g crovatin 4.3 vampire
Hunting Ava Bravo (2022) k delcastillo m blucas h medina 4.5 human sport action
Jeepers Creepers: Reborn (2022) g graham d wallace 2.4
Jikirag (2022) t roath aj baxter 3.5 vengeance creature
Jurassic Domination (2022) asylum 2.0
Kingslayer (2022) j rhys-davies r gage 3.0 action lionheart war
Maneater (2022) n whelan 3.5 shark
Margaux (2022) v morgan j goodacre p miu 4.5 evil smarthouse
Me Time (2022) m wahlberg k hart r hall 5.0 comedy slapstick
MEAD (2022) s hunt r picardo 3.5 animated spaceship
Medieval (2022) b foster s lowe m caine 6.0 action war knights
Mid-Century (2022) s lang b dern s west 3.0 psychopath horror
MK Ultra (2022) a mount jr newman j patric 5.8 cia action
Moloch (2022) s harmsen a blok m hamer 5.5 norway subs horror curse
Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (2021) k hudson j jongsea c robinson 6.0 insanity fantasy
Night's End (2022) m shannon t germaine 3.5 exocism horror
Nix (2022) j zimbardi d wallace m pare 3.0 entity
Office Invasion (2022) r rangaka k naidoo 4.0 alien scifi
Old Man (2022) s lang m senter p darragh 4.5 psychotic horror
One Way (2022) t fimmel k bacon 3.5 criminal action
Operation Seawolf (2022) ha murray a stecker ww2 u-boat action
Orphan 2: First Kill (2022) i fuhrman j stiles r sutherland 6.0
Other Monsters (2022) a holden k park w platz 4.5 revenge action
Painted in Blood (2022) d teagle d seidel b belemjian 3.7 demon
Pinocchio (2022) t hanks 5.3 liveaction
Project Legion (2022) syfy b roderick 1.8 demons
Ravening Woods (2022) n cinaglia v hayden r dias 3.5 short creature uncorkd
Requiem for a Scream (2022) c scerbo d covin t kalupa 4.5 slasher
Restart the Earth (2021) ~ subs m he mc zhang m luo 4.5 chinese plant apocalypse
Samaritan (2022) s stallone jw wlaton p asbaek 6.0 superhero
Sanctioning Evil (2022) z mcgowan t manning t truvillion 5.2 cops action
Section 8 (2022) s adkins d lundgren m rourke 4.0 spcl agent action
Shark Side of the Moon (2022) m witrak 2.5 asylum
Sharkula (2022) asylum 2.0
Significant Other (2022) m monroe j lacy my king 5.3 survival scifi
Skyfire (2019) b rogers a rietveld x wang 5.0 volcano disaster
Spirit Halloween (2022) d colan jj smith 4.0 kids
Terror Trips (2021) h fierman a esmena 3.5 haunting
The Accursed (2022) s augustus j buffkin 3.9 demon
The Curse of Bridge Hollow (2022) m wayans p fergusoin k rowland 5.0 kids halloween
The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 (2022) l dooling a king f wihbey 4.0 ghost
The Deal (2022) l brenner e fischer a mackenzie 5.0 post apoc scifi pandemic
The Enforcer (2022) a banderas k bosworth m aria 5.2 cop action
The Harbinger (2022) m mcgraw 3.0 demon
The Infernal Machine (2022) g pearce a eve a pettyfer 5.0 drama mystery
The Inhabitant (2022) l bibb d mulroney o azion 5.8 slasher
The Munsters (2022) c peterson r brake 4.5
The Nameless Days (2022) a ioannides c halford 4.0 aztec demons
The Offering aka Monster Portal (2022) s altman l james 4.0 lovecraftian horror
The Overnight (2022) z row 2.0 demon
The Red Book Ritual (2022) vs martin a olcese 4.0 satanic anthology
The Thing Below (2004) b warlock km runte 1.1 syfy rig creature entity
The Visitor (2022) f jones j mcnamee v harris 5.0 supernat doppelganger
They Crawl Beneath (2022) j almani k eldridge m pare 3.0 creature feature
Thor 4: Love and Thunder (2022) c hemsworth n portman c bale r crowe c pratt 6.5
Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022) i elba t swinton p thunderbolt 6.5 fantasy djinn
Tom (2022) j abbe jm bash m beineke 3.0 demon
Top Gun 2: Maverick (2022) t cruise j connelly m teller 7.5
Vesper (2022) r chapman e marsan r mcewen 6.5 post apoc scifi
VR Fighter aka One More Shot (2021) sw fan y jiang d dati 5.0 china gamer action
Werewolf by Night (2022) hs harris kr thacker e bondurant 6.0 superhero
Wifelike (2022) j rhysmeyers e kampouris d bell 5.0 AI scifi
Wire Room (2022) b willis k dillon 3.0 fbi
York Witches Society (2022) tl owens a akoto l bangay 4.0 demon witch