My new book: Robot Soul

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you might want to get in touch with people who know how to submit to search engines now. Googling resulted in one entry, just a bibliographical showing your name, the book title, the year of publication and publisher.

get some nifty free advertising by search spiders to tie in with the info at that URL you linked to on the book, it'll find it's way around the scifi forums and you will see more hits and most likely more sales.

even auctioning a few signed copies of the first edition book on ebay can spread the good word at a reasonable cost to yourself

plus submitting carefully chosen portions of the ebook to sites on the web as a taster, plus to the very large sites offering reviews on books, will give you more coverage and sales potentials.

although that sort of advertising might be tied into the contract by your publisher, you might want to talk to them about options, things they can do, things they will allow you to do.

and good luck with it.

maybe you want to post in our creative submissions section the story of writing to publication to aspire our writers. what made you feel qualified to write, juggling commitments financially, who inspired you, what support from family and friends you had. maybe how you actually got a publisher to consider and publish your work, including any alterations to your original format/storyline they asked you to do (whether you liked or not) to become the format that will sell (in their opinion).


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Jamfink, welcome to Cool SciFi! :welcome:

I was reading the synopsis of the novel and it sounds interesting. At first glance I couldn't help but think I, Robot but as I read the rest of the synopsis am I correct in thinking that it deals less with "Can robots kill?" but more along the lines of "What constitutes a soul?".

Say, have your checked out the Creative Imaginations forum yet? :D


that's correct KW802 . It is more about what constitutes a soul. Actually the book is more about the characters revolving around the crime then about the robot itself.

Thanks for the tips Mr. Destructo. My publisher wants to finish the paperback version of the book before promoting Robot Soul but it is taking a long time to create that version therefore I decided to move forward and promote it myself.

I appreciate any tips and any service that can help.