My Odd Experience

I do stupid stuff like that all the time. once me and my friend went to burger king and made up words with spanish accents and then tried to order and the ppl couldn't understand us, it was sooo funny!
yeah, field trip. we had this bouncing glowing goo stuff stuck all over us and we were making noises with it during the imax and then some fat kid mooned us! it was ugly, that's all i got to say...
OMFG! NO FAIR! the closest to me is like 8 hrs away or something... *sob* I NEED TO SEE IT! do you have any idea how cool that would be?!?!
It'd be real cool seeing The Matrix in IMAX. Aria, like we've said many times, you just gotta teleport yourself over here or down to the theater that's 8 hours from you, hehe. ^_^
i still can't believe she is going without me. i mean sure she lives in another state, but still... that's what happens when you have a cool grandma...