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Aug 3, 2003
This story is old, and it is my essee...

Whisper of Heart

Every lives in Tokyo, Japan. She is 15-years old, but she lives alone, because her parents died in a caraccident two years ago. When i asked from Every, why she wants to live alone she said;"I don't live alone. Wind with memories is with me." The I saw tears in Everys face. She was thinking about the caraccident. Then i asked some questons, and she was smiling.

Every likes to draw fantasyanimals, like unicorns. Her sketches are very beautiful, but very sad. Every says;"Life is sad, nothing else, you know?" I can't answer. Why Every doesn't think happyness? Only Every knows answer.

Every likes nature. Nature is very important to Every, because nature is a place where is silence, and peace. "I can look in to my soul, I can forget everything in nature. Nature is my life. Witout nature I can't live. Night is so quet, moon is so bright, and animals are so peacuful in nature." She wants to live allways in nature, but she cant..

Every has to go Tokyo University. She is a wise student, youngest at university. Every is also famous, because she is a mathmaster on Japan. But Every doesn't want money, she doesn't want to be famous. She wants only peace, and draw her own manga, Wounded Love.

"Once in forest was too cold. I didn't have warm clothes, and i was freezing. Was beuatiful night, and i know;Death was coming. But then some wolf came. Wolf came close to me and i touched the wolf. Suddenly it was warm. I close my eyes and opened. The wasn't a wolf. Nothing. I don't know was this only dream.. but it was something.."

I was confused. Is every some angel, who sees some crazy dreams. Every was again crying. Why?

"You are thinking, I am some crazy girl, who only cryes? But i am wounded. My heart is wounded. I Can't love, my heart can't love. This is too much to me."

Was se thinking about suicide?

"Now you ave to go", says Every. "Listen to your heart. Whisper of Heart. Heart tells to you everythinh. Now go.."

I go, and say;"Good Bye." But in my mind I was thinking Everys words.. Whisper of heart.. What is'it?

I don't know, but Every knows. But she said; "My heart is wounded.."

Someday I can understand..

So.... so.. :o_O:;; Weard.


hmm that's very interesting... though a little confusing :blink: but it's still great. :D
--Mandy :angelic:
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