My Story

Jan 29, 2003
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My story
Chapter 1 (might be standalone)
I Remember that day well. I clung to Julian's arm and begged him not to leave. I feel now the i was to childish. Daddy was sending him away to some woman i believe her name was Irina or something. Julian was sixteen then and i was six. I began to cry and begged him not to leave me alone with daddy. He promised me he would come back to rescue me from our father. I was so gullible then. He never came back for me. Mr. Lazarey was a very abusive father when you were left alone with him. In a crowd of people he seemed the perfect father figure. So i clung to Julian's promise as if it were a lifeline. Daddy beat me until i turned ten and Then decided it would be better to have alittle fun of his own. He raped me most nights. I prayed to god to save me from my father to bring Julian to save me but he never did. At thirteen I cursed God out and Father beat me again. At fourteen i came to a conclusion he did not exist. By age sixteen I felt i had had enough, I ran away.

This is why i sit here now. Though I wouldn't ever tell you that. You sit across from me asking me questions. I ignore everyone of them. I stare at your blond hair and brown eyebrows. Why did you dye your hair and not your eyebrows I ask myself. You shock me when I ignore each of your questions. You ask me Why am i here? How did you get in? And so on and so forth.

I begin to here footsteps and a familiar voice. That voice I once longed to hear. I voice that I feel such hatred to now. That voice that held so many unkept promises. That voice that abandoned me ten years ago. That voice that i came to hear in my dreams. Oh how i hate that voice. I see him step out from the shadows. I see sadness sweep over his face but that emotion is quickly covered by a mask ill assume he was trained to use. The mask covered up this emotion so quick i almost thought i imagined that sadness in them.

"Hello Julian" i said in an ever so calm voice.

"Phoebe?" He questioned in a quiet whisper.

(Authors note: I might continue I might not and leave it a standalone tell me what you think i shoud do.)
Jan 29, 2003
Chapter 2
You sat there stareing at me in complete disbelief. Sark had known me but I saw that you hadnt ever once heard my name. I Sat there wondering how long it would be before you shock would pass, but your jaw remained dropped open ever so slightly. I wondered then what was running through you mind. You probly thought i was some young tramp of julians. as small look of jelousy went over you face when he said my name. Sark turned to you and grabbed your hand slowly pulling you out of your chair. His arm went around your waist. At that moment in time i wanted you to die, to die for having his love, to die for him loving you back, to die for him leaving me to rot with father all those years ago. I wondered if his mind drifted to you as i was beaten and raped all those times. I felt jelosy in that moment but not in a discusting way, but that he cared more for you then saving meself.

"Lauren this is my sister phoebe." He said averting my gaze. "phoebe, lauren."

I wanted then to go away and disappear forever and to not return. Tears began to form in my eyes but i never let them fall. You extended your hand twards my own and apologized. I took hold of your hand and remained silent. Julian excuses you and you stare at him. He asks you again and you leave.

"How did you find me?"Julian asks.

"You were at a resterant 3 days ago when you used the restroom i put tracer serum in it."

"Why did you come to find me?"

"You left me with daddy. You didnt keep your promise."

"Irina would not let me."

I pulled a knife from my pocket and placed it on his neck. The gaurds ran in and pulled me off. they began to drag me out of the room. I had cut open julians neck, not enough to kill but enough to hurt him, The gaurds came in to quickly to kill. I saw the pain in his eyes as the gaurds pulled me away. I had tried to kill him and he had not anticipated that. It frightened him that he had not seen this comming. "You left me with daddy!"I screamed as the gaurds pulled me out the door pricking my skin with a needle full of seditive and the world fogged over with blackness.

I awaken to find myself strapped to a chair and you are once again present sitting in a chair infront of me. Your eyes ask how? and why? but you mouth wont venture to ask these words. You seem to want to ask something. Ill just asume that you were instructed not to take the first word. But i wont speak ill continue sitting infront of you returning your stare. You are starting to look impatient. You give up and have asked me if im am hungry. I tell you that yes indeed i am hungry but i wont eat because i just assume you will poisen me. You frown i cant help but wonder what your thoughts are at this time. "You need to keep your strenth up" i hear you say."sark wouldnt very much approve if i poisened you he would proubly kill me."

"He loves you, You know i can see it in his eyes. I doubt he would kill you over a sister he hasnt seen in over 10 years, And for that i am jelous."I say.

You smile and at that moment i hear a throat clearing its self i know it julian and i dont much care that he has heard what i have said. You face turns a bit pink as you turn and quickly exit the room.
Jan 29, 2003
sorry for delay i have a problem with hating to type... anyway the chap should be up sometime this week... (did i mention i hate to type...)
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