Mysterious Murderer


Oct 15, 2015

Please forget now all what you have ever seen in the TV, what you have ever been told by the official authorities. In certain things they lie to the whole world.

The story:

After I have written my first book and started to write other books, I have experienced a strange encounter.

Before it, it seemed that I was tested somehow. How I am with women, how much I fear this or that. Then one video was recorded with me about my books to let there be some memory of me. After it I was some time observed, which ways I use to go, what type of public vehicle transport I use etc.

Then in one evening in the dark in a half empty bus I have heard silent words meaning "It is him!" and immediately after it a strange man had sat oppositely me. He relaxed his hands and was only looking into my eyes. His look was evil and there was a strong energy streaming from him into me. He was obviously connected to the Hell and wanted to give it access into my head to steal my soul.

(For all the interesting details please read my article "Jak to zacalo", which means "How It Has Started").

After this one, there were other "evil miracles". Somebody was taking the pictures of me when I was on a walk, strange cars were following me, somebody was showing me to strange men in a car and a few days later, I have suddenly felt that something had hit my elbow from behind. I have turned round and in a car behind me there was one of those men, was looking toward my back and energy seemed to stream from his eyes.

I have also seen, how the ray of Hellish energy streamed from the eyes of some other man in a car and it had hit my side. After it the place had hurt.

The origin of these people:

After several such encounters, exceptionally I have started to see a "Hellish figure" inside of the body of those people, it looked like a humanoid soul from the Hell.
I have also noticed, that such people are organized, probably belonging to some officially existing mighty Organization. I do not know its name, but it has informators everywhere, often like the friends of normal families.

Tactics of their Organization:

They have damaged my brain by energies and chemicals and at the same time they have sent all the people (including Christians and the closest ones who I was trusting then) to pretend and to lie to me (including looking at me strangely and so on). I thought wrongly that all the normal people could not behave like that and I have strated to see Hellish people and soul stealing everywhere. In this way, the impression was created that there were no such attacks like the above-described ones like I have claimed it and that such things only seemed to me and nothing like that exists.

Legal viewpoint:

Because I was subjected to deadly pressure on my brain (although I have survived thanks to my unusual constitution, some little stable pain in the head etc., wise tactics and some strange help), I am irresponsible for any exaggerated claiming about these "Hellish people". Their Organization created this situation (although it was I who has started to write about it, but they knew that I write and that I will do that) and then it has started to punish me for it, which is one of crimes they have committed on me.
I also believe that the broadcast of my person in the TVs is not valid. I am a cripple, an elected one that had to be put down in front of all the public. Hellish people did not admit that several times they have used deadly energies (maybe I am the only one who survived this) and the chemical pressure was too strong to stay normal after it (for instance, so many brain cells have died after it that I could see the surface of my brain by the piece of my soul that ceased to be connected to the brain).

Spiritual viewpoint:

Normality and election & initiation by the (Super)God & Holy Council (by the way, their "GS" strongly said that it won't forgive the evil committed on me etc.) cannot go together. Who is normal and has a normal neuroendocrine constitution, he is incapable of the experience of certain spiritual things and in the same way he cannot get the most sensitive feelings related to the spiritual worlds and dimensions.

Aristotle said this: "No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."

Therefore I cannot be normal.
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