Conspiracy Mystery "Espionage" Box Found Then Disappears


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This is a case of a Dutch new item being translated to English and then making the rounds on the internet but the core details are that a "spy cabinet" was found on a public road in The Hague in the Netherlands. And then it disappeared. :tinfoilhat:

The cabinet was discovered by a maintenance crew for Ziggo, a telecom provider of voice, data, & video (think Verizon or Comcast), because it was on a public road with Ziggo branding and was not listed in the Ziggo database as belonging to the company. When the crew opened the cabinet they found cameras hooked up to a UMTS (mobile cellular system) device.

Later in the day after being discovered the cabinet disappeared at the hands of persons unknown.

For those who speak Dutch, the original article and pictures of the box can be found here. A Google translation of the page to English can be found here.

In the Hague Schilderswijk a cabinet who looked identical to the district cabinets Ziggo used, but full recording and listening devices was, as was discovered last week. Was An opening in the cabinet could make the camera recordings.

The cabinet was at the Orange Square in The Hague and broadcasting images of the West was content -passing . An expert in the field of espionage equipment expresses its conviction against the broadcaster that the components in the cabinet, including recording, of a public administration. Omroep West establishes a link with an earlier post last week, that would be young people in the Schilderswijk recruited to fight in Syria. jihadist as The placement of the cabinet could be part of an AIVD investigation into this, as it is suspected.

Ziggo himself discovered the existence of the fake district cabinet last Tuesday during work. "This cabinet at the Orange Square was not on our drawings. An employee could the closet just open with a universal cabinet key, which is used for our own wardrobes," said Gradus Vos, spokesman for Ziggo, "The closet was filled with strange equipment. We recognized include a camera and a UMTS modem. We have the case sealed because we did not know we had it. " At an unknown time, then the cabinet removed, not known how long this was already there for the discovery.

Green Party calls in council asking for clarification on the origin of the espionage technology and also wants the party to know if there are more of such units in The Hague. Such a case should not be posted without permission of the municipality is the party.