Mystery movie from the 80's


"I'm looking for an old movie (20+ years) where a guy is marooned on a spaceship. He is brought to a planet (he has a beard) and is threatened with death unless he fights.(maybe/not sure) If he loses he is thrown into a pit. And the bad guy he fights is named Vance.(I think Vance had lead a mutiny of the ship that marooned the bearded guy) Anybody have any ideas what movie this is?"
Earth Star Voyager?

Earth Star Voyager - Wikipedia

In the year 2082, the Earth deep-space exploration vessel, Vanguard Explorer, has suffered heavy damage, due to the efforts of Captain Jacob 'Jake' Brown trying to keep his ship out of the hands of mutineers led by his second-in-command, Vance Arthur. Feigning compliance, Jake attacks Vance and knocks him senseless long enough for him to get to an escape pod and launch into space. However, the cause of the damage on board the Vanguard Explorer is unknown.


They discover that the mutinous Vance has also landed here and became "Top Dog" of the warriors by employing a stunner much like the one Brown used on Huxley. A warrior, named Whistlestick, who was beaten and humiliated by Vance explains that anyone may challenge the "Top Dog" at any time and Huxley demonstrates his skill at pickpocketing by getting the key for their cage. Brown offers to occupy their captors by challenging Vance while the rest escape. After a difficult fight, Brown (who taught Vance how to make such weapons long ago) is able to make Vance's weapon backfire and destroys it - but spares Vance's life (unaware that Sally was watching and afraid that he would be killed by Jake). In the ensuing ruckus the crew and their two new allies escape.