Nadia's Father

OK, i'm sure this has been discussed before, but I haven't been here for very long and I haven't seen it come up so far so....

My thoughts are that Irina knew all those years ago about the prophecy of the Chosen one and the Passenger. She knew that Sloane's obsession with Rambaldi would mean that he would play a great part in the events.

I think that Irina deliberately had an affair with Sloane so that when he was told he had a daughter, Nadia, he could belive it. She knew that if he didn't have a reason to help Syd he would be the one wanting to use the Meuler device with Elana.

I'm not sure if this is making sense to anyone, but I don't think that Sloane is Nadia's father, it is either Jack (the way she looked at him in Before the Flood when she said "I wonder where she gets that from" it was SO obvious that Sloane is not the father) or I think it is Vaughn's father!

What do you guys think?
Well, id prefer it to be anyone besides Sloane. Hes such a creepy dad. So creepily sincere. Every scene with him and Nadia had me cringing. EEEWW
i would like to believe that it was JACK. but how could we explain the DNA search sloane did that was tied up with his organization? his DNA matched Nadia's....

im terribly confused.


blue_bird said:
but how could we explain the DNA search sloane did that was tied up with his organization? his DNA matched Nadia's....
He says. Did he produce proof? No.
I believe Nadia's father is Jack. I think that Irina probably got pregnant by Jack, and created the "indescretion" with Sloane. She probably knew she would be leaving soon, and did this in the event Sloane ever found out about the child, he would believe it was his. She may have even known about Jacqulyn, which would have made it easier for him to believe. She would have done this to keep her child safe, knowing how far Sloane would go if he did not believe the child was his. Sloane only said he did a DNA test, and the child was his.
I think her Dad is Sloane - it gives Nadia and Sydney something that they have to "deal" with. Although, I do agree that he is a creepy dad. I hate it when he calls her "Sweetheart" - that's what Jack calls Sydney -Sloane should have to use a different word.

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I also believe that Jack is Nadia’s father... Is there any way Irena could have messed with the computers to some how match Sloane’s DNA with Nadia’s? Probably not. But I still Hope that Nadia is Jacks baby girl!
I also hope that Nadia is Jack's daugther, but that wil destroy Sloane i think, finding out that Nadia isn't his daughter after all. And then he get back to be evil like in season one.

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I hope that Nadia is Jack's daugther that will be so fun! :D But Sloane will get evil again if he finds out that Nadia actually isn't his daugther. But that will make the show much more greater! An evil Sloane back :D

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But it is kinda great to! When Nadia is Sloane's daugther and Sydney is Jack's daughter! Jack havn't really been there for Sydney in her life, and now when he have the chance to get to know his daugher he sudenly have 2 daughters to protect ? :blink:
I would love it if Jack was her father. That's what I'm really hoping for. I just don't like the thought of Irina with Sloane so I'm all for her to be Jack's. They already have amzing scenes together just imagine if this was thrown in how much better they could get.

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Poor Sloane, what is the point of being good if he dosn't have anything to live for ? Nadia is his life! I like good Sloane :smiley:
I think it would be a cool twist if it turned our Jack was her father, but it would destroy Sloane which wouldnt make me feel that bad after all he did
I've mentioned that the writers needed Nadia to be Sloane's daughter in order to justify his turning reformed. Sloane-haters want to paint him as pure evil, rather than as a man who regrets the evil that he does in order to achieve what he thinks of as a greater good. :doh:

The famous quote?
Jack says "You're joing to engoy getting to know Nadia, she's exceptional." and Irina says "I wonder where she got that from?"

I thought that it was apparent that Irina is taking credit herself for Nadia being exceptional. Irina's not about to credit anyone other than herself, since she knows that she is the mother of both The Chosen One & The Passenger. Irina isn't without a huge ego, thinking that she is special, right? ;)
So the book in the Rambaldi Box says it's Sloane and they don't understand how people got all confused about that . . . do they not watch their own show?!?

I for one am not confused, Jack is Nadia's father, I know what I saw! Maybe they needed to put some kind of ampule on the page to get the real answers. Yep, that's gotta be it!


One thing confuses me, and that is that Nadia doesn't look like neither Sloane or Jack. It looks like she has some kind of Spanish or Latin American origin, which they don't (from what I've heard). I think it's somebody else.

And besides, when did Irina get pregnant with Nadia, was it after she "died" or while she still lived with Jack and Sydney? Was she like "fooling around" with somebody then?

Hmm...I's a lot of questions not answered here...*confused* :blink: