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well... i was really bored one dayand looked it up. this si what i found

just about the weirdest site ever, filled with stupid quizzes and name generators

click on tests and widgets on left side andthen any of the tests are funny and for name generators click on the name generator generator.

jsut a few of mine were

name carl gave me: catshavin lovemachine
deadjournal name: noonecanhearme

jsut see if you can find any of ur names... there halarious.. feel free to post ur names


That's All Folks
this site is great!!

my retarded anime fan name is : Kawaii Kawai Bishie Sephiroth-San
carl gave me : irresistably col king of kick-ass
and apparently my name means...Sexy Lady but you have bisexual thoughts often
here's some of mine:
My crappy little elf name is Marehand Nobblewit.
My Pirate Name is Dianne Bandit.
My Untracebable Alias Name is Lauren Johnson.

(please do not associate my Alias with Lauren Reed. I'm ashamed)
hehe. This site's great! Here's a few of mine:

fluffy kitten name: Samantha Merryweather
Info-mercial Name: Snazzy Jazz-o-Matic
Angsty Teen Name: Token-minority Tampon Patsy (lmao!)
Untraceable Alias name: Cameron Williams

Quiet Disaster

I heart Chris Carrabba
Insulting Name: sl**monkey Sissychomper
Mormon Name: Jacoy Precious Blessing
Crappy Elf Name: Jolly Horsebeard
gorram Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name: Booty Shizzlemah
Fairy Name: Honeysuckle Shining Fountain



Name Carl gave me: Never-ending King of Kickass

The Untraceable Alias Name Generator: Cameron Williams

The Crazy-Weird Shakespeare Name Generator:King I Play with Frilly Pants

That site is sicko ... :LOL:
The Political Bastard Name Generator:Cletus "White Trash" Bush
What your name means: Your face looks like bart simpsons arse.
The "totally gay nickname Carl would give you" Name Generator: Dog-castratin' Lovemachine
The Zombie Name Generator: Arrggghharr "Dick-In-A-Blender" the Rotten
The Autistic Savant Porn Star Name Generator: Cherri Thirty First of May 1873
WHAT YOUR NAME SHOULD BE...Kristie Jennifer Noll
The Facist Dictator Name Generator" Ghrishin Mussolini
The Crazy-Weird Shakespeare Name Generator: Rosalind the Claustrophobic

HAHAHA, some of them are just hilarious. I love the zombie one the most :LOL:


Quiet Disaster

I heart Chris Carrabba
Very British Name: Emily Gladstone
Third Grade Insult: Major Looney A. McStinkybutt
Silly White Guy Who Thinks He Is Actually A Black Gangsta' Rapper But Is Actually Trippin' Since He Is A White Fo': Dirty Ho
Damned Hippie Name: Polyp Birchwood
"totally gay nickname Carl would give you" Name: Mostly heterosexual Childman
Untraceable Alias Name: Jessica Thomas
Good Ole Country Name: Mary Jean
Rich White Republican Name: Dorothy "Gays love Satan" Thomas


in love
The Very British Name Generator : Chloe Wilson < that's a cool name :)
The Ethnic Stud Name Generator : Conchita Atractivo -_-
The Damned Hippie Name Generator : Peace Birchwood < I like :P
What's Your Fairy Name? Saphire Bunny Rabbit Nightingale < :rolleyes:
Very British ---> Emily Cavendish :LOL:
Mega Hardcore Son-of-a-b**** Punk-Ass ----> F**** the Government Not my President ..... I dont have a president :confused: We gots a primeminister but! <_< dun like him!
If Your Name Was An Emo Song ---> kill my reality because you're so controversial
Carl -->Most Venerable Bartender
Hippee ---> Peace Brodderick LMAO!!
Fairy Name----> Butterfly Pretty Forest :confused:


The Bubbly
AIM Screen Name Generator - *Suzi*theninja :LOL:
Rich White Republican NG - Sharon "Mrs. T-Bonds" Robinson
Mega Hardcore Son of a b**** - f*** Blair Thats s***
Pub Name Generator - The Slug and Dragon
Untraceable Alias - Jessica Anderson
British Name - Susan Gladstone
My Rock Solid Ghetto Name - Stim-U-L8 Teapot, Yo <hotpot/teapot - close, eh? :D

Fun stuff Chanel! Thanks for posting this ^_^

amy lynn

The Polish Pirate
This was fun! :LOL:

My Pub name: The Ratty Arms (hmm...)
My Rich Republican name: Mary "Pepper Spray" Adams
My Punk name: Wankmaster Bastard de la S***head
My Untraceable Alias: Cameron Jones
My Hippie name: Peace Shamrock
My Autistic Porn Star name: GlamourPuss Chomskey
My Shakespearian name: Jaquenetta the Hot Lady
My Posh gentlewomans name: Ermintrude Weathersby-Canterbury
My British name: Emily Pelham
My "Carl" nickname: Maximum Carbomb

hee hee! These were way fun!!


, nowhere to be found
My Rock Solid Ghetto Name: Fellatio V
My Crappy Elf Name: Leafwind Hairtoe
My name means: You have no life but will end up a millionare.. Nice :D
My untraceable Alias name: Christina Anderson
My fairy name: Tinky Winky Kitten Nightingale
My hippie name: Aquamarine Mariana
My pub name: The Firkin and Tavern
My very British name: Olivia Wilkinson

That was fun :LOL:


in love
Which Historical Lunatic Are You? You are Joshua Abraham Norton < :LOL:


Are You Damned? Valhalla