Name of a series


I have read a few books of a series that I can't remeber the titles of or the authors name.

It's an end of the world theme where a few choosen are selected to hold it off and tip the balance. I mostly remember the last book.

A young girl who lives with grandparents on the edge of a park is trying to find out who her father is (which turns out to be a demon). She runs and has a supernatural friend who is a small male that flies on an owl. She needs to choose between the path of her maternal line or her paternal line and her choice will tip the balance. She is visited by an Native american (the last of his tribe- I believe his name was ten bears or something like it). And there is an old tree in the woods that imprisons sometype of super natural being- that if released- will do some bad mojo in the world. She also has a pet spirit wolf that her father sent when she was young that eventually becomes apart of her (I think).

One of the "police" show up in her town whom she first thinks is her father but is there to kill her if she chooses the darkside. He carries a staff that the lady of a vale in wales/scotland gave him when he signed on as a protector.

Another book deals with a future time. There are small enclaves of people that are being attacke by armies of demons. There is this being who is a teen in age and holds the key to the triumph of good. He isn't actually a person but some type of fey? that choose his form. He leads a rag tag group of youths living in a city outside an enclave and is in love with a girl that is in the enclave. The "police from the preivious book I described comes to lead them to where they need to be.

If anyone recognizes these stories I would be grateful for the help.

Sorry I missed this thread when it was first posted. :(

Unfortunately neither of those series ring any bells for me but hopefully this bump will bring it to the attention of the rest of the community.