Name the Stakes


Jan 21, 2006
Braintree MA
This is wonderful so far. It's been awhile since you have updated though. Not that I can blame you, it takes me forever to update my own stories too. Not that I have any on this site, but on other sites. I wonder what Sark is going to do when Will confronts him, if that ever happens. Will is in for a rude awakening.

Can you add me to your pm list? Keep up the great work.
Jun 9, 2006
That is the singularly most fantastic fanfic i have read. Youhave captured the essence of the character wonderfully. It would be a crime not to update such a marvellous piece of well-written fiction or atleast PM with what happens!!!!!!
Pure Brilliance


Nov 19, 2003
I guess it's safe to assume that your never going to update this fic. But I really hope what they say about "assume" is true in this case
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