nance's rebels


come on people, join my army of feeear. :ninja:

see.. first you must say the pledge of rebels, created by siri!

i pledge allegiance, to The Nance, of the united thread of rebels, and to the hairties, for which we stand, one thread, under irina, indivisible, with alias and WOMDs for all

*does evil laugh*

oh and read Fearless :lol: ;) Clickiness

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>
The Almighty, Undefeated Rebels:</span>

The Brawn:
bobo-truck driver/loose canon hit wo-man
skoot- bobo's sidekick
chelsea- flag burner
siri- top secret assasin trigger happy vampire b****
kate-trigger-happy glamour girl with a "killer" sense of style :lol:
kara- irina's minion
kat- ducati riding assasin
yojo-underwater assasin
sam- the pimp 🛴 bringin' home the bling bling :lol:
hope-Evil Dust Bunny Exterminator
Katie- The Chef (Specialty: Fried Kids) :Ph34r:
Froggy-kamakazie, beserker amazon
MT- The Janitor
Mo-Nipple Biter/Leader of the Cabbage Army
Sophie-International Affairs Officer, oui oui!
Jen-Sais Assassin
Spage & Viva-Armory
tina-tunnel/air duct crawler
hotpot-Official Battle DJ :band:

-The Supah Swank Assasins

-Stealthy Thieves

The Brains:

Leah- Master Strategist
viva- gadget lady/tech guy/our marshall!
Spage- Safe Cracker
ukaliaschick- field nurse

Ninja Turtles:
Sophie- Michaelangelo
Timmy- Donatello

--Our Weapons of Mass Destruction--
1) Homer Simpson's farts :Ph34r:
2) Sloane's right-after-the-shower towel
3) Directv's Satelitte
4) the book Two Treatises of Government by John Locke. so boring that you fall asleep just by looking at it. very scary.
5) BN sale clerks
6) any comeback movie with an actor or actress whose career is in the toilet.
7) the paparazzi. look what they did to Princess Di. :Ph34r:
8) Curling irons
9) J. Lo
10) and her ass
11) Mullets
12) Radioactive Hairties
13) Siri's Barbie Army
14) Msn crying smilie
15) The Muffin Tree :Ph34r: Muffin Films #6: The Muffin Tree
16) Hippo Girl Hippo Girl by - Joel Veitch music by Joel and Alex Veitch and Mike Baker
17) Bobo's army of nazi punk rockers: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock: :Punkrock:
18) Gaia :woot:
19) skillets and frying pans
20) Sam's nose
21)Socks [Froggy's Muse]
22)bring, bring
"hello, i'm froggy from nances army, would you be interested in surrendering all your worldly possession to us withut a fight, or do we have to get messy?"

23) Maggie's cat- Silver. :cat:

Gadget Gallery (Made by Viva):

Lauren Reed Bomb:
Step1- take a mini bomb and plant it in peice of jewlery(pref small shirt pin)
step2- give it to Lauren
step3- have Lauren go to another pointless meeting with sloane
step4- as soon as she walks in room to talk with sloane (he must already be there), press button on detenator.
step5- Celebrate the destuction of both Lauren AND Sloane!
Stuffed Monkey Bomb


all people except alias watchers and even some alias watchers who are poo-ey. nance decides if they are poo-ey or not :Ph34r:


typically terrific
ahh lol! i loved that show! anwyays... so we've got a ninja turtle, a flag burner, we need more ppl...

and just to note... this thread is NOT saying we should go around burning flags and beating ppl up... it is purely for fun.


siri dammit what did you say you were again? :lol: gaaah how could you forget? :rotflmao:

hey timmy and kara... sure sure but choose your choice of eevil. :Ph34r:


raphael, leonardo, or donatello? :confused: :lol:

siri i found it :lol:

"well im her top secret agent carryouter assassin person" that's what you said :lol:
hehehhe yep! yay nance found it :lol:

can i still be that?

OH YEAH! im the trigger-happy vampire b**** remember?

or was it bomb happy... :blink:

nuke happy :lol: