Nancy's feeling naughty

Thanks boys.,

What films am I into? Don’t know how cool this is but I really have a soft spot for the old 50s-60s ones, especially the Brit ones like the Day of the Triffids, Quatermass, the Day the Earth Caught Fire, 1984, Village of the Damned, Dr Who and the Daleks, Fahrenheit 451, plenty of others that I can’t really remember as it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen some of them.

Some of them used to really scare me as a little girl watching them on late night telly. Such a buzz!

If you like novels about UFOs/aliens etc you may enjoy mine. It's on amazon for 99c at the moment, it's called 'A strange Encounter' by Steve Fellick. I'm sorry, I have no idea how to put a cover image or link to amazon on here for it.

I had a look at your site, I think Lilac and vaseline sums it up quite well.
Thanks for the welcome guys.

@Pragmatist – haven’t got a Kindle and struggle reading a lot of text electronically but read the preview on Amazon and it’s certainly a good start. Glad you enjoyed Lilac and Vaseline too.

By the way guys, I’ll blow yer a kiss if you can tell me who Paula Nancy Millstone-Jennings was – but no cheating. No Google. That’s naughty.

x Nancy

Scifi Sunday

Tony - Scifi Sunday
liking the blog Nancy

Got something you might like it's a similar sort of thing your doing but the opposite sex?
Have you ever thought of doing a Radio Theatre version of your character?

Check zak Backflash and Commander Melon Teaser in the 23rd Century out

It's not out until Sunday but there's a link to a teaser trailer on the home page, the link under the big boob picture

And welcome


Artist, Cartoonist and Dude
Welcome to the forum, Nancy. It's been my experience that people here are enjoyable to interact with and very well informed concerning all things scifi. You'll fit in just fine!

Scifi Sunday

Tony - Scifi Sunday
Nancy I have a radio theatre play you might be interested in listening to, having a look at your blog, it's quite similar but mines got more of a Benny Hill/Carry on feel to it

There's a link from the home page
"Zak Backflash and Commander Melon teaser in the 23rd Century"
This is Guns – Nancy’s personal assistant. Nancy is in preparation for her next mission and as such is currently unavailable, however, Guns has followed your link and has been relaying your broadcast into Nancy’s suspended animation environ pod. Neurological readings seem to indicate a level of enjoyment. Guns message has now ended.

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