NASA Deepens Search For Alien ‘Technosignatures’


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(Article by Ryan Mallett Outtrim at The Inquisitr News)


NASA has a new approach to hunting aliens, and it involves scouring the stars for evidence of advanced technology.

In the past, NASA has focused its search for alien life on hunting for signs of biological activity. Now, they’ve got a new idea. The space agency is expanding its search for extraterrestrial life with the hunt for “technosignatures,” Fox News reported Friday.

“Technosignatures are signs or signals, which if observed, would allow us to infer the existence of technological life elsewhere in the universe,” NASA stated.

According to NASA, the most obvious technosignatures to look out for are radio signals, though the agency noted “there are many others that have not been explored fully.”

As NASA explained, technosignatures could imaginably be found in the least expected places. A planet laden with an “atmosphere full of pollutants” might not seem like the ideal cradle of alien life, but it could imply an industrial civilization is humming away below the smog.

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