NASA Photographs Twin Giant Storms From Space [Hurricane]


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NASA Photographs Twin Giant Storms From Space [Hurricane]

All week, two giant storms, dubbed Enrique and Felicia, have been hanging out over the Pacific Ocean. Just yesterday, the NASA Earth Observatory caught this great image of them going out for a nice stroll.

It's true, the storms look menacing, but by the time they hit land in Hawaii, Enrique will be all but broken up, and Felicia will be a tropical depression, bringing lots of rain, but not the damaging winds of a hurricane. In this image, Felicia is a category 3 hurricane, and Enrique is a weakening tropical storm.

Granted, these two images are of storms that aren't likely to cause too much damage, but it feels strange getting excited about pictures of disasters and dangerous storms. XKCD also commented on this "disaster voyeurism" phenomenon. I don't know, though... I still love these stunning storm images.

Hurricane Felicia and Tropical Storm Enrique [NASA Earth Observatory]

(Via io9)