National Halloween Convention

Valley Forge PA Friday April 29th - May 2nd 2010
3rd Annual National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention!!
Halloween Boardwalk Empire


ZOMBIE themed costume ball

Tour as a guest and then get a lights on behind the scenes tour of one of the largest haunted attractions on the east coast! HORRORFEST!
Haunt Tour | Haunted House Tours | Halloween Trips & Events

Over 100 vendor booths to purchase product NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES !! (For example, let's say you needed a prop of "A dead body of a 40 year old woman from the 18th century, in an appropriate gown of that time period, who was half eaten, with a giant 8 foot tall animatronic werewolf crouching over her, dripping blood from it's jaws while it's head swings from side to side, howling at the moon..."


A Make Up WAR !
Think you're the best makeup artist in the industry?



Hope to see you there!
PR: National Halloween Convention & Canadian Haunters Convention join forces


[Valley Forge, PA] The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention (N.H4.C) and Canadian Haunters Convention (CHC) made an historic announcement today regarding a partnership forged between the two groups that they say will change the landscape of the haunting scene in North America in 2010 and beyond.

“In order to remain competitive, innovative, and cutting edge, Haunters Conventions can no longer be considered regional in an ever changing business landscape” stated Rob Kocher of the N.H4.C. “We have to consider economies of scale, as well as realize that the big boys in the supplier trades have already adapted their businesses to be International in scope”.

In an effort to become leaders in the convention industry, both N.H4.C. and CHC realized that they had to work together, instead of thinking of one another as the competition. “Conventions of this nature need to be considered entertainment venues” commented Matthew Flagler, founder of the CHC. “Haunters have demonstrated time and again that they’re devoted to haunting entertainment in all its forms, in the same way that a true football fanatic travels the continent in a motor home, attending the tail-gate parties, and taking in numerous spectacular events annually!” Flagler concluded.

Both conventions are slated for the Northeast American continent and each is expected to draw attendees from throughout the region, across the nation and around the world. The N.H4.C. event is being held April 29th - May 2nd, 2010 at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. CHC's convention is May 7th - 9th, 2010 in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada at the Parkway Convention Centre, in the Heart of the Niagara Region.

"This partnership has created a powerhouse that allows both our organizations to connect with completely different segments of the haunting community while offering a unique haunting entertainment experience to attendees literally from all over the world” added Michael Bruner of N.H4.C.. “This is a truly ground-breaking announcement, one without precedent in the business. We are excited about the possibilities that exist, and optimistic about the future of haunting in North America” said Bruner.

But the good news doesn’t end there. By working together both parties are able to cost-share on a number of fronts, and as a result, have been able to pass those discounts on to the haunters and suppliers that attend both events. For more information about applicable discounts, please visit the N.H4.C. website at or the CHC site at

National Halloween Convention: Talent Contest

Press Release


National Halloween Convention Directors Robert Kocher and
Michael Bruner announce the first-ever
Haunters Got Talent Contest to be held at the
National Halloween Convention (NHC) in the
Valley Forge Convention Center April 30-May 2, 2010.

Ten contestants will register to compete in one of two
preliminary rounds for selection by haunted entertainment
industry celebrity judges for the chance to compete in a final
round for honors and prizes in three categories:
Most Entertaining Overall, Best Halloween Theme, and People’s Choice.
The final round will be held on the morning of May 2, 2010.

All talented convention attendees are encouraged to submit an
entry request. Musical, comedy, dramatic, and variety acts
must be no more than five minutes in length for consideration.
The use of a Halloween theme for the competition is not
required but will be favored for selection of the preliminary
acts due to the nature of the convention as well as one of the
top prize categories. Entrants must register to attend the NHC
and may not be current or previous talent booked for the

Chris Handa, Entertainment Director (contact information below)
welcomes entries on a first-come/first-reviewed basis.
Entries will be screened, placed, and contacted by Chris prior
to opening of the convention floor on Friday April 30, 2010.
Basic sound, lighting, and stage space will be provided by the
NHC Entertainment Staff.

Because the Convention Directors knows the high level of
diversity and talent present in the Halloween/Haunt Community,
the Convention Staff looks forward to this opportunity to
showcase performers with talent and experience that already
makes them the “Hardest Working Ghouls in Show Business.”
To learn more visit :

Contact: Chris Handa
Entertainment Director
Phone: (412) 337-6916
National Halloween Convention: Haunted Gingerbread House Competition

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Dates of the convention =April 29th – May 2nd 2010.
Dates of the competion = Saturday May 1st 2010, 4:30 pm - 6 pm
National Halloween Convention

Rules and Procedures
The following Rules and Procedures have been set forth and established by The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention for the purpose of the 2010 National Haunted Gingerbread House Competition. Please retain these sheets for your records. For additional information, contact Michael Bruner at

The competition is open to everyone except employees of The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention and their immediate family and/or household members.

To be eligible for the competition, a signed and completed entry form must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, May 2nd, 2010. Entries that are not pre-registered will not be accepted. Entry numbers will be assigned upon receipt of completed entry forms, and competitors will receive a letter or e-mail with entry number confirming their entry into the 2010 competition.

Only one (1) entry per entry form is permitted.

The 2010 National Haunted Gingerbread House Competition Entry Form must be signed by the individual entering the competition. If the individual is younger than the age of eighteen (18) by the date of the competition In-take, a signature from a parent or legal guardian is required in conjunction with the minor’s signature.

Team Entries are allowed for entry under the following guidelines.

• Please complete one (1) entry form for the team that only includes the team captain’s contact information.

• A separate typed list of each team members’ first and last names should be included with the team’s entry form.

• A signature from a parent or legal guardian will still be required for each team member under eighteen (18) years of age.

• In the event a Team Entry places in the competition, the team captain will be the recipient of any prizes.

Distribution or splitting of any prize, ribbon, or plaque will be left to the team captain to determine.

• A Team is defined as two (2) to three (3) individuals working on a single entry. No more than three (3) individuals are allowed to work on a single entry.

Due to space, only a limited number of entries will be accepted into the competition.

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention Special Events Department reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate.

All supplies *MUST* be provided by the entrant. All material must be present at the BEGINNING of the competition. Any "forgotten" items will not be allowed to be added later.

Realizing the time constraints of the competition, pre-painting pieces will be allowed prior to the competition. There will be NO stove at the competition, all pieces that require baking / boiling / frying / etc. MUST be done AT HOME prior to arriving to the competition.

It is NOT recommended that you create the entire piece prior to the competition, as damage may occur and transport and may bring suspicion to the judge’s mind that the entrant at the competition may have had assistance at home. It is recommended that the time at the competition should be used for the ASSEMBLY of your created pieces and final decorations.

If the haunted gingerbread house is not complete at the “end” of competition, the total look will be judged as it stands.

The Special Events Department at The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention understands that situations may cause competitors to withdraw from the competition. In the event you are no longer able to compete, please inform contact Michael Bruner at

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention will award one entry from the competition the title of Grand Prize.

Entries must not exceed 36 inches high, 36 inches wide and 36 inches long. Entry must be placed on a board base. We suggest using ½” or ¾” plywood as a base for your entry. Entries combined with a base must not be larger than 36 inches high, 36 inches wide, and 36 inches long. If you wish to install “legs” on the underside of your base, the legs are considered as part of the base and should not cause the entry’s height to exceed 36 inches.

Write your name, address, and entry number on the underside of your base.

Include with your gingerbread entry a typed, one-page description of your entry. Include any unique features about your gingerbread entry and materials used in the construction process. The top of your sheet should have the name of your gingerbread entry and your entry number. Please DO NOT include your name in the name of your gingerbread entry;

doing so will disqualify you from the competition. The one-page description will ONLY be used for publicity purposes and for display purposes explaining your entry to the public; the judges will not read entry descriptions.

Public judging will be held on Saturday, May 1, 2010, from 4:30 a.m.-6 p.m. A Formal Awards Ceremony will be held at 6 p.m., and all winners will be announced at that time.

Overall Appearance, Originality & Creativity, Difficulty, Precision, and Consistency of Theme (Theme should be competitors own and consistent throughout the entry. The only required theme for the competition is something from the Halloween / Horror genre.)

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate (nudity, vulgarity, et al.)

Except for the base, all visible aspects of the entries must be constructed and composed completely of edible materials. The main structure should be constructed primarily of gingerbread. Paint and or ribbon may be used to decorate the outer edge of your plywood base (not to exceed the length and/or width of the base). Any entry with visible non-edible components will be automatically disqualified. Edible materials are not limited to sweets. Artificial display materials, such as Styrofoam or interior lighting, may be used, only for the interior construction of the entry.

Mechanics and pneumatics ARE allowed, not only allowed, but are encouraged! While the following video is a CAKE and not gingerbread house, it illustrates the possibilities that available by incorporating motors and pneumatic cylinders into your design:

Make no mistake – this is not a cake competition – this is a haunted gingerbread house competition.

Candies must be unwrapped and free of any non-edible materials such as lollipop sticks. All entries must be solely constructed by the individual(s) entering the competition. Teen, Youth and Child competitors may be supervised, for safety precautions, by a parent, legal guardian, or classroom teacher. However, all entry design, construction, and decoration must be done solely by the individual(s) entering the competition.

Although The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention’s holiday competition is titled ‘The National Haunted Gingerbread House Competition’,

entries are not limited to the structure of a house. Competitors are welcome and encouraged to uniquely design their entry for the 2010 competition, as long as the entry is in keeping with the competition Rules and Procedures. (In other words – If you want to make a haunted castle? That’s ok. If you want to make a graveyard with mausoleum? That’s ok. If you want to make a haunted ocean liner with lighthouse? That’s ok. If you want to make a skeleton pirate ship? That’s ok. Etc. etc. etc.)

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention reserves the right to refuse any entry deemed inappropriate due to nudity or vulgarity.

Contestants must bring their un-assembled entries to The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention’s Registration Area on Saturday, May 1, 2010, between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. prior to the competition. The competition starts at 4:30 p.m. so it is in your own best interest to arrive early and set up your equipment as the contestants for the makeup war will be setting up at the same time. (Please note that the make up war is scheduled at the same time in an adjacent area – so the audience can view both competitions simultaneously.)

Please be aware that Staff is not permitted to assist in the direct transportation of any entry; this is for the safety of the competition entries.

Entries will be on display at The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention, during the remainder of the event. Permission is granted to The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention to transport my entry for publicity and to photograph and use of any photos for promotional purposes.

At no time does The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention guarantee the safety or security of my entry and cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by my entry on or off the resort’s property.

The National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention offers a discounted room rate to competitors in the 2010 National Haunted Gingerbread House competition. Information on the discounted room rate and reservation policies may be found at:

Please Email the following information to Michael Bruner at:

SUBJECT: National Haunted Gingerbread House Competition 2010

Name of your Team:

Member Names of Your Team (up to 3 total)

Team Leaders Name:

Team Leaders Phone:

Team Leaders Email:
Halloween University 2010 Classes are now posted !

Have you checked out the classes offered at Halloween University?
These classes are only at the National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention!
Come to our convention and learn *EVERYTHING* about Haunted Houses, Halloween and Horror there!

Class itinerary, prices and schedule are now online!

National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention
Valley Forge Convention Center, PA
April 29th - May 2nd, 2010
Halloween Boardwalk Empire
6 posts and all of them are to advertise something. :eek: If this wasn't about something local to me (I'm up the street a bit from KOP ;)) I would almost have to think that you were only visiting Cool Sci-Fi for some free advertising...
Contact: Tara M. Clapper, Marketing Director
Seventh Kingdom IGE
Seventh Kingdom IGE | Discover New Worlds
Seventh Kingdom IGE to present interactive fantasy inn adventure environment at National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention

—Seventh Kingdom IGE will create an interactive fantasy space at the National Halloween and Haunters Convention to take place on April 30th through May 2nd 2010 in King of Prussia, PA.

This environment will feature a medieval fantasy tavern complete with role players responding to attendee conversations. Become completely immersed in a fantasy setting and embark upon a quest in this game play environment. Entrance to the tavern and quest setting is $5.00.
Learn by observation about the importance of immersion in creating an inviting, inventive setting.

National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention is a four day convention featuring presenters, vendors, workshops, classes and a zombie-themed costume ball. Convention attendees can connect with haunting industry professionals to learn about crafting haunted environments and ubiquitous costume pieces.

Seventh Kingdom IGE is an interactive game environment based in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Experience a monthly live interactive adventure. Players create characters and embark on adventures based in a complex fantasy environment. The game encompasses a balance of boffer combat and role play and social skills.

For more information about Seventh Kingdom IGE, view the game’s site at
Seventh Kingdom IGE | Discover New Worlds.

To learn more about
National Halloween, Horror, Haunted House and Hearse Convention,
check out National Halloween Convention.

Purchase advanced tickets for the inn and mini-quest directly at