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^ :thud:

sure, he was hot, but he was evil!!!!!!!!!!!!! he. killed. kate. i. hate. him.
plus i adore gibbs so i love and hate anything he loves and hates. haha. i fell for him when he was on west wing.


eta: i missed this week's episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (n) what happened?
Im so pissed about the finale!!! I was such a tony/kate shipper, and now its RUUUIIIIINED!!!


well there is always fanfiction.
i know how tou felt, i cryed during the second last episode, when DiNozzo got the plague and kate stayed with him, it was sooooo sweet.
and then during the final and...and...and...and i cryed i lot then, but i knew what was going to happen coz my friends told me, i lived in denial for two weeks.

but now i am waiting for the next season to start, but i am still getting me weekly dose of ncis through reruns
Man, when I saw Kate shot, I couldn't sleep afterwards. That was sooo shocking!

I've only seen the "Kill Ari" parts 1&2, nothing else from season 3. Is the woman from Isreal a new regular instead of Kate or someone else?
I think Gibbs not shooting Ari but only watching was very anticlimactic.


So who does everybody 'ship? I really like Abby/McGee! I liked Kate/Gibbs, but alas, no more.

kate/gibbs hmmm :Ponder:
abby/megee def.
ziva/tony just cuz :P
gibbs/ felgercarb i forget her name.... the new girl who just cut off all her hair and used to be gibb's gf


omfg her new haircut is fuuuuuuuugly - i dont know why she did it, she looked SO much better with long hair
and yes i adore gibbs/jen flashbacks

ps thanks about my sig :D
Guess what..................Sasha Alexander(Kate Todd [R.I.P]) is PREGNANT!!!!!!! Congrats to her!!!!!!Aw I love Gibbs and Jen, They make me happy..............but I still miss Kate!!!!



From Donald P. Bellisario comes NCIS, a show bringing us the inner workings of the government agency that investigates all crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel, regardless of rank or position. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents traverse the globe to investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties.

This series is a spinoff from JAG (Judge Advocate General) another well known Donald P. Bellisario series.


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I haven't watched NCIS for a while and recently caught an episode from the current season 19. After wondering "Where is everybody and when did Fes join the show?!" I ended up marathon watching it from about season 10 onward. For whatever reason it seems that the cable stations that show NCIS repeats only show the first several seasons that included Ziva.

My impressions after watching a huge amount of NCIS in a row...
  • Lots of daddy issues! It'd be easier to list the characters who didn't have them versus those who did. After awhile it got weird.
  • Of all the characters, Abby never progressed beyond the character's 'woman-child' traits seen early into the show. By the time the character exits the show the impact isn't the same as when other major characters, like Ziva, Jenny, or Kate, left.
  • Bishop never felt 'right' being part of the team and seemed like an odd choice by Gibbs.
  • Hey, where did Agent Quinn go?!
  • Kasie > Abby
  • So many deaths linked to each of the characters. I don't think any of the major characters escaped having somebody that they loved die.
  • Agent McGee had a very noticeable weight loss to such an extreme that it'd be easy to wonder if something was going on with the actor.
  • Ah, so that's how Gibbs gets the boat out of his basement! But was that the first one he got out? Wasn't that the 3rd or 4th boat? 🤔
  • Wait, is the ghost of Mike Franks now a different actor?
  • Gibbs decision in S19 seemed a bit rushed.
  • After watching that much crime/drama TV I need to go back to watching some sci-fi stuff! 😂


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I'm so behind on NCIS hearing that Mark Harmon is leaving, how could NCIS be NCIS without Gibbs and those Gibbs head slaps
I thought the same thing when I heard he'd be leaving. They have done a pretty good job of it in the most recent season after his departure, in my opinion.

It is interesting to me how the NCIS spin-offs have fared, but the main show continues on.


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With Gibbs departure, I suspect he might be back in S20, at least in a limited capacity, since he is still listed in the credits and promos.

The only bad part about seeing Gary Cole in a leading role is that I keep expecting somebody to refer to him as "Lumbergh" at least once. 😁


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