Need help creating your FPS, RPG, Social or Space Shooter Game?


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Need help creating your FPS, RPG, Social or Space Shooter Game?
(News from Hero Engine)

Hero Engine said:
We know making an online game can be a long and complicated process. We are very well aware of what it takes to make an online game as were working on our own MMORPG, Heroes Journey, a game we were making on the HeroEngine before we became full time game engine developers. As a result, we are always trying to figure out new ways we can make that process easier on you, especially for our new developers ramping up with HeroEngine.
Demo Worlds With HeroCloud

When you purchase HeroCloud, you get access to four demo games as well as three customizable template worlds for different genres of online games. When you load the HeroBlade client you have access to 4 demo worlds when you log in and you can also take code from them to use in your own game.
Heroes Journey Reference

Originally an in-house MMORPG project we were developing on the HeroEngine, we’ve made Heroes Journey available as a demo world. Heroes Journey is huge, complex, and unfinished in many places places. It is a a minefield of good and bad, but the character creation, and quest creation tools are excellent. Some systems like inventory and mini maps, or excellent use of particle effects, have been invaluable to new HeroEngine developers.
FPS Demo

Is there for you to explore and understand how the various game systems come together to make an FPS game. It’s not a fully featured product, but we added a wide variety of systems needed for most FPS games.
Social Bunny Farm Game

Is a simple little social farm game, designed to show developers how to think about social games in general. This demo has a task creation system, point to click movement, overhead cameras, friends lists, and a very clunky, but purposefully so, item placement system, where we used physical plots on a grid to hold all of the items.
Space Demo

Is a fully functioning on rails space shooter. Similar to the SWTOR space gameplay. It has a number of neat little features, simple but fun gameplay, and a ton of examples of how good the HeroEngine particle system can be.
Templates with HeroCloud

The FPS, social and space demos can also be given to developers as a starting template for your game. We do not currently have it set-up as an automated option when you first log in to HeroBlade, but if you’d like to have one of these demos as your starting template, just email after you’ve purchased the HeroCloud and tell us which template you’d like to have built in to your world.
We are working on providing our devs with a clean straightforward RPG template as well. Hero’s Journey Ref is a huge game with tons of features, many of which are now outdated and were never finished.
Additional MMO Foundation Framework Pieces Coming Soon

With the release of Sapphire coming soon, there will be several foundation framework pieces delivered to all worlds including an item system, social/chat systems and a lobby/matchmaking system.