Need help making sci-fi/noir short film!

Neptune Cinema

Captain of Siren Squadron
Do you love science fiction? Do you love film noir murder mysteries? I'm currently finishing up pre-production for a film I wrote called The Final Case of Ben Sabik. It's a film about overcoming prejudice in a futuristic world. I'm working on getting the film funded so I can complete a partial set piece for a high speed hover train chase scene. I'm starting production on the film in April. That's right around the corner! Please view my page and help out, either by making a donation or by sharing the link with your friends. The Final Case of Ben Sabik Every dollar helps! This film is going to be really cool. You can watch a teaser trailer on the site.

You can also view my website at and see some of my previous works including my campy horror film, Die Pig Die!
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