Sci-Fi Need help on old SCI-FI short story

Years (40) ago I read a SCI-FI short story that was in an anthology. It involved aliens coming to Earth and encountering progressively more advanced humans through time travel. The aliens destroyed each encountered human until the last one who was so mentally advanced that he immediately recognized the alien threat and destroyed the aliens.

Does anyone remember or know where this short story came from. The author was a prominent SCI-FI writer.

Clear Eye
Help - I trying to recall an old si fi book probably from the 80s - it was set in a dystopian future shades of 1984 - the working class protagonist becomes an accidental hero - but what’s sticks in my memeory is all food is produced from giant cell cultures - and the access to the rebels base is hidden behind a giant ‘chicken’ from which slabs of meat are periodically removed - ring any bells?
I know of the film 1984, John Hurt was in it. Funny thing back in 1984 I didn't think today would ever be like it, LOL!:mirelly: