Sci-Fi Need help with title of space oprea audiobook i listen too! Cannot remember what it was!

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Nov 7, 2016
Hello fellow Sci-Fi fans, I listened to an Audiobook 18+ months ago and cannot remember the title... Here is what i recall (bare with me) of the book it was a space opera an it started out with the main human character in a pitch black room, locked up as he is trying to make sense of how he got there he hears another voice it turns out to be a Wraith, a black dog like creature with sharp teeth/claws .. from what i remember the Wraith species are fierce, strong, feared, assassin type species they break out of the room there in an the human frees the wraith an they stick together there is another species i remember in the series also as a strong Cat like creature with 4 arms that they team up with .. they get a space ship some how and i remember one of the hanger bays are locked with some type of lock that will blow up if tampered with ... in that room turns out to be another Wraith assassins badass black small combat ship .. turns out that ships owner is also on the ship sneaking about an the wraith on the crews side has to track an kill it ... that's about what i can recall it was a GREAT book i would like to give it another listen an hopefully the series has continued! Fingers crossed the cast of characters resonate with someone and can recall the title/author info! Thank you in advance for any help.


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Where did you obtain the audiobook?
Was it a tape, cd or file?
Did you rent it from a library? Go back to the library and ask for your rental records.
Did you rent it online? Go back to that website and retrace the searches that you made that caused you to find it in the first place. Check you card charges.
Was it even an audiobook? Podcasts can be quite extensive nowdays, Look at podcasts you may have been surfing at that time.
Was it a book that was put to spoken word? Youtube has many fully narrated books that often have actors and sound effects added. Were you listening to a youtube video?
Were you using your home/car stereo, a computer/laptop/tablet, your phone/iPod?
Were you listening with someone else on their device?
Did you tell anyone what you were listening to while you were listening?

Try recreating the activities you were performing while listening. Were you doing anything during that time that you are no longer doing. If so, tap into your memory of that activity and use that as a starting point to activate your memory. If nothing else, you may recall more details so you can post specifics so we can help you search. Specific like character names, ship names, planet names. Those specifics are great aids in searching. Search John Carter or Conan or Berserker or any name in context of book.

Unless you have specific brain damage memories are not forgotton, merely inaccessible due to incorrect accessing techniques. Recall memories that are accessible and concentrate and those hidden memories will be accessible. Try to recall specific smells, major events or pain that you were experiencing while listening.

Hope it helps.
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