Need: season one dvd!:)

Oct 29, 2003
Hey everybody! :hi:

I have a huge request and Im begging someone of you to help :help: me please!!!!!!!
I live in germany and so far season one has only been on tv. The season one dvd box has not been aired in germany yet. But I would just love to see the almost thirty years comment because I heard it´s awesome!! Could someone pleeeeeeeease (!!!!!!!!!!!) help me ???? ! Could pleeeeeeease someone borrow me it!!???!?!?!!?!?? I promise Im a reliable person and I would send it back immediately!!! I know this is much that Im asking for, but if someone would be willing to borrow me it or knows other ways I could get to watch it PLEASE email me!!! I would be so grateful for that!!! My email adress is:

THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR EVERY SINGLE PM or EMAIL!!!! :) Im really desperately need your help!!

Sandra :)
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