Need some help editing a great scifi book

Hi all,

I am working with one of the biggest Chinese online publishers to introduce one of their most successful fantasy books to the American readers. It has over 100 millions downloads in China. I have translated 20 chapters, but I think the work needs substantial polish. About 3-5 chapters/day (3 pages/chapter) need to be edited on average, it is flexible.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Thank you.

65 people viewed my post, but none replied. I wonder if anyone could help? Or could anyone recommend somewhere else to go for such help?

The first part of the book should be about 500 pages. I guarantee you will like it. 100 million download should mean something...
There are some professional SF editors over at Science Fiction Chronicles Forums. I think that Theresa Edgerton, in addition to being a writer, is an editor. Might want to try there.

Thanks for your help. Actually do you mind to read my translated work and just let me know if you think it is interesting? just 100 pages. Let me know.